Friday, October 1

What a statement from a minister!

The Borneo Post dated 1 October 2010 quoted Social Development and Urbanisation Minister William Mawan Ikom advising Dayaks particularly the Ibans not to turn their hardship into a political issue.

Mawan, who is also Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party president, said hardship and joy are part of the cycle of life and almost everybody experiences them through the course of his or her life.

“If hardship is politicized by the people, then it would hinder the government’s development plans for their areas,” said the Pakan assemblyman, countering charges by certain quarters that the government was not caring enough.

“You and I will get headaches if we politicize development. There are many factors the government has to consider when distributing development fund,” he said.

What type of statement is that coming from an Iban minister? First, he said “don’t politicize hardship”. It means here don’t talk about your hardship or your problems. Don’t tell your YBs read politicians about the problems because that will tantamount to politicalisation of the problems.

I would have thought that our YBs should bring our problems to the attention of higher authorities or ministries. If he is not doing up to our expectation, then don’t vote him in, but vote him out.

Secondly the minister also told us “don’t politicize development.” What does he mean by that? Does he mean that the Ibans should not ask for development? No wonder many of the Iban constituencies lack basic infrastructure and amenities. Don’t blame the government, but our own YBs.

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DCM contender said...

A dropout at its best???? BUT that sentence could be a passport to a Deputy Chief Ministership (after Jabu)for him.

We'll wait from another aspirant to make a more revealing and pronounced statement.

Dayak Dayak.

Banting said...

Some men are talking through the noses and are quite difficult to understand. Those who are talking through the mouths, are just like songs that are sweet to the ears but are empty in substance.

Back to Mawan, did he remember that his YB mate Wong Judat told the august house in 2009 that his constituents were beginning to doubt the government`s sincerity when some projects in Meluan that had been proposed long time ago had not been implemented.Hence, according to Wong Judat the projects have been proposed since the Seventh Malaysia Plan and it was brought to the Eighth Malaysia Plan and then Ninth Malaysia plan. Now, it is Tenth Malaysia Plan.

Wong Judat added, ' The Rakyat in my constituency are thinking that the government only knows how to make promises comes election to fish votes". True enough!

Who and who is lying to the people? Who is good at singing but no substance in lyrics?

Yes, I still remember what Mawan said before ' State Barisan Nasional may have to guard itself from potential disruptive elements within the coalition itself rather than from the opposition. The real enemies of the State BN, however, are from within, especially from those are egoistic, thinking highly of themselves and looking down on others." I do not know who was Mawan referring to? It could be PBB or SUPP or PRS or those from his own party SPDP.

If what Mawan said was true, it means that State BN coalition does not trust each other. How to work for the people? How to carry out development to the people?

Kalau kerajaan campuran BN Sarawak sudah tidak sehaluan lagi, how to lead the country into dynamic and progress which they promised? Enti bakanya, manah kitai Iban/Dayak nyukong Pakatan Rakyat. Betul tak?

Anonymous said...

Tabi bala menyadi,

...just can't think of what to comment on him...

...while we should be mourning about our tribe yet a so called iban leader made that kind of statement..

...poor creature, what a colonized brain he has...

Ganeng said...

I hate to hear our politician talking about "development" when there is no development at all. I pay more hard earned tax money than the "development" that they brag about.
I just seat back and watch this drama. Come election time its pay back time..duh!!

Anonymous said...

In another words Mawan is saying you dayaks better shut up so that his job will be easier.You see, when he comes begging for your votes, he can practically act like a beggar, begging for your votes and assuring you all that he will turn into a god and deliver anything under this sky to you.
But now you see this wolf in sheep skin telling you all to shut up. He is a real shame to the dayaks. How can he hold up his head and say he is a dayak.
Such a disgrace for him to act like this and other races are laughing at such a idiot.
So for all this nonsense to stop the dayaks have to kick him out for good. This will put and end to such a coward, who is a shame to the dayak community.
Perhards he is too busy womanising these days as there are plenty of china doll around.So telling the dayaks to shut up make him have more time to womanise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr BROKEN SHIELD.Hopefully you will have an intact shield soon.
Your rebuttal of our dear Dayak minister is spot on target;and no one can disagree on that.

If that is the type of minds that our yes sir minister have,then it 's not suprising that the community got mediocre treatment.

What can be more stupid than this.

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear dear! What does this Minister mean?
Does he know what he is talking about?
We experience hardship but Taib and family experice joys and blooms with so much properties overseas and all contracts taken by him and his family!!!!
We all suffer for one man to enjoy. Is that a pleasure??????
Why vote this man????
Do the Ibans know who they are voting???
Will the coming election be subject to vote-buying and threats as SKY said in his blog????
Watch out!
I hope what is written here will all transpire to the root level and make all voters understand what it means for his precious vote.

Mata Kuching said...

Taib Mahmud should believe in the miracle and power of Jesus Christ to guide Sarawakians to choose a new Government and retire him and his gang of thieves.Taib Mahmud should believe not only in the ten commandments but also judgement day is waiting for everyone including himself.

saloi said...

In same the news article, our beloved Jabu is releasing fish fries into Sg Kemalih.
Looks like this guy never change after years in politics.
"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime."
I forgot, he only wants the Ibans to be feed day by day and stay poor so that the iban will not NGELABAN PERINTAH unlike the Chinese who had fishing rod that they don't need PERINTAH.
Back to Mawan, what he tried to say is don't ask for fishing rod or else you don't need us anymore and we iban leader will become more useless.

Anonymous said...

When he want to party he order whole roast lamb and down it with beer. This is his favourite. These days his temper is not good as his boss is in trouble with PKFZ.So with the financial loop tightening and his rice bowl cracking under pressure, he tends to speak through his stomach. That's why without using his peas size brain he just bark this nonsense.
The trouble with Mawan is he is not popular with grassroots so he is basically out of touch with them. He is just been put there to warm the seat for his boss,Tiong.

Anonymous said...

Mawan's statement is a classic example of how low the vision of the Iban leaders(so-called)for his own Community.His statement is a benchmark of their political commitment to help and guide the Ibans.It is pitty that our community has this kind of leaders.Politics is not only involve power play,but vested in the principle of protecting of what you are entrusted to protect and fight for what had been entrusted to him to fight.As such,it is a leader's duty to protect his community and to solve their problem.As for Mawan,your hardship of selling salted wildboar in Pakan should motivate you to work harder for the community,not to subject them to the scenorios you had experienced.The Ibans are weak,dont make them look stupid through your statement.

Anonymous said...


apai irau said...

Mawan did speak using his brand,but alas,what can we expect from a leader like him.His statement shows how low is his vision for the Iban community.To him,being made a YB,President of a political party and a minister,he feels untouchable.To him,and most of our Iban YBs in the government,politics is an art of deception,when in fact it involves power play for the benefit of all communities.So,if Mawan could not protect and guide his community,and to solve their problem,what is he there for.Just because he sold salted wildboar in Pakan in the early days dosen't mean he should subject the Iban to the same hardship.

Anonymous said...

So should we blame general living hardship on something like "udah nasib kitai"," nasib kitai mesti miskin" , and all blame no on poor and corrupted government?

This joker "kaki prempuan" knows what about his people? You enjoy your comfort lah

PaulRaja said...

Honorable Members of the Legislatures are elected according to democratic principles to represent the people.

Here in Malaysia, particularly Sarawak, the Unhonourable members of the Legislatures are elected and paid salaries to suppress the oppress the society.

But then we cannot blame them. The voters who vote for them must be held accountable for their follies.

Lets be more responsible in the future.

Paul Raja

Anonymous said...

What Mawan is trying to do is to propogate and brandwash his iban folks into a more stupid bunch of yes man like him.
Well, if it is not his duty as a politican to address this poverty problem his people faced, the people who voted him in as YB (YANG BO..H), what are you there for? If this basic problem facing your own people you cannot solved as a representative that voted for you, then stay away from politic. The issue of poverty is part and parcel of politic and what a shit Mawan is talking about. Dont try to fool your own people like Taib fooled you. Dont experiment taib ideology of fooling you on your own simple people.
It made me wonder why of late, most YBs are a mockery of what they are supposed to be! Politicians are supposed to be a refined fabric of sciety but that does not seem to be what they. Don't they realised that the society sorrounding them are not those found during the Stone Age. Beside pelting anger to them with your stupid and unsoundable remarks and comments, they just could not imagine how on earth you sit as a YB. YANG BODOH, truely you are!
Permit and Forgive me for stressing my points in a harsh way for calling you YANG BO..H because you really are or else you never know that you are one! So before more blatant brands you are to be called, stop putting public statement that shows your rate of mentality. Be looked smart and be smart. I wish Mawan, Snowdown and the PHD Masing read this. Put your PHD into useful tool to help the Ibans. Have you got any stastic on how many IBANS EMPLOYED IN THE GOVT SERVICE, FEDERAL OF STATE, HOW MANY IBAN STUDENTS GIVEN SCHOLARSHIP, HOW MANY ARE GIVEN MONETARY AID FOR EVEN A SMALL SCALE BUSINESS VENTURE AND CAN YOU NAME ME ANY IBAN MILLIONAIRE AFTER 29 YEARS OF TAIB RULE. GET YOUR STASTIC THEN FLAUNT IT PROUDLY THAT YOU ARE THEIR REPRESENTATIVE.PAy a visit to any chinese outlet, see who are the young ladies worked there! Interview them on their standard of education if you have time. DOESNT IT MAKE YOU CRAZY! WHY!!!! why has it happened that way!

Bidayuh Headmaster said...

Taib Mahmud has yet to answer to all the allegations made against him and his family by Sarawak Reports on his ill-gotten property investments overseas. We shall give a chance to all cabinet ministers and leaders from all BN components to deny the allegations made against Taib Mahmud.

Sarawakians want each and every cabinet ministers and BN ADUN to categorily deny each and all allegations made by Sarawak Report against Taib Mahmud and his family. Now is the time for BN Sarawak ADUN and cabinet ministers to tell the truth, to prove to Sarawakians especially the Dayaks that all the allegations are baseless and mere propaganda of the Opposition. We can decide for ourselves what to believe and how much to believe and what not to believe.

To speak with one voice and to get BN supporters and branches in 71 constituencies to rally for Taib to stay on and to lead BN Sarawak amount to nothing if Taib Mahmud himself and all his stooges did not refute or deny the allegations.

Deny each and all allegation and prove to Sarawakians within 7 days from today that all the allegations are totally baseless and institute legal actions against Sarawak Report.

Merekah Fajar said...

What a silly statement from a seasoned politician.

I guess that's how you react when you're reaching a crossroad?

To make a turn or to stay on the same course heading towards nowhere?

When someone is in pain, it's automatic some kind of signal is shown.

Our community is in 'pain' but not even a tiny piece of Panadol is given to relieve the pain maybe temporarily.

So do we want to stick with these bunch of jokers or do we learn to let them go easy this Elections?

Anonymous said...

My school children always request me for something they need for school projects or studies. What happen if they dont convey their requests to me, then how do I know what they want. In the same manner, poor people request for projects because it is their rights as citizens of this country. If they dont ask, does Mawan know or not. Dont label their requests as politicising hardship.

Anonymous said...

In Anak Bapak movie says...

" brain.."

Vote him outttttttttttttt