Wednesday, September 10

PRS demands recognition

Nowadays, Dr. James Masing is very vocal. And why not when Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) he his heading has been ignored and side-lined despite the party having six Members of Parliament and seven State Assemblymen.

When his home town Kapit’s request for road construction to link it with Song, Kanowit and Sibu is not included in the 2009 budget, he blew his tops, saying that Kapit has again been forgotten.

Last Sunday (7 September) Masing, who is the Minister of Land Development Sarawak, demanded that his party be rewarded for being loyal to the Barisan Nasional (BN), lamenting that they have been ignored over appointments to government-linked companies (GLCs).

“The supreme council of PRS has asked me to pursue this matter whenever it is possible or wherever there are vacancies for PRS to be represented in GLCs not only in Sarawak, but also the whole of Malaysia,” he said to the Press.

Since its admission to the Barisan Nasional in 2005, PRS has been ignored; other BN component parties have been given chairmanships of some of the most influential and money-making GLCs and corporations at the State and Federal levels. And as partners of the government, PRS is asking to be given some posts in these GLCs and corporations for its leaders and supporters so that the party can play a meaningful role in the country’s economic development. Currently three members of PRS are sitting as mere board directors of Housing Commission, SESCO and Water Board.

Both the State and Federal Governments have literally hundreds of GLCs and corporations. For the State, it has GLCs and corporations such as STIDC, Sarawak Foundation, Borneo Development Corporation, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Motor Vehicle Licensing Board, Sarawak River Board, Malaysian Pepper Board, SALCRA, SLDB, LCDA, BDA, Brooke Dockyard, Kuching Port, Rajang Port, Miri Port and Baram Port, timber companies, etc.

The chairmanship of SALCRA, for instance, should be given to Masing’s man as SALCRA is one of the departments or boards under his ministry. It is important so that they can work together. But Alfred Jabu who is deputy chief minister has been holding the post for more than a decade and refuses to give it up. Jabu’s appointment raises many questions. Why must the chairmanship of the board be given to Jabu whose status, and in terms of protocol, is higher than that of James Masing’s? Why is he so adamant in insisting of remaining as chairman despite objection from Masing? Isn’t there any conflict of interest? Can they see eye to eye with regard to the management of SALCRA?

As a result of Jabu’s appointment and the appointment of his key people on a secondment basis, there is not only a clash of personality, but also the working environment is not cordial, resulting in poor management and poor harvests.

Many decisions made by the board are without the knowledge of the minister concerned. And several functions organised by SALCRA Masing refused to attend when he knew that Jabu was present. Instead he sent his assistant minister to attend such functions.

And if this situation continues, not only Masing’s integrity as the PRS president and minister will be affected, but also the 16,000 or more scheme participants will continue to lose. Since Abdul Taib Mahmud is unable to solve the problem, perhaps we need ACA to help SALCRA find a “solution” to this unique arrangement.


Anonymous said...

With due respect, YB James raised petty issues - issues of concerned to his party.

We have more serious issues that need serious deliberation; the future of the Dayak in a globalised world, the perceived marginalisation of the Dayak in prosperous Malaysia, not to forget this perenial problem of land issue.

If any of our self proclaimed current Dayak leaders dare to initiate serious dialogue on these issues, i'll take leave to be involved in such deliberation.


Anonymous said...

Very good assessment. In fact Jabu like his Yang Di-Kasehi (YK) Taib has been adamant in holding to other positions.

Yes, ACA should be looking at those big guys rather than concerning themselves too much with those small fries.

We have abundant of 'instant millionaires' and 'rags to riches' in Sarawak that should be probed.

chapchai said...

Mr Jetty

Do you think Mr Masing is one of those who will do the hop on the day? Is he known to be a good dancer?

Anonymous said...


ermmm masing still taking about bn, masing can forget that requestla. supreme party will not allow as the position their privilege. remember their reaction to jala's appointment? sampaikan they condemned jala in the senate

but i do believe sarawakians and sabahans representatives should be incresed from 1 in board of directors of petronas and sarawakians and sabahans should be appoints in petronas top management. i think only mlng ceo is sarawakian but he's converted

Anonymous said...

our useless massing is a land minister. what has he done to prevent the dayak land being taken and given away to outsiders ? he is so crazy about twarting sng from snatching away his presidency post! what a useless dayak representative we have today!
these so call dayak representatives should be strip of their dayak status, am i correct? it is better to admit DAP chinese man who spoke more on dayak interests!
the dayaks dont need any leader who only think about themselves at this moment of time!

NEIL said...

Masing is a lame duck.He is powerless since his tussle with Larry.Ever since they part ways Masing have never recover financially.That's why he has turn into a political beggar begging the PM for GLC position.Pm will not give him a bit so that's why when ever he opens his mouth only worms fell out.PRS will die a sloww and painful death unless masing team up with Larry or give the presidency to Joseph Salang or may be get Leo Moggi back.This will only be feasible when CM leaves the scene.May be with Joseph Salang and Leo Moggi team,PRS will return to its glory days like PBDS.But until then we are all waiting for PRS final rites.