Wednesday, August 27

Sarawak MPs joining PKR?

Is there any truth that some MPs and DUN members from Sarawak are defecting to Parti Keadilan Sarawak (PKR)?

This is the question that some political observers are asking when they found out that two MPs and one State Assemblyman in Sarawak were seen in the company of Anwar Ibrahim during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

One of the MPs is from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and the other is from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP). The State Assemblyman is partyless.

It was also found out that the expelled PRS secretary-general, Sidi Munan and the PRS ex-deputy president Sng Chee Hua were also in Permatang Pauh allegedly seen in the company of Anwar Ibrahim. The presence of Sng Chee Hua and Sidi Munan who are aligned to Larry Sng, assistant minister and the “president” of the other faction of PRS gives rise to speculation as to the future of the assistant minister.

Incidentally, Larry Sng’s membership in the PRS and his post as assistant minister will be discussed by PRS supreme council headed by James Masing on 7 September 2008.

Anwar Ibrahim has been boasting that 15 MPs from Sarawak and Sabah will cross over to his party before 16 September 2008.

Is there any truth in this?


Anonymous said...

PRS MP - Aron Dagang?
SPDP MP - Tiki Lafe?
Partyless ADUN - Johnical Rayong/Gabriel Adit?

Anonymous said...

Am not surprised that those politicians whom i termed as groupies were at Permatang Pauh, Joe. Sng,Sidi,and the rest.Remember when Sng sr CD and Sng jr rushed 2 airport to welcome the so called CM designate/the anointed one the other day?Wah how they welcomed Adnan Satem just becos he was sopposed to replace Taib,remember? Now they hedge that Anwar will b PM.Except this time its for real!Sng will change course without even blinking an eye!Taib must b furious!Sng jr how?Larry is PRS presidentio!Folks dont even blink yr eyes too,k? Never trust the Sngs and the Munans!Remember the debacle in PRS?AIYAH U LAKIA, PLEASE LEARN.thE BROOKES, THE COLONIES AND NOW THE SNGS AND THE TAIB ALL USE U! y y y, TELL ME y?

Stanley said...

I think there are more than 4 person from sarawak.many are in the hotel while some stay out out of sight.I saw some having been pick up by vip cars with heavy tinted glass.I was told they held many meetings at secret locations.I hope that this time the dayaks will come together and seize this window of opportunity.If they are brave they must do it and there will be massive support from the grassroots.

chapchai said...

It is about time the Dayaks unite under one umbrella. You have allowed white hair to divide and rule. Your leaders have been bought by him, so has SUPP and its leader. Anwar is offering an alternative, one that has never been available. This time around please use this opportunity wisely; it may never come round again.