Monday, October 25

NGOs condemn the arrest of seven NCR land owners

SIMUNJAN: Four non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have condemned the Police for the arrest of an activist, four longhouse chiefs and villagers on Thursday (21 October) and described such action as an act of intimidation and abuse of power by the authorities.

”We in Borneo Resources Institute (BRIMAS) view the recent arrest of seven Ibans from Sebuyau as an act of intimidation by the authorities. We believe that Nicholas Mujah and the other six villagers are wrongly accused of mischief.

“This is not the first time that the indigenous communities in Sarawak are accused of committing such a crime.

“Why do the police only decide to act now when numerous police reports were lodged by the villagers against the encroachment of the logging company, and no action was taken then?”
asked Mark Bujang, BRIMAS executive director.

Bujang called on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to start investigating as to how the logging licence was issued to the company especially if it is true that Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's sister, Raziah Mahmud is involved.

The Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) should also check whether any Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study has been done and approved for the logging activities, said Bujang.

“We find it a bit suspicious about the burning incident when Quality Concrete logging licence is about to expire this November,” he said.

Romuald Siew, President of Jaringan Tanah Hak Adat Bangsa Asal Sarawak (TAHABAS) also condemned the arrest of the villagers.

"Our communities have been oppressed and our rights neglected and trampled upon for too long.

“This is just another example of where the rich and powerful are bullying the natives so that they can become even richer at the expense of the natives,”
he said.

"We stand in solidarity with the communities in Sebuyau, and demand that the authorities would release the seven Iban villagers immediately," said Siew.

Adrian Lasimbang, President of The Indigenous People Network of Malaysia (JAOS), while condemning the arrest, said that the non-recognition of their rights to NCR land will cause the loss of biodiversity and deforestation.


aki tau nenung said...

Anybody has a right to form an opinion. At the end the truth will prevail.

The law is not blind. Prove that you are innocent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm confident that MACC will start to investigate as to how the logging licence was issued to the company, but my 10th sense tells me that the objectives of the investigation appears not to establish the truth but to clear the accused of any wrong doing. I hope I'm wrong...

Mata Kuching said...

More and more reasons why UMNO dominated BN must be replaced and kicked out in GE13. The PM thinks he can camouflage our national debts and deficits by misleading all Malaysians. He has totally forgotten that we are educated. His mischief has been exposed by the Auditor-General.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 — Malaysia’s national debt for 2009 rose to RM362.39 billion or 53.7 per cent of GDP, its highest level in five years, according to the Auditor-General’s report released today.

The Auditor-General said in the report that this was the first time the debt to GDP ratio had breached the 50 per cent mark.

This contrasts with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s reply in Parliament in June that Malaysia’s total debt had been reduced in 2009 to RM233.92 billion from RM236.18 billion in 2008.

Najib had also said that the debt to GDP ratio for 2009 was only 34.3 per cent, up from 31.9 per cent in 2008.

But today’s Auditor-General’s report said that the national debt had actually risen beyond what was announced by Najib, largely due to domestic debt.

“The debt ratio to GDP at the end of 2009 is 53.7 per cent, the highest level in five years and over 50 per cent for the very first time,” said the report.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate if more NGO could voive their displeasure over this kidnapping if I may call.
Stand strong and stand for your legitimate rights.

Banting said...

It is learnt that those who were arrested and remanded in police custody have been released on police bail.

That means that the police investigation moves into the continuing investigation stage, whereby they will complete an investigation and will submit the investigation paper to a Senior Federal Counsel for perusal whether to charge the suspects or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Engage a bomoh and cast a spell on those who does bad to the

Anonymous said...

Tell all those dayaks that if they vote for Bn they will be the next victim.

SK Subramaniam said...

The Dayaks living in the undeveloped interior of Sarawak may not have money and shoes but God has blessed them with good brains.

47 years of hardship and oppression have strengthen their resolve and conviction that their hardship and poverty are ending now trhat thay have a choice to reject BN and vote for Pakatan.

God bless all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

In this coming election don't be another Batang Ai becos if the dayaks can be bought and sold then their future is bleak.

Dayak TRAITORS said...

God is great. Alleluia

Sin(ce) both the Malaysian and Sarawak Government refused to built roads in Kapit and Belaga for the past 47 years (because it benefits the dayaks race in the area), God the almighty has decided to intervene by lowering the water level to zero and turn the mighty rejang river into gravel and sandy river-road. It is now up to Jabu, Masing and Mawan to "pray" for some funds required to tar seal the riverbed. Call it SCORE Kapit -Belaga highway.


Vernon Aji Kedit said...


Have you read about the new project to plant 10,000ha of rubber in Sarawak by a China company? This is a great project, but first, we need to educate our fellow Dayaks on the true history of rubber in Sarawak. I've written about it here: