Sunday, August 3

Protem committee still pursuing MDC registration

3 August 2008

The protem committee of Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC) is still pursuing its registration with the Home Affairs Ministry and the Registrar of Societies, although one or two of the committee members have abandoned the MDC struggle, said Joseph Tawie, protem information chief of the Congress.

In a statement today, he said: “Those committee members who still believe in the objectives and struggle of the Congress will continue to pursue the MDC registration and will be approaching the authorities again soon regarding the status of their appeal and registration.”

He said that the committee had also received many queries and feedbacks from ex-PBDS members and supporters regarding the appeal and had assured them that the committee had discussed various options to be taken pertaining to the MDC registration.

Some even offered to serve and replace those who had abandoned the struggle and the aspirations of the yet-to-be registered party, he said and expressed disappointment over the unfair treatment by the authorities against the Dayaks who wished to form their own political party.



Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

As a Dayak Iban, I give my moral support to you to pursue the registration of MDC although it may take years to get its approval. Please continue to highlight our Dayak's problems through your blog.


Jetty said...

Thank you Mr Richard for your support. We will continue the registration of MDC until it becomes a reality

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"!!