Sunday, August 10

PRS supreme council split over Larry Sng’s expulsion

Supreme council members of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) appear to be heading towards a stormy meeting when they meet on Sunday, 7 September at the party headquarters in Kuching to discuss Larry Sng’s expulsion or readmission.

Some members have already expressed their anger when they received notice of meeting and saw on the agenda - to discuss Larry Sng’s readmission to PRS.

It has been widely predicted that the coming meeting would decide to expel Larry Sng from the party once and for all. The decision of the expulsion would then be conveyed to the Chief Minister together with the name or names of assemblymen to replace Larry Sng as assistant minister.

Now, after receiving the notice of meeting dated 5 August, which was signed by the party secretary general Wilfred Nissom, some members thought that the wording of the agenda could be a mistake, as every member knew that the next meeting was to discuss and confirm Larry Sng’s expulsion rather than to discuss his readmission.

Said one PRS supreme council member who refused to be identified: “The decision to expel Sng has been delayed a number of times and the supreme council members as well as PRS members want a positive action to be taken, as Larry has been a thorn in the PRS flesh.

“We are going to be very vocal at this meeting” he said, adding that the supreme council might be split over the issue. A number of PRS supreme council members contacted by the writer would object to Larry Sng’s readmission.

Meanwhile, SUPP is said to be reluctant in accepting Larry Sng and in swapping the Pelagus seat with the Engkilili seat. The exchange should be finalized by the end of September.

PRS on the other hand is desirous of getting the Engkilili seat and in fact has already identified a professional to contest against Dr Johnichal Rayong, the independent assemblyman who won the seat through the Sarawak National Party (SNAP).

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