Monday, August 4

Larry Sng to join SUPP?

By the end of next month, a definite action will be taken to expel Larry Sng from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), a source close to the president, Dr. James Masing has revealed to The Broken Shield.

PRS supreme council will meet by first week of September to decide once and for all the expulsion of Larry Sng. This would be followed by a letter to the Chief Minister to inform him that Sng is no longer in the party and that he should be replaced as an assistant minister. The name or names of Sng’s replacement will also be included in the letter. Taib has to make a decision by September 30, the source said.

Meanwhile, discussions have been going on for some time between SUPP president, George Chan and Masing on the possibility of exchanging the Pelagus seat with the Engkilili seat. SUPP is to take over the Pelagus seat and to accommodate Larry into SUPP. PRS, on the hand, is to take over Engkilili.

Chan is still hesitating whether to accept the swap of Engkilili with Pelagus, as he is unsure his party will be able to retain the seat for the Barisan Nasional in the coming State election. But Taib has told him that with Masing’s support, winning should not be a problem in the Iban-majority constituency.

As for Masing, he is confident that his party will be able to capture the Engkilili seat from the independent assemblyman, Dr. Johnichal Rayong should he contest again.

The source said that Chan has also to make up his mind before the end of next month.

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