Sunday, October 10


Mawan says, don’t politicize the miseries and development of the Dayak.

No wonder why the Dayaks have been left far behind in terms of Development because of Dayak YBs are not supposed to speak for the people.


Mawan says PR is outsider.
Mawan says the Pakatan Rakyat – comprising of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, DAP, PAS and SNAP is outsider. Whatever does he mean by that is sheer ignorance. Is not BN comprising of UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PBB, SPDP, PRS and SUPP is also not outsider.
BN’s big brother-bully is UMNO is from West Malaysia. So are the other 3 big brothers – MCA, MIC and Gerakan. Whatever happens in Sarawak is based on what is decided by UMNO. This is worst than his accusation of PR. PR promises to fight for the people, but Mawan, what does he fight for; definitely not the people.
He said the people’s problem and lack of development cannot be politicised – cannot be highlighted – then why is he a politician? A politician’s duty is to bring up the people’s problem.

HEAR YE ALL DAYAKS: Vote Out Mawan and all dayak BN YBs for not working for the Dayaks.

Latest Today Beras Corporation Sdn Bhd CEO- Kamaludin wants to re-brand Bario rice.

Is BN govt not satisfied enough when stealing from the people. Some years ago, Dayak Leaders have been fighting to delete the word ’Dayak’ from the Interpretation Ordinance which they succeeded in doing. Now there is no word called ‘Dayak’ in the Interpretation Ordinance. The deletion of the word Dayak from the Interpretation Ordinance had effectively removed anyone who calls himself a Dayak from being a native of Sarawak [as far as Sarawak is concerned].

But today, the importance of the word ‘Dayak’ is the pride of the native of Sarawak. Sabah natives comprising of Kadazan, Dusun, Murut can find affiliation with the Sarawak natives under the common umbrella of being Dayaks.
In Kalimantan there are more than 10 millions of natives from various ethnic who pride themselves as Dayak. Where are now the Dayak YBs who advocated for the deletion of the Dayak from the State laws. They say that Dayak means, outdated, poor, uneducated and derogatory. Who is responsible for these? It is them. They did not work hard enough to uplift the living of the Dayaks. Changing the name Dayak does not make us rich. At the end they have to wag their tails in between their legs.

Also a few years ago, some Orang Ulu leaders bloated with egos planned and acted to replace the identity of the Orang Ulu with some dubious terms called "Lun Daya". They shot themselves in the foot. The whole community came out and reprimanded them, and now Orang Ulu is still the recognized and accepted identity of we minor tribes from the deep interior. It doesn’t degrade us one bit as supposed by the kinky minded orang ulu stooges.

Now back to this rebranding of the Bario rice to Bario O’ Grain. Where did you come from and tell us what is the name of our properties. Did you know that you are insulting the intelligence of our Kelabit ancestors? Did you ask for our consent to re-brand a Kelabit word? Did you know that the United Nation is working to protect native intellectual properties? [and Bario rice is a Kelabit intellectual property; and by re-branding it will deprive us of its ownership and that is stealing of a Kelabit property?] You can even be sued in the court for stealing of intellectual property.

By proposing a new name for Bario rice, you are telling me and all the Kelabits that our ancestors were not smart enough in naming our rice. But if that is so, why do you come and try to own the rice which is the property of the Kelabits from time immemorial. Is that not part of the 1Malaysia scheme of taking away people’s rights and properties to be given to the elite few. Did you tell the Kelabit people that their rights in the Bario rice will taken away from them when it is re-named to Bario O’ Grain?




Apai Semalau said...

We are alarmed and sad that we have the likes of Mawan to be a minister. He has forgotten the very basic tenet of being the people's representative. Maybe he should start from scratch on his job description as a Yb. Listening to dayak grouses and suffering is part of his portfolio. Lest he forgets, solving them is another.
Can we dayaks ever trust this imbecile, intellectually handicapped Yb. ever again?
He barks before he thinks! Our community needs a better more community oriented Yb. to represent us. Its dayak leaders like him that we still don't have basic amenities in many of our rumah panjai since Malaysia comes into being. How many years ago was that?
Time to ditch this Yb. and all other BN dayak Ybs.comes next election.

Papayuk said...

To all Dayaks throughout the nation.

Broken shield has made a clarion call. Guard your loins,and beware of all that are part truths and utter lies that BN will hurl against you,in its desperation to wield on to power, to protect what they have looted,which were legally yours.
Deny them,reject them,fight them shame them and destroy them,leave nothing unturn,to regain your freedom, rights,and mete out justice to these perpetrators and thieves from our midst.
From the BN mouths,uttered sweet smelling words,but in their hearts and deeds are vent only to enrich themselves at your expense .Day and night they plotted against the peoples,in their desire for lusts,greeds and personal comforts.
Reject them,or you will continue to be misled and be despised and mocked.Their riches will not be able to regain the loss virtues even if they repent.Tell them by your votes,that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and bury them all in the bin of history.LONG LIVE SARAWAK>PEACE AND GOODWILL to HER PEOPLE>.These can be achieved after throwing the corrupt BN Ouuuuuuuu,,,,T,

Anonymous said...

When Mawan was instructed by his boss to do as he order,he went to his grassroots and beg for their votes, asking them to listen to him and he promised he will be their chosen god , who will be at their service 24/7. But when he got all he ask for, he went back to the city and forgot all his promises. Here he live like a king and wine and dine with his friends.
Now here you see what this man is and if the dayaks are still blind by his few dirty ringgits, then he will dine till kingdom come. We all know very well this womaniser is just a seat warmer and when his time comes, he will be put in cold storage.
So now the dayaks have to be waken up with cold water and given shock treatment. They have to start now and sent this message with urgency, telling all the rural folks that if this man is allow to be their leader, then the dayaks will forever live in the cave.
We must close Bn shop and put PR in power for a change.
For 43 long years we have been under the BN york and we must unload this heavy burden from our shoulder.
This bullshit must stop.
Vote PR for our future.

aki tau nenung said...

The above article and the opinions expressed by the commentators are only relevant to more educated urban voters, but not to illiterate and primary school rural voters who are the ` kingmakers of election results ` in the coming state election in the 56 Bumiputeras` majority seats. They still uphold their principles `Anang Ngelaban Perintah ` Not that easy to change their mindsets. Believe me!

To win all the 56 bumipuetras` majority seats is enough to make BN in comfortable position to rule Sarawak again.

Anonymous said...

Saya sumpah kamu Mawan jadi kertas jamban!!!! Tak guna punya YB!!!! Pegi bela orang yang memang sudah sah kaya raya buat apa?! Nie rakyat2 miskin tertindas yang ramai sokong time election kamu tak mau tolong!! Mimang patut kenak sumpah kamu itu!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Dayaks have to wake up. Ther are many capable Dayaks who are willing to make a difference to uplift the living standard of their fellowmen than the bunch of money grabbing apple polishers and intellectually handicapped that we have elected. Do not be afraid to dump them. They are already like soiled pampers. Theere are Dayaks who have proven their worth like Baru Bain who had been fighting for the downtroddens who should replace them. But if you are happy where you are, then continue to vote for Taib and his marauding gang of thieves.

Sri Belalang Banting said...

Correct, sometimes what YBs are talking about does not sense.

" The government never took NCR lands from the people. You can claim your NCR lands through the government, not through lawyers, which cost you more"

To me, it does not make sense.

" You can claim your NCR land through the government" What does Dr. Rundi mean?

Why do the people must claim their NCR land, if their lands were not stolen, snatched and robbed?

How about the 200 NRC land claims still pending in court? Are these NCR land not stolen, snatched or robbed?

Should the landowners in these suits withdraw their court cases,but to claim their NCR land through government? Can Dr. Rundi guarantees that the government is willing to return their NCR lands.

Anonymous said...

So what will Beras Bario be named? Beras Taib Mahmud? or beras william or beras masing or beras jabu ? but not beras george chan because he only take breads

Mata Kuching said...

All BN YBs have been made to sing praises to Taib the lord. They will have to tell him that his suit is very nice and fashionable although he is naked in front of them.