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Batang Ai by-election: more than a litmus test of support

Nicholas Bawin Anggat
(Picture credit The Nut Graph)

Although the date of the by-election for the Batang Ai by-election is yet to be announced by the Election Commission, speculations are rife regarding candidates who will represent the BN-Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

For PKR, its leaders have swung into immediate action, the moment they learnt about the death of the incumbent State assemblyman for Batang Ai, Dublin Unting. In fact they have already identified a number of candidates including Nicholas Bawin a few months back after Unting slipped into coma following a massive stroke in May last year.

As for BN, two candidates have become the talks of the town; one is the district officer, Lubok Antu, Nelson Mujah, who is the brother of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Douglas Uggah Embas. For the past few months he has been going around the constituency accompanied by the MP for Lubok Antu, William Nyallau Badak and State Assemblyman for Engkilili, Johnichol Rayong. Both Nyallau and Rayong have been discreetly telling the voters of the possibility of the by-election and that Mujah could be the candidate representing the Barisan Nasional.

The other possible candidate is Nelson Naga Alam, the private secretary to the late Dublin Unting. Nelson is a local, while Mujah is from Balingian.

This time around Nicholas Bawin, if selected to represent PKR, is going to give BN a tough fight. In the last election, despite his handicap such as the lack of money and logistical support, Bawin on a SNAP ticket did quite well securing 2,489 votes as against Unting’s 3,298 votes, a majority of 806 votes.

Bawin first contested in 1987 on a BN/SNAP ticket against Mikai Mandau, an independent supported by PBDS. He secured 2,020 votes and lost by 741 votes. So whatever party he is in, Bawin seems to have a following of his own in Batang Ai.

Issues to be capitalized by both BN and PKR in the campaign are aplenty. For BN it will always the issues of development; but for PKR, the issues of NCR land, the lack of development, rural electrification programme and poverty will be the focus of its campaign. The help from PKR leaders like Anwar Ibrahim in the campaign will certainly boost Bawin’s chances.

But the Batang Ai is one of the 29 Dayak majority constituencies and in order to change the State government, PKR must work hard to convince the Dayaks of its sincerity towards helping the community. Even though the PKR leaders have been given thunderous welcome whenever they visit Sarawak, such a welcome cannot be translated into votes yet.

Thus although PKR is “pregnant” with euphoria and hoo-ha-hoo-ha, the question is: can PKR deliver a “baby” in this by-election in this constituency where Dayak Ibans form 94.66 % out of 7,997 voters?

In my mind, it is more than a litmus test of support, but one that determines the future of the party in Sarawak. If it wins, the road to change the State government is clear. – The Broken Shield.



NEIL said...

Gabriel Adit and his team are now hitting the road and will be in Batang Ai with Nicholas Bawin to convince the grassroot supporters of the need for change.
PKR,with their determination will see light at the end of the tunnel.This fight will see the beginning of the end of BN and the reign of Taib.We dayaks must be resolute in our determination to rid all these corrupted evil dictators.For 45 long years we have been suppressed and sidelined.We must seize this window of opportunity and all dayaks must play their role in making this a reality.
Make hay when the sun shines and this time the sun is shinning brightly.Let this Batang Ai be another Permatang Pauh.
A change in the gov't is a change for the better.If we can't reap this benefit,then let our children reap this once in a lifetime benefit.We shall,will and must be united in our goal to find a lasting prosperity for all.Kick out all those who rape our land.

Anonymous said...

Jetty, as a "friend of PKR" I am fully concious that you are promoting Nicholas Bawin as its candidate in the coming by-election. Much as we would like our friend to be nominated & win the by-elecion , be mindful that Bawin is not the best of candidate.
Based on feedback from the ground I am inclined to think that either Jawah Gerang or Desmond Sating can make better candidate to wrest the precious seat from BN.I hope you would be neutral, unbiased, objective in your assessment and analyst to enable PKR leadership to come out with a winning formula.

Anonymous said...

NELSIN MUJAH by the way is NOT form Betong. He is from Baliangian. He is brother-joint-head (blood brother) to Datuk Duglas Unggas. Daglas Unggas became Betongese since he becam adpoted son the late Umbas from Danau Phenom Paku.

For Batang Air & Engkili/Skrang, to endorse outsider as calon IS NOTHING NEW. Infact the two state constituencies have benefitted greatly by such arrangement. Cases proven benefitial:

(1) Alfrid Jabu Anak Numpang stood in the Engkilili=Skrang by-election (1974??) UNCONTESTED and appointed as state minister prior to his "migration" and contested Layar seat.

(2) Tong Tung San. Specially IMPORTED vetran ex-kominis detainee turned politician Chines from Song Kapit. He was Political Secretary to CM

(a)They greratly RELIEVED the potential locals from the burden of politics.

(b)It is better to be ruled by outsiders than by locals other than the late nading, the late Andrew Janggi, the late Divid Jemot, the late Silvertar Langit and ex- Mp Jawah Gerang (baco) replaced by Willien Nyalow Anak Badak.

LOCAL CANNOT BE TRUSTED.Like Jonicol Rayong cannot hE Katak-here-katak ther & katak everywhere .. easily seduced by ..

NOW IT MAKES GREAT SENSE FOR BATANG AIR VOTERS TO SUPPORT NELSUN MUNJAH .. He will become minister replacing Niang Dtuk Dublin. He will help expanding the "Apai Rentap's Seribas Kingdom" consisting of TanSriJabu, Seinistor Empiang, Dtuk Daugelas Ugah, Lawsome Chuat & Nelsan Munjah.

Nelsin Naga Alarm. SAPPUT Nelsin Munjah aja. You will be retained private seductary again and insyallah promoted to Politikal Sectary. Alangkal badas arur nya.


Anonymous said...


Dini Rumah Panjai Ka Di Kumbai " Danau Phenom Paku " di Betong ?

Rumah panjai lama or baru ??? Nadai kala ninga nama rumah panjai & Menoa nya ??

Anonymous said...

Did Datuk Dublin fail the Ibans of Lubok Antu? If yes, then the next BN ball polisher representing Lubok Antu will do likewise. Not that we love PR but rather its a protest vote to vent our disappointment with the land grabbing and discriminatory policy of the present regime.
Less we forget, by the way, can someone enlighten us on the contribution(s) (if any) by the late Datuk that benefits Lubok Antu.
The majority of rumah panjai in Lubok Antu still don't enjoy the electricity generated by the hydro plant which is just a stone throw away. So near and yet so far. How many years have the hydro dam been running? Its just pathetic! The isolated longhouse hotel on the bank of the dam gets to light up because there is money to be made while the rest of you begs to light up. Sadly,barely 60 Lubok Antu folks works for the hotel. That benefit is just a drop in the ocean and thats nothing to be proud of...Lubok Antu folks need to exorcise the ingrained bugau mentality to be on par with the Melanaus.

Anonymous said...

Lubok Antu Voters

Let us try then this new jug of PKR wine whether it brings health and curing or same wine different bottle?

This time VOTE = PKR

Anonymous said...

Pliz note that Batang Ai is a rural area that needs extra input and also one that needs extra transportation arrangement. Taib Mahnuk will book all the gas stations plus all the strategic places in order to deny PKR and PR any chance and also to cripple their logistics. So, do something and inform the Sarawak PKR leadership the need to book some gas stations and also avail some boats for the villages and have many bikes to transport the voters on polling day and use now for reaching the voters. Sarawak PKR leaders should inform DSAI and other PKR leaders of the need for this now so that you aren't taken by surprise and get humiliated.

Anonymous said...

Broken Shield,
The Dayak in PKR this time around must not be like the Dayaks in PBDS, SNAP, PRS, SPDP that like to belayak dirik sebilik. Once you have chosen the best candidate, whoever he/she is you must work hard campaign and ensure PKR's victory. If after a candidate was chosen than you start to belayak dirik sebilik then my advice to the Dayak is be prapared for your doomsday and see all your NCR lands being taken away. Perhap most Dayak had watched P Ramlee movie "Tiga Abdul". "Kalau marah akan dijual," P Ramlee juga perihatin dengan Dayak.

rosli dhoby

Anonymous said...

I too think that Jawah Gerang is the best candidate in this by-election. This has been proven upteen time when wrestling the seat be it for BN or for PBDS.

Bawin no doubt has been working hard after his loss in the last election but I believe if there is compromise the seat will go to PKR.

Mind you, BN as will know will splash their limitless money just to prove that PKR will not be able to win in Sarawak.

Prove them wrong by putting in the best candidate for the job, whoever it may be. What is important PKR wins here...

Anonymous said...

Rather than we talk a lot about the candidate, I still believe all quarters must be able to compromise ourselves regarding the choosing of candidate of PKR in batang Ai, if based on experiences and academics backgrounds, I too would be eligible for the candidate of batang Ai, but due to compromising attitudes, I rather wish all quarters must support the candidate that has been endorsed by the leaders of PKR, the root results we want is that PKR can win in the by-election in Batang Ai later on. This is of paramount important as it is the initial benchmarks for PKR influences in Local Politics in Sarawak before PKR is able to topple Sarawak BN in the next DUN election. Please bear in minds of the important events. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Danau Phenom Paku " di Betong ???
Somewehre along Batang Paku. Not far from Nanga BONG (not the ukoi activity), Nanga ANUYT (float down)
Phenom is adopted name from the capital city of Kemboja. Once headquarters of KHAMER ROGUES headed by Khiew SAMPAN. Sampan with LAYAR getting lift all the time.

New jug of PKR wine - Belum coba belon tahu ... better than TUAK IJUK.... always basi ...
The late Datuk Dublin Unting was very fond of AI IJUK .....

Jetty said...

To En. Ahmad,
Thank you very much for your sound advice. I cannot publish your comment in the blog as it involves strategy. Certainly we will discuss them among the bloggers.

Any suggestions relating to detail strategies should be email to me at

Anonymous said...

Dayak o Dayaks,

Be like the PAS members. Once a candidate has been chosen, however unpopular he is, they stick together to deal with the big enemy and that way they defeat the enemy. Dayaks have this problem of jealousy and getting petty whenever someone is chosen. By the way, I don't support the fomer MP because he will accused of being part of the BN regime and he will be asked to explain what he has done during all those long years that has been an MP. He can only contest when the whole state goes for an election, but now he shouldn't bcoz the focus is too big on individuals. His many statements of praising BN (before) will be used against him if he is the candidate. So, I prefer Bawin since he was never the ADUN and BN can use no bullets against him. Then the former MP can see re-election in another seat during the next elections. Either way, who is ever that's chosen, should help the chosen and support to defeat BN and Taib.

Anonymous said...

Bawin being a popular lay reader is good choice in the by-election... we used him to neutralise PAS intrussion into Iban heartland of Batang Ai.

Anonymous said...

Hei !!!! Peninsula man... I salute you. I hope u can come down to Batang Ai to assist us during the by-election.

Bravooooooooooooooooooooohidup PKR

Anonymous said...

This first ever by-election in the interior of Sarawak before the next State election is a test of character for a new and progressive Dayak political culture uner the platform of Pakatan Rakyat. Dayak leaders, supporters and voters themselves know what had caused their own community to be lagging behind and marginalsed more than other Sarawakians in the last 45 years. They must be resolute to be the new , progressive Dayak devoid of making politiking their cultural pastime and hobby if ever they want to seek justice and bring social and economic reforms and a more equitable wealth distributions to their rural folks. The Dayaks must be untied in faith and determination that corruption and cronisism in Taib's regime must not continue to deprive them and put them at the perpetual tail end of Taib's politic of self development. Taib must be removed and BN be defeated.

jumpover said...

let us dont talk about the pkr candidate,,, BUT,,,, let talk how to make PKR win that by election.

Vote for PKR mean vote for our legal right.

Anonymous said...

I’ve scanned through DayakBaru this morning and I read about the inclusion of PBB in Batang Layar (?). Another “divide, rule and reward” policy in the making, I guess! Anyway, I can’t log on to DayakBaru, don’t know why.

If that’s the case, PBB really wants to boot out PRS from Batang Layar…

Now, where’s Borneo Warrior’s war cry??? Fight for it, my friend!

I'm apolitical, so there's no fuss about my "loyalty"...

Anonymous said...

A by-election in the Iban majority constituency will reveal many facts and truth and a grinding test for PRS

Let us forget who will represent PR-PKR in N29, just make a concrete if not steel hard dedication to mark PR-PKR on the ballots to yet deny BN another time another place...teach your elders also in the family to recognize PR-PKR on the papers

Not only WIN, but WIN by BIG BIG Majority and let the whole of Malaysia know and salute Batang Ai, Lubok Antu

All fish Ikan Jabu will then change name to Ikan PKR

Anonymous said...

I don't care BN/PKR? win the election in L.A, the most important is the person who can voice our right at Dewan DUn is more important. for example Ngemah seat, you name it PBDS,SNAP,PBB,PKR,Ind etc make no diff. my poor father have to spend $20/night to light up the house using genset so you can calculate monthly usage, but our YBs just quiet in the dewan never bring this issue to govt. so what PKR/Opposition is really damage our people live.

Anonymous said...

Both Nicholas Bawin & Jawah Gerang are good potential candidates.

While it is very "readable responses" to comment on: WHO should be THE BEST or most suitable person for the candidacy", in my view it has no bearing on PKR leadership's decision on the matter.

I believe that PKR has its own criteria when choosing the best of the best among the potential ones.

Through close observations of what happened in Perak,PKR leadership knows much better by now on what to do in the choice of the "best" candidate.

One prime consideration as I see it is that he or she (potential candidate) is free from tint of corruption. If there the candidate is "tinted", we'll hear and read police report(S)lodged against the candidate in the midst of by-election.

The real issue is NOT who is the best and shall be the candidate. The REAL ISSUE is PKR's ability & credibility to be tested vs. the might of BN as prelude to the forthcoming state general election.

All NON-BN over Sarawak and P L E A S E ..all BN-hard-pressed public servants must help.
Do your parts. Work together to ensure BN's filthy coffin for Batang Ai is nailed and buried.

There is a "shadow of some fimiliar unseen hands already stirring Lubok Antu" now. That hands are very famous also for stirring shits everywhere.

Anonymous said...

To apai Ningkan. Yes ok BN or opposition. Even in BN also makes no difference . Your NCR land will be protected if our Iban YB had open their mouths. But apparebtly also glued and become deaf and dumb. To day your NCR and tomorrow will be be another.
REad more on the misdeeds of the BN. Give chance to pakatan .

Anonymous said...

Ibans and natives and Christians who are mainly found in Sabah and Sarawak can't be allowed to use the word "Allah". This should be our main focus as well apart from many other issues. Our rights are violated and we want to stand by BN, the one that violates and takes our rights in the name of "development." Development is our constitutional right and we owe it to no one and we will thank no one for bringing it bcoz neither Taib Mahmud nor Jabu uses his personal wealth to bring development. It is our money. This is how Peninsular voters think. For us, we think like Stone Age people. Let's wake up before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

That the problem with people with low IQ. The moment you open your mouth u made blunders. How on earth Bawin dared to tell Bernama that PKR can match the state BN in term of finance and logistic.What happened if fund is not forthcoming?
How is he going to explain to voters? His first media statement give BN the extra ammunition to shot at him and PKR.

Anonymous said...

"BN menang round satu, tak semestinya boleh menang round dua. BN jangan sombong dan angkuh. Jawatan Ketua Menteri hanya sementara sahaja. Rakyat yang akan tentukan. Lawan tetap Lawan"!!!

- Dato Sri Anwar, di Bintulu, 21 Feb '09

Anonymous said...

Some of the issues I suggest to be highlighted include:

Low representation in key State Government Depts by Dayaks in general and Sea Dayaks (Ibans) in particular, such as Land & Surveys, Education Department and JKR.

A look at the Carta Organisi speaks thousands of words.

NCR lands tied-down to land matters and we need more of someone with legal training to hold key positions @ HQ and divisional level to provide unbiased inputs Infrastructures in Dayak areas, in particular Sea Dayak (Iban) tied-down to JKR.

This is to ensure that the lop-sided projects touches Dayak areas instead of heavy concentration on "specific areas" Promotions, scholarships and future streaming of Dayak students, in particular Sea Dayak (Iban) depended on who are and will helm the State Education Departmnent.

More Dayaks take up courses in engineering, architecture, economics, lawyers aso that the pulse of being future decision-makers are felt by Dayaks (Sea Dayak-Iban, in particular)

jumpover said...

i have nothing to lose when kicking out the bn. i said that, bcos bn have do nothing to us (the people of dayak)..except destroyed our ncr land.

so, vote bn out.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Jeremy



Iban community in particular must be made to understand this and change their mindsets

Anonymous said...

Really, this is just a cult of personality. Nicholas Bawin is from Batang Ai, and is by far, a very strong candidate. His politics would have been that of a Dayak Nationalist, and in fact, he is an Iban leader of some renown. When Jemut Masing (Ulu Baleh) had his manok Dublin in Batang Ai, they just about managed to retain the seat. The Ulu Ai Ibans mean business, and they take no quarters, so I expect a very tough fight for the PKR and BN Brands in Iban country. In fact, if the Ibans there had a choice of voting for an Iban version of UMNO, they would do so again and again, and a hundred years after eternity. That shows how hardcore this seat is.

Personally, I don't like PKR. They're a typical Malayan brand that has very little relevance in frontier areas of Borneo. I don't know why Bawin (Engkari) chose to ally himself with them. He could have easily gone to the BN.

Anonymous said...



First of all I would like to congratulate you forleading the Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor,Kedah,Kelantan,Pulau Pinang and previously Perak.Under your leadership,we have seen a dramatic Unity within the Opposition Parties namely PAS,PKR and DAP after the March 8 Political Tsunami.

For me this is your 2nd biggest achievement after the Tsunami.YES,we the Rakyat know that PAS,PKR and DAP has different Political Ideology but I believe that they have a common goal which is “To Sunk the BN Titanic Ship”.For me there is nothing wrong with that as we in Malaysia has different races and religion.

We had also heard of the so called Merakyatkan Ekonomi in the state of Selangor and Kerajaan Kebajikan in Kelantan.Yes,we were very jeolous with the reforms in those state and we have been longing for it for such a long time as you know that we have been in Malaysia for 46 years but not much difference we can see,have or feel in Sarawak.

Yes,there is development in Sarawak but we don’t think it is worth it for us taking into consideration of the 46 years.We should see,have and feel far much more better than now.The reason is very simple,a bad Governance.We the Dayaks has been long neglected,oppressed and marginalized compare to the other races.This all has been done systematically under the so called Politics of Development.All this issue has been lasted and affected us for so long and we believe now is the best time for us to hope or even have a CHANGED,or else we will remain in this situation forever.

Wawasan 2020?its only 11 years to go Sir but what do we have now?where are we now?Its very sad and pathetics to see what has happens to us.What about our future?What about our next generation?our children?our grandchildren?are they going to be “Pengemis di negeri sendiri?”You must think about it Sir if you really sincere to bring a CHANGED or HARAPAN BARU UNTUK DAYAK for we has been promised promises by promises but take a look at us now?

We the Dayaks especially in the rural areas were very scared of the Government.We has
been intimidated and threaten if we dare to speak against the Government.All we want to do is just to voiced out our dissatisfaction and hope that the Government will take some necessary action to solve our problems for the betterment of the Rakyat and not all out going against the Government.

If we vote against the Government,we will punished by all those projects which were supposed to be given to us will be cancelled and certain areas that known as an opposition supporters will be blacklisted and don’t even dream to has any projects being given.Undi Adalah Rahsia?we don’t think so.the ballot were known to which particular polling station and by that way they know who votes against them and they will be punished.As we know Sir,basic amenities like Roads,Electricity and Water Supply is the very basic fundamental needs that any Government has to give to the Rakyat.We were even denied of it and what else can we ask for?

We are not stupid and so the Government.We vote them because we ant them to work for us and we believe they will.But if they don’t,we will voted them out for which we are the one who vote them in and we can vote them out.We has been punished for this.We being punished for wanted to have a if they are the Government For Ever And Ever.

To most of our Dayaks,Government mean BN.Opposotion mean PAS,PKR,DAP,SNAP and STAR.Yes,we have our YBs to voice out our dissatisfaction or problems but it seems like most of them were to busy to entertain us and this has made us think that the YBs were elected by us to serve us,and the Government were elected by us to take care of us and the they are the servant of the Rakyat and of course the Rakyat is the Master but it is ironically now.

We are slaves to the Government,we has to obey them eventhough our Land is being robbed from us and given to the Towkeys and Tycoon which were their Cronies.There is a lots of outstanding or pending case in the Court which until now seems to be like no ending and the same thing still happens to us.

Some of our longhouse has been demolished by the government by giving an excuses that we has occupy the State Land and our longhouse is built on State Land.For your information Sir,we have been lived there for ages,from generation to generation,from our forefathers and ancestors.Land is our Heart and Soul Sir.This is the only properties that we have and have been descended from our ancestors.

If it were being taken from us,than we no longer can be called Bumiputra or even worse,we going to be just like the Red Indians in America,Maori in New Zealand and the Aborigines in Australia.We the Dayaks has a “Wish List” dedicated to the Pakatan Rakyat under your stewardship.

To have a good government which is of corruption of cronyism of abused of power recognized our NCR land and not robbed it from us give the basic needs such as electricity,roads and water supply to all rural areas upgrade the basic infrastructure and utilities in the rural areas school upgrade our living standard served the rakyat well and not being too busy to enriched themselves and their cronies by oppressing the Rakyat make us on par with other states or even better in living standards and economically(please bear in mind that Sarawak and Sabah is not one of the states in Malaysia.we are an equal partner with the Federation of Malaya.we had join Federation of Malaya to form the Federation of Malaysia in 1963) recognized the Dayaks equal participation in the government sectors and also business(we,the Dayaks are equal with the Malays in status as stated in the 20 Point Agreement prior to formation of Malaysia in 1963.but virtually now,no.mybe we can called ourself the 2nd class of bumiputra)

I would like to ask you to explain more about the People Power,NCR Land by Sarawak Land Code Perspectives(Its loopholes),and basic Human Right in your upcoming speech because I believe we,the Dayaks listen to you and believe in you for we also believe that you listen to us.For your information Sir,our Present Leaders were neither Listen or Care about us.

From the Dayaks Hopes and Dreams,



Anonymous said...

...Nicholas Bawin & Jawah Gerang...

nadai jalai enti semina NCR issue aja ti dikena kempen ba kami di BA ditu....api ??? Bawin udah ga nyadi Board of Director ba SESCO, lapa lalu nadai ga api. Jalai ???....hmmm...ngaga jalai, beguna ka tanah, tang tanah ga nyadi issue, ni ka bisi jalai ga !!!!

Pematang Pauh or Kuala Terengganu ??? Minta kasih meh, enda ulih tunda ketai....nya menoa LAUT, ISLAM is their PENGARAP, they using PENGARAP to united their penyukong...!!! What pengarap we have in BA ??? BBQ tiap2 ari sambil nuntum ijok, main Olo, berandau ka tisik manok ke deka disabung....

Kemunduran, ukai salah sapa-sapa/Jabu/Masing/Mawan/Niang Unting/ Nyalau/Jawah/Bawin/ DayakBaru/Brokenshield....
Kemunduran ketai, nya ba penyalah ketai empu, baka ni ko ketai ngiring lalu ngajar anak ketai empu !

Jabu/Masing/Mawan/Niang Unting/ Nyalau/Jawah/Bawin/DayakBaru/Brokenshield....maya sida tu sekual menya, di jangka aku bedau bisi api letrik/jalai alun/system pelajar ka manah...tang bala sida tu mujur ba pelajar sida... Why ??? laban, ari "upbringing" ka betul ari apai indai sida iya empu. So, to develop, cara "upbringing' nya pemadu penting....!!!!


Anonymous said...

Masing is asking Musen Lumoh to stand on PRS/dee - end ticket this coming by election???

Anonymous said...

NEIL said...
Gabriel Adit and his team are now hitting the road ... in Batang Ai with Nicholas Bawin to convince the grassroot supporters of the need for change.

The move is a good sign for PKR. May be he was also in the team but
there seemed no mention about ex-MP Jawah Gerang moving together with Adit and Bawin.

To YB ADIT, ex-MP JAWAH & Bakal calon BAWIN.

#1. Inspite of your constraints and personal circimnstances, the new political alignment & HARAPAN BARU for non-BN Dayaks in or through PKR HINGES in your hands now to ensure the defeat of BN in the forthcoming election.

#2.Dectractors and splitters of HARAPAN BARU will find ways and means unceasingly to see that there will always be disunity among PKR in Sarawak. The recent and prevailing situations in Perak and Selangor are very telling of BN's repressive, evil and divisive tactics....

#3. Be cautious, least you don't fall into egoastic temptation of projecting personal self as THE MOST "QUALIFIED" and therefore must be the "paramount" chief in PKR. A leader who had been heard of "bad-mouthing" is dangerous. Leave the final decision to PKR top leadership to name the calon for the by-election.....

#4. Learn form the past and BE AWARE THERE IS ONE VERY CUNNING SHIT STIRRER who has been stirring shit every where. He is known to be "very GENEROUS" with "his money as "tool" to stir up shit .. This shit stirrer and his kuncu-kuncu are all out stirring shit in Sabah, Federal and Sarawak ..

#5. Non-BN Dayaks have great respect and high hope on you ex-MP JAWAH to play the game against Joniocal Rayong in the comng state general election.

This message is from Malaikat Jibrayaeil

Anonymous said...

Everyday i saw this man sending his teenage daughter to st. Mary's school. Hardly seen his smiling face. must be something to think about...

Anonymous said...

Dear Broken Shield,

Allow me to post here one simple message in question form to bujang siga benselumbar ka BORNEO WARRIOR. The late Dtk. Dublin Unting was his good buddy.. there is his true story about him and the deceased in Australia ... He must come to LA to help whoever is the nominated sucessor of the late Datuk DUIngkot.


2. ARE YOU ALL OUT TO FIGHT JABU IN LAYAR? If so, you must be persistent, otherwise how can we help you if you keeping quiet ??

Bujang SALEM

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Broken Shield.

I read one recent posting today made through Dayak Nation Blog Sport belonged to Cobbold John regarding an important announcement. Note that this is posted in your blog as it related dorectly to your artice about the by-election.

The NOTICE as it appeared was posted purpotedly by Dayak Bloggers Assocition (which I'm doubtful)was aimed at promoting negative campaign against Nicholas Bawin's candidacy for the by-lection in Batang Air.

The notice may and can be read as follows:-

1. This could be the work of divisive BN and detractors of PKR through psychology-in-reverse tactic.

2. Work of some elements bent on discrediting Nicholas Bawin who has given up much personal & family well-beings as well as comforts in order to lead with principles of honesty and righteousness. Bawin has good credibility and is not tinted with corruption.

3. Work by proxies of well-known shit-stirrer who foresees Nicholas Bawin as threat to his nominees' leadership in PKR.

4. As the notice was posted in Dayak Nation Blog Sport owned by Cobbold John, it implies that Cobbold John endorsed the publication of the notice with and / or without edition.

5. If this is so, it is also implied that during the recent high-powered meeting of PKR top leadership in KL, the said blogger [who was an attendee of the meeting] was 'taught' to promote hate campaign against one potential PKR candidate for Batang Air by-election.

6. Known as staunch PKR member and promoter, Cobbold John MUST give explainations to PKR Secretariat.
His silence will spaeks.


Jetty said...

Dear Kleen Singh,

I am not aware of any Notice of Meeting purportedly by Dayak Bloggers Association, which was posted in Dayak Nation Blog as mentioned by your goodself.

I agree with you that the said posting in Mr Cobbold's blog might be the work of some divisive BN and detractors of PKR.

I will check with Mr Cobbold about the said meeting suppose to be held on 3 March 09 @ 2.30pm at BDC Stampin.

I assume that maybe Mr Cobbold was not aware of the said posting as sometimes his assistant might just published the said posting without referring to him.

To me, these is NO SUCH MEETING purported to be held by DAYAK BLOGGER ASSOCIATION as stated in the Dayak Nation Blog owned by Mr Cobbold. This is just a ploy/ dirty tactic to stop Mr Nicholas Bawin from contesting the Batang Ai by-election.

Anyway, thank you for bringing up the matter to my attention.

- Joseph Tawie @ Jetty

Anonymous said...

Dear Broken Shield,

Thank you for you reply on this very important issue.

Wheather it was or was not his fault, Cobbol John must be gentleman enough take full vicariuos responsibility and the consequences.

Cobbold John MUST make public apology not only in Dayak nation blog. He must take the initiative to explain and settle the matter personally with Nicholas Bawin in the presence of top PKR leadership in KL. If this is not done,the consequences will be adverse.

REMINDER TO COBBOLD JOHN through Broken Shield.
Please stay away from proxies of what others said of him "one well known shit stirrer". Do not be his sengayoh to stir the shit.


Anonymous said...


After reading your reply to Kleen Singh, I have a second thought on the notice posted in dayak Nation blog sport. I will not come.

Unless Cobbold John is no longer staunch PKR promoter and aspiring-candidate for Balai Ringgin, it does't seem right for him to allow the posting of the notice in his blog. It looks like that his blog is instrumental to run down Bawin Anggat. By the noice in his blog, Cobbold seemed to undermine PKR.

Points to ponder.
1. Cobbold John contested several times during the previous elections. The recent one was during the last state general election in Balai Ringgin. He lost badly to BN's Snowdon. Hardly-known outside challenger named Ibie Udeng scored much more votes than the total number of votes scored by Cobbold John inspite of the fact that he is anak tempetan and having much better university education.
2. The results of the previous election in which he participated should be a point for PKR top leadership to consider whether he qualify to become potential candidate for kawasan DUN Balai Ringgin in the forthcoming state general election.
3. If Cobbold, Ibie Udeng and Jimmy Donald are true and sincere promoters of PKR, they must come together and work jointly on the ground in Balai Ringgin, Bukit Begunan and Simanggang. Short of that, they'll be seen promoting themselves at the expense of PKR.

4. It is understandable and good family plan that his wife and children already migrated and became PRs in New Zealand. Somehow, it may raise some questions on his sincere intention here to stay and to become reliable political leader through PKR.

Anonymous said...

I hope PKR will win. but what the Batang Air people say?

Most of the nessesary resource will fully control by Taib government. including neccesary infomation and transpotation support.

Internet acesss / free infomation flow cannot be done on rural folks.

I still hope PKR can win

Lahanan Sarawak said...

This is the time to start the momentum of change, vote PKR reject BN. We must go for a change to save your right, my right and everyboby right.