Sunday, June 26

Debate Speech by Ali Biju

Debate Speech by Ali Biju, ADUN N34 (Krian), on Motion To Appreciate the Speech by the TYT Governor

Datuk Sri Speaker Sir,

I rise to join my honourable colleagues in this august House to participate in the debate in respect of the Motion to appreciate our TYT’s address.

Whilst TYT’s speech encompasses numerous issues, touching on the socio-economy of Sarawak, I shall raise some issues pertinent to my constituency N34 Krian in particular and Sarawak in general.

Datuk Sri Speaker, Sarawak’s rural population has been in acute poverty since independence. The World Bank confirmed late last year that Sarawak has achieved the dubious distinction of being one of the poorest states in Malaysia. The Director General of the Economic Unit Datuk Dr. Sulaiman Mahbob disclosed that the poorest people in Malaysia are indigenous communities living in Sarawak and Sabah and that a high level of income disparity contributes to a high level of poverty since a smaller share of income is obtained by those at the bottom of the income distribution. According to the IMF and the World Bank, the causes of inequality are: (i) improper government policies and (ii) exploitation by government agencies and businesses with power and influence.

Land Development Policies - Plantation

At Krian Ulu, many landowners have participated in SALCRA (Sarawak Land Consolidated and Rehabilitation Authority) schemes to develop their land for the last 15 years with high hopes of getting benefits in terms of dividends. SALCRA has land coverage of 48,721 ha of oil palm estate. Early this year SALCRA, through the Minister of Agriculture, announced the amount of dividends in the sum of RM74, 260,000.00 to be distributed to participants for 2011. Landowners were very happy and excited to hear this good news since it means on average, each participant could receive about RM1,500.00 per ha. However, the participants at Krian Ulu received almost nothing. So, I strongly demand that SALCRA, in particular, the Minister in charge, explain to the affected landowners the reasons they got almost nothing.

If during this period of high commodity price of palm oil, SALCRA is still not making profit, may I suggest that SALCRA revert and return the cultivated land back to landowners immediately and not wait for the agreed period of 25 years? I believe many of the participants are in better positions to manage their own land profitably.

Some SALCRA land areas are not even planted yet with oil palm. I have also received the Statement of Account for the Year Ended Dec. 31, 2009 of SALCRA which states that the net profits for “authority” and “group” are RM12, 775,332 and RM22, 475,081 respectively. So, when the Minister cum Chairman announced dividends of RM74 million, I wonder where the profit has come from. The Minister should furnish us with the Statement of Account Ended Dec. 31, 2010 to explain this disparity.

Another agency that is involved in land development is PELITA which is under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister. PELITA has been cultivating land under “New Concept” in many areas of Sarawak such as Kanowit, Meruan, Dijih and Mukah. PELITA also has about 9,000 ha of provisional lease of NCR land in Kabo-Awik-Budu area. In reference to this type of development and poor testimonials of PELITA, the majority of landowners in my constituency particularly in Kabo-Awik-Budu areas do not want to participate in this so called New Concept JV land development.

Any proposed agreement to develop land through this New Concept between PELITA and community leaders like Tuai Rumah, Penghulu or Pemanca is legally null and void because community leaders are in neither legal nor traditional positions to represent anybody with regard to private land ownership. As such, there must be no coercion or intimidation or pressure at all on those who refuse to participate. The names of native landowners who refuse to participate in Kabo-Awik-Budu scheme will be submitted to PELITA soon.

Instead of participating in large scale “New Concept”, mono-crop land development, the landowners prefer to develop their own land through agencies of their choice like RISDA, smallholdings under RME-Rubber Mini Estate or Palm Oil Mini Estate concepts. Smaller scale land development is more environmentally friendly since not all areas are cultivated. It is also sustainable in the sense that it guarantees that our future generations will have land to live on.

The IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) Rural Poverty Report 2011 highlights changes in agricultural markets that are providing new opportunities for smallholders to increase productivity. The report emphasizes “there remains an urgent need to invest more and better in agriculture and rural areas” based on a new approach to smallholder agriculture that is both market oriented and sustainable. The report makes it clear that it is time to look at poor smallholders in a completely new way as people whose innovation, dynamism and hard work will bring prosperity to their community. The report also states that low levels of investment in agriculture, weak infrastructure, low production and lack of financial services make it hard for smallholders to participate in the agricultural market.

It is to my dismay that the State Government closed an office of the Agricultural Department at Ng Budu.

I also believe that the Farmers Organization is sliding backward and not of any assistance to the farmers anymore.

It is of paramount importance that the authorities concerned should deploy more resources and relieve the situation through technical measures such as:

(a) Introducing the new concept of agro-enterprise;

(b) Promoting agricultural development on mini-estates or smallholdings for crops like rubber and oil palm with infrastructure assistance from the government; and

(c) Providing more allocation for agencies such as RISDA and MPOB.

Landowners want to control and manage their own land in their own style. If they cultivate a few hectares of rubber trees or oil palm with proper guidance or assistance from the government, which many of them are capable of, they should be able to get quite a decent income of RM2, 000/month. If they can make RM2, 000/month, a lot of rural people who are working at various parts of Malaysia such as Johor and KL will be willing to go back to their longhouses to cultivate their lands. In this way, we will be able to reverse the rural-urban migration which has created many socio-economic problems in the city and rural community as well. Currently, general labourers in oil palm plantations are paid a daily wage of RM17-RM20, amounting to around RM450/month, which is far below the poverty line RM750/month.

According to Robert Pringle’s authoritative book “Rajah and Rebels” written and published in the 1970s, more than 2 million rubber trees were officially planted in Krian area during a brief period of colonial time which covered areas totalling more than 5,000 hectares. Total cultivated areas including unrecorded areas were probably double that figure, being close to 10,000 hectares. A lot of rural communities participated actively and rubber was the major contributor of cash income. Some of them, by their own initiative, even managed to cultivate bigger areas to become mini-estates of sorts and employing many rubber tappers from outside. This was possible due to assistance and advice given to planters by the government of the day.

Sadly, more than 2 generations later, the livelihood of these members of the rural community still depends very much on these rubber trees that were planted by our late grandparents. So far, the government has cultivated approximately 3,500 hectares of rubber trees in the last 15 years in the Krian area. Considering the population growth during the last two generations, this quantity is not sufficient. If you visit longhouses in Krian constituency and ask them where their income comes from, do not be surprised if they say 70%-80% of longhouse dwellers depend on rubber from their grandparents’ trees to survive.

Provisional Licences for Plantation

The state government has issued provisional leases within Krian constituency which overlaps with NCR land:

(i) Lot 410 Blk 18 Krian Awik LD to Kenyalang Resources Sdn Bhd (now known as THP Saribas Sdn Bhd) in the area of Bajau-Selambong-Sedan-Jenggara

(ii) Lot 3 Blk 16 Krian Awik LD to Kenyalang Resourses Sdn Bhd (now known as THP Saribas Sdn Bhd) in the area of Sg Gruyu

(iii) Lot 155 & 156 Kalaka LD to Kenyalang Resources Sdn Bhd (now known as THP Saribas Sdn Bhd) in the area of Jln Pusa Sessang

(iv) Licence for planted forest to No. LPF/0034 to R.H. Forest Corporation Sdn Bhd.

The companies that have been given PL have encroached illegally into NCR lands of the native communities. This has resulted in disputes over rights to land and resources. Currently, there a a few cases where natives have initiated legal action against PL holders and Land Survey Department.


Tuan Speaker,

The government has issued many logging licences within NCR lands in my constituency. This has created a lot of animosity among rural community since most of them disagree with logging activity. Logging has destroyed our Pemakai Menoa and Pulau Galau which provide the natives with valuable construction materials to build longhouses, boats and other wooden amenities vital to our way of living.

It is very unfortunate that the state government has issued timber licences in my constituency without the prior informed consent of the native landowners. Listed are the known timber licences issued by the state government in Krian area without prior consent of native landowners.

(a) T/3436 – issued to Vita Hill Sdn Bhd which overlaps NCR land in the area of Dassey, Budu

(b) T/3463 – issued to Pelita Holding Sdn Bhd which overlaps NCR land in the area of Kabo-Awik

(c) T/8475 – issued to Syarikat Kayu Rimba which overlaps NCR land in the area of Mapar-Babang

(d) T/3431 – issued to Tunggal Enterprise which overlaps NCR land in the area of Mudong

(e) T/3497 – issued to Solid Sunshine which overlaps NCR land in the area of Awik-Seblak.

(f) Timber licence also issued to Sebetan area.

All of these licences were issued without prior consent of native landowners. As such, the State Government must withdraw the licenses.

For example, Rh Gayan of Dassey, Budu, in my constituency has been affected by Vita Hill Sdn Bhd’s logging activity. Various complaints had been made to the authorities. However, no action was taken. Left without an avenue for redress, the Rh Gayan community took the matter to High Court and legal process is still ongoing.

The State Government has issued timber Licence No. T/8440 to a RM2 company namely Budimar Sdn Bhd. Its subcontractor is Rimba Jaya Lumber Sdn Bhd at the vicinity of Bukit Pengajar. The company is in the process of constructing a logging road from the Ulu Krian road towards the concession area through lands of the Iban community particularly in the Sg Pilai area. If the company proceeds with this plan, besides doing damage to environment, biodiversity and ecosystem, logging trucks will totally destroy the roads of Ulu Krian and Rimbas roads, which are already in poor condition.

Infrastructure, Amenities and Utilities

Tuan Speaker,

Basic requirements such as road, water and electricity are basic human rights. Any government of the day must provide these necessities to all its people regardless of their political affiliations.

Road : The road system in the Krian constituency is in a very bad shape particularly roads to Ulu Krian, Kabo, Budu, Awik, Bajau, Engkudu, Ibus and Babang. Ulu Krian Road and Awik Road were Federal roads constructed more than 30 years ago but their condition is similar to that of logging roads. I urge the government to ensure tar-seal to be implemented immediately as promised by the PM during the last state election.

Electricity : The majority of my constituents do not have electricity. Only recently we noticed that power posts have been erected along roads in Krian, Budu, Kabo, and Awik. I urge the government to speed up the work to get power supply to every longhouse, school and clinic in my constituency.

Water : Clean water is also a major issue in my constituency as many longhouses are still getting drinking water from rivers or unreliable gravity water. The water is not hygienic and contains germs and bacteria that can cause diseases. I urge the government to carry out the construction of a new dam at Kaki Wong to start immediately as promised by the PM during the last state election. On top of that, the current water supply from Lichok Water Treatment Plant is not capable of providing the water needs for all people in Saratok areas. During the dry season Lichok WTP runs out of water. What is the state government doing about this?

In conclusion, Datuk Sri Speaker, I urge this august House to seriously look into the matters I have raised. These issues are not mere political rhetoric. These are bread and butter issues affecting the peoples of Sarawak and it is the ultimate responsibility of this House to take these matters seriously and it is incumbent upon the respective Ministers in charge to act accordingly to alleviate the suffering of the rakyat. Demi Rakyat.

Thank you Datuk Sri Speaker Sir for giving me this opportunity to air my views.


Apai Semalau said...

Yb.Ali Biju,
Now that's what I call the spirit of Rentap. I salute you for speaking out on behalf of our poverty stricken community. How could such glaring poverty in the rural areas been side-lined for the last 50 years under BN? Jabu and his rich cohorts with four meals a day, enjoying all of the necessities in life, need to take off their blinkers and take a hike to see those surviving on hardly two meals a day on garam and rice!!!!

Sri Belalang said...

YB Ali Biju speaks the turth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He presented his points in DUN substantiated with facts.In short, his speeches in DUN to brush aside Jabu`s and other BN ADUN`s assurances that:-

i) the government did not grab NCR lands;
ii)the joint venture programmes were not eradicating rural poverty and that SALCRA have not paid out the landowners the dividends fairly;
iii)the logging and plantation companies in fact encouraged into NCR lands and never consulted the landowners before carrying out their activities and
iv)rural areas have not provided with basic amenities even though Sarawak has been within the federation of Malaysia for 48 years.

YB Ali Biju brought up the problems affecting the people in his constituency only and we believe there are more problems on similar issues in other constituencies, but BN ADUN 'malu' to bring up matters affecting their constituents.

Anonymous said...

True,its bravo!.BUT,barking is one thing,delivering is another thing.Since the 70s Datuk Amar d.Endawie and Dato Sri E.Langgu,even Nyarok at latter stage had'barked' on almost the same issues,except land grabbing and logging,BUT NOTHING DELIVERED,of course except for the narrow muddy kampong roads here and there a bit. Of course barking is a must but if there is no result to it ,a YB is still deem to have NOT DELIVERED.Get some money from Selangor lah my friend like you did prior to the erection.You can give Sungai Jirak longhouse rm.360,000 ,so spare some for other longhouses lah.

Anonymous said...

If other Iban YBs never mentioned these bread and butter issues in their constituencies it means that no such problems exist. Lets wait and see if other ibans in other areas has any problems.

Anonymous said...

Maia ujan, jalai lucak. maia panas jalai bedebu. Kereta bala laut di pasar tan sampai bebelas taun ngena, kereta iban menua ulu kena setaun dua lalu udah munyi pusun regup ia minta tukar tu tukar nya. enti ke pasar saratok ari ulu, tau enda ibuh ngena make-up mua, enda ibuh unsut ke gel ba buk, enda ibuh pancit ke minyak wangi sabat di tubuh laban sigi bisi di beri orang maia ke bepansa enggau kereta lebuh maia ke nengah jalai awik or krian. Mua sigi burak laban debu penebal seinci, buk alu meku kering baka mee dawai diinggap selji. Tubuh sigi bau ampis laban bepeluh ngenanka mutasikal ti slalu ka muai diri ke tisi jalai kelimpah ti selalu ngelipak ke lubang. Enti nengah jalai, semina enda tiap meda bala semenua ngetu di tisi jalai ngaduka tayar mutasikal pancit. kebus acuk bati. Nasit mina tayar aja ti kebus acuk batu, enti tubuh kitai ti kena, balat meh asai ia. Diri empu kala meh ngasai. Enti udah nasit jai, sampai 3 kali tayar nya pancit. Mansang pancit, pulai pancit. Maia ke nukar tiub pan pancit laban kena acuk sekeru deriba ti dikena nukar tiub. Kemaia ga tudah ingkat tu kala jadi mekinik nukar tayar. Ka pan enda diri empu meh nukar sambil bejembi ba panas, pia ti empeleman mata laban debu kereta orang ti mansa.
Enti karan, sida ini nyangka enda sempat ngena ila, mina jerita bula aja meh dibai maia ti mulai kediri ngagai menua sepiak. laptop 1 Malaysia dini ga ka ngecas enti nadai karan deh? Ngena solar laptop nya kini? Uji beri bantu kena numbuh ke getah or sawit ngati ke diri bala kami di ulu din ngambi bisi kena beidup betupi.Tu ila rindu meda sida aki sida ini main counter strike, network enggau pangan diri lebuh ti nganti ai getah ti nitik. Ka pan enda pia, ukai nya ulih broadband di ulu din. Kena ninga ke lagu nganti radio apek nuannya tau meh aki.Enti pasal makai, baka pemakai orang kaya endar kami di ulu din. Baka sayap manuk, beli sekilo empa ambis sekilo sarinya. Enti 2kg pan bakanya. Panduk ke lauk kediri pan nyampau ke dibelinya meh. Lalu panduk ambis-ambis. Takut ke jai. Nadai alai nyimpan lama. Nyawa tu ngumba amat ga, semina ka sekali aja belauk utai ti panduk sarinya. Enti makai lemai lagi, belauk ke nya baru sigi ulih mansal nyawa. Keruan ga tudah aku meli peti ais tapi nadai ga alai numpil ke 24jam. Tumpil ke ba gen-set, mina pasang ari pukul 6.30 lemai ngagai 10 malam (suah agi mina naka pukul 9 malam, udah abis meda berita bula) ni nya ulih ngenan ke lauk nya lama. (Diatu udah teluk dinding din peti ais nya, jai enda cukup karan, jai batu ku sida mujap.
Bisi sekali bala sida ari EhOH+Hellcame datai ka nyual penapis ai ngagai menua kami kin, lalu nanya aya aku bunya ari bilik sepiak, "bus.. bakani cara kami ka ngena utai nya bus? Lalu enda mereti aku meda utai nya. Tau pansut ai ari utainya lagi?"
Sida EhOH+Hellcame pan nyaut, "tau aya, tekan ke aja ba suis ia ditu, lalu pansut meh ai."
"Ka aku meli nya bus enti bakanya", ku aya bunyau gagit ati meda utai nya nyelai bendar.
"Enti nuan meli, aku masang ke nuan diatu, bayar tau pupuk2.. Padah aja dini alai batang paip alai aku masang di asuh nuan.." Pia ke sida EhOH+Hellcame.
"Nadai pai kami ditu bus EhOH+Hellcame, din kami nyauk ba ai tegan" ku aya bunyau. Sida EhOH+Hellcame pan lalu bekemas pulai.

Ke diatu, bala kami di ulu din semampai nganti kemaia pemansang ulih datai mudik ngagai menua kami. Udah puas nagasi ke pemedis, pemerinsa ngidup kediri diansak ubah pengidup serta pendiau cara baru. Ngambi Yb Ali Biju ngetup sida jelu antu di puak kampung ti enchuri reta katai iban nyama enda ngasi disalak aja.

Anonymous said...

arap meh YB Ali. Diatu, ngelaban kitai, tau laban bala CM ke enda iboh ke kitai di saratok. laban magang-magang. agi idup agi ngelaban. kapa enda charut sekali dunya kitai tu. dah merinsa tau merinsa agik. enda alah tak pulai ka batang ketungau ga kitai. kapa enda belaya diatu. din di sapiak menua agk maioh tanah. bedau entu bisi law by law munyi ko sida aya. din ila berimba baru. sema bala bugau enggai di alah kayau gak. nama takut. iban tu!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To compare Rentap's spirit to that of Ali Biju's is a pathetic insult to the real Rentap, even stupid!!. Ali is nothing like Rentap, read your history man. The issues brought by Ali is nothing new,just old issues from a new lips. If you guys think that Ali can deliver, you are wet-dreaming. From the look of it Ali is going to bring nothing to Krian - thrust me on this. He is only good at making empty promises, just like what he did in the just concluded election. He is going to bring the constituency to ruin, just like what PBDS did before. Giving Ali the victory was a big mistake by the voters in Krian,and we are going to pay the price for the next 5 years - Ali can not bring any development projects to the longhouse folks - mark my words on this.

If you have read the news today, then you know what kind of a person Ali is. He is not ashamed of being the only YB in the state to be foolish enough to get caught. As one on my friend commented " idiot bikin malu Krian saja". He is only interested to please his boss in PKR, his mission is only to fight for his boss - maybe he can become the next PM. But as the saying goes " jauh panggang dari api ". Now everybody knows that PKR is behind the protest that took place in KL. Is this the kind person we want to be our YB?? Datuk Peter was a YB for 21 years and he never put us to shame. But this man we voted to be our representative got arrested barely three months in office - pathetic and foolish. But then again, as john like to put it " a man's intelligence is reflected in his deed ". Yeah..I bet the folks in Dassey probably cried over this. The bottom line is that we in Krian had made a big mistake to vote for PKR, and the next five years we will get NOTHING from PKR or Ali. Look who's laughing now !!!

Anonymous said...

i salute YB. Ali Biju for being able to stand up for the rights of malaysians who had been demanding for clean and fair election.In the just conluded election i voted in the layar constituency. Voters in my longhouse -family was given RM500.00 to vote for the Barisan candidate. Any right thinking malaysian in paticular the Dayak in the rural area who had been the subject of corrupted politics should be proud of Ali who could stand much higher than your celebrated rentap, and stand up for clean and fair election. The person who got into office via corruption like the Barisan YB.would be most likely be corrupted.What Ali Biju should be
praised by the Dayak people. RIGHT at this moment it is so pathetic that non ofour Dayak YBs.had brought up the Dayak problems ie economics,educational, emplymnets and social.The Dayak people should be proud of Ali Biju.Carry on Ali we are proud of you

Anonymous said...

Bisi siko komentar madah Ali Biju semina ulih bejaku aja tang enda ulih mai pemansang agai Ulu Krian. Pelaba aku enda bansa bukai kaban nya. Kitai Iban siti bansa ti pemadu maioh ti merimba menua. Tang pengudah di pegai BN engau Menteri Boneka Iban, dia kitai alu ditagang ulih pegeraja. Semina sida menteri enggau suku juru ia aja bulih pengawa. Kitai ditejuka miskin awak ka ngencadi ke duit RM500 enggau projek ke mit. Nyau ka 50 taun masuk Malaysia agi meh jalai bedebu. Lori sawit kompeni maioh meh nujah menua. Tiap ari kitai meda reta ba menua kitai dirampas. Sapa ngempu kompeni enti enda bala menteri enggau kuncu2 ia ke bisi syer. Enti nunjuk mua sedekah tauka mantu rakyat sigi besai tuchum dalam surat khabar tauka TV. Dirumpak ia reta kita berbillion disua ia ribu. . Aku diatu terbuka bendar ati engau parti PKR, sida tu meh harapan kitai Dayak mulai ke pengeraja menua. Baru Bian pan siko lawyer ti pemadu manah serta nemu pasal undang2 tanah menua. Aku seruan sembiang ke Allah Taala ngicaka PKR tu ulih menang nyema niat sida manah. Suba sigi nyukung BN meh aku, bini aku bisi pemandai tusah amai ka bulih kerja. Interview ngambi nama tang nemu aja meh kitai bansa sapa ke menuh ke opis perintah. Nyema bulih kerja nda meh ulih jawatan ketua jabatan tauka pengarah...ari 100 siko bansa kitai. Semadi ngambi nama aja. Aku deka meda nasib kitai bansa dayak ukai semina Iban tauka Bidayuh tang semua etnik Urang Ulu ulih berubah. .Baka projek SCORE sigi chukup manah tang aku semina setuju nyema kitai bansa Dayak ke bulih 60% kerja dia. Arap kitai badu agi dikeduan menteri ANGKUN ENGGAU PEMBULAK! Lebih jai ari Firaun. Idup Sarawak

Anonymous said...

Lama udah enda aktif blog tu tang enda ngawa meh. Bisi siko komentar ngena jako English madah ke Ali tu ukai Rentap. Pelaba aku ia bansa bukai laban ia madah " read your history man". Reti ia kaban tu ari sepiak BN ti monitor progress blog-blog PKR. Nyema Rentap ulih ngelepas kitai ari perintah Brooke , diatu Ali Biju deka ngelepas ke kitai ari perintah ti kamah enggau makai suap, ti cukup angkun ke pengeraja. Ba semenanjung semua jalai alun manah, keretapi, monorel, LRT..macham2 agi utai ke canggih ko kitai...Bah..nama penyadi menua kitai. Jalai bedebu pansa sida kompeni sawit . .kompeni sawit tu pen diempu bala menteri ke bisi syer. Kitai bansa Dayak enda tau dikemelik ke bansa bukai. Diberi sida RM500 diambi sida berbillion ringgit ari tanah kitai. Urang bansa Dayak ke dulu merinba menua...kati tau bala suku juru menteri ke bempu ke tanah kitai. Bisi pemandai kitai bansa Dayak pedis meh ka kerja perintah. Penuh pejabat alai bansa bukai gawa nyadi kerani. Pemandai nadai tang sida ngambi bansa enggau raban diri. Jawatan ke tinggi ba upis sigi nadai urang bukai megai.
Kitai Dayak anang enda sedar diatu..ambi pulai hak kitai. Kitai ka tanah kitai pulai..kitai ka anak-anak kitai senang dudi ari.
Menteri kitai Iban semina nyadi anak patung dikemain urang.Janji perut ia gentung poket ia penuh udah. Ia enda ngira bansa ia empu.
Aku tu siko penyukung kuat BN suba tang diatu aku udah enda rindu meda menteri ti gila kuasa. Bansa ti chukup jai.
Aram kitai saum ati pilihanraya tu ila...meri peluang agai PKR megai menua. Pending kitai ningga, mata kitai meda, ati kitai nemu lalu anang ketegal BN tu ila nyua ke RM10 maya pilihanraya ati kita tekuing. Ati ti pedis enda ulih dibeli enggau duit. Aram mansang kitai Dayak. God Bless Baru Bian and ALi Biju.

Sebayan_Saratok said...

Wake up la bala Iban.Kitai sama nemu duit ka dikumbai kitai elaun beri perintah tiap bulan nyak ukai duit perintah.Duit kitai diambik sida ya.Udah nyak lalu ko meri pulai baru duit ka udah di curi nyak.Kati la ukih idup lama sida ya nyak neh.Sama2 meh kitai nemu tiap kali kitai ngundi kitai ka endar ya meri kuasa agai sida ya jaik agik.Ari pemanah kitai nyak,dalam senyap sida bepajoh ka kitai baru.Apa la reti semua tok??Ti ko manatah Ali Biju,pedis endar gak ko ngiga penyalah ya.Tak ngidup ka sida ya meh kitai tok.Kitai ditelan sida ya segalo.Antu jelu.Truth be told,they all will be held accountable.Anang sekali ngumbai perintah ngidup ka kitai,munoh.Pintar endar ar,reta kitai ka dipajoh sida ya nemu2 ko ngemulai ba baru.Diau ba Mansion mewah,celaka.There is law in this country for a men or women like them.Jadi,pandai2 la kiai ngundi milih sapa ka sepatut ya ulih di arap ka mai pemanah ngagai semua udah tok ila.Anang enda ingat kaban semua.