Monday, March 23

Tuai Rumah: the powerful tools of the BN against Opposition

From last week, almost every day Tuai Rumah (longhouse headmen) were summoned by ministers, deputy ministers, assistant ministers and elected representatives to receive “angpaus” in the form of minor rural projects.

Last week, deputy chief minister-cum-deputy president of PBB Alfred Jabu anak Numpang gave lectures to about 100 Tuai Rumah in the Batang Ai constituency.

Yesterday (22 March), PRS state assemblyman Snowdan Lawan of Balai Ringin also lectured 39 Tuai Rumah from Batang Ai and told them they “are part of the government and therefore have an important role to play”. They must show good example by not inciting their own people to go against BN and must tell their “anembiaks” to vote for BN. Later the Tuai Rumah were given free and guided tour of Kuching.

On 14 March, several Tuai Rumah from Batang Ai were asked to meet MP for Sri Aman, Masir Kujat who told them that they were “eyes and ears” of the BN and report to BN any “suspicious” characters who are trying to get their support for the Opposition.

Today, several more Tuai Rumah were asked to meet deputy president of PRS Joseph Entulu Belaun and to receive their “angpaus” of minor rural projects. Wai FM (RTM Iban) made the announcement that they must see the deputy minister this afternoon.

It would appear that BN-PRS are making use of the Tuai Rumah as powerful tool to ensure that their rakyat and voters do not vote for the Opposition as well as making Tuai Rumah as “policemen” and money carriers (mai duit) and distribute such money to their “anembiaks”.

Like past elections, for those who did not vote for the BN candidates, they would be deprived of the goodies. Worst still, those voted for Opposition might ask to leave the longhouse (pindah).

Are not the Tuai Rumah the powerful tools of the BN to destroy the longhouse people? – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

let say duit rm1000 diberi kena meli undi..maksud nya rega sidak idup 5tahun just rm1000. nadai value. enti kitai dayak especially tuai2 rumah pintar, anang just nemu bejako...keja pengawa. enda ibuh mengampu taib n co

SaintGene said...

Where's MACC?

Apai Semalau said...

Tuai Rumahs, open your eyes to the future. Like the politicians, be pretenders. For now, let BN hear what they want to hear when you speak. Learn to lie between your teeth like them. Give them a taste of their own medicine. Take their money, ang pows etc. Then VOTE Jawah. Wait for the next election. Guarantee you, more blessing and projects will flow your way! You lot might even get a hospital, national registration office, and a bank, long overdue.

Tuai Rumah Batang Ai said...

Nadai semua tuai rumah nyokong BN, laban kami udah pintar, udah nemu nilai keadaan semasa.Penemu sekeda kami, ni utai ti manah kami nyokong baikka ari BN tauka ari pemangkang.Do not underestimate us as Tuai Rumah not knowing what is good for the people, what is bad for the people.BN cannot lie to us..pembangkang cannot lie to us.

Anonymous said...

Angpau Mee maggie diberi ulih kerajaan sigik mayuh maya pilihan raya bakatuk. Aku suba maya last general election, bisik ninga bala rumah panjai diberi ulih BN rm3000 to rm5000 untuk satu rumah panjai. Tuk kumbai sidak ya projek ari kerajaan. Nama guna duit nya? nya duit kena bulih ka undi untuk 5 tahun!.
Pesan aku untuk bala tuai rumah ngan apai indai di rumah panjai, anang agik nyukung ke perintah tik ngambik tanah adat kitai enggau rega ke paling kurang nggau nadai meri kitai penguntung. Anang ngasuh sidak tar seal jalai alun just infront of the Longhouse only! aku bisik medak hal tuk terjadi ba bala kitai Iban ti diau ba tisi jalau alun Bintulu Sibu. Perintah tar seal jalai alun sama panjai nggau rumah panjai sidak. Tuai rumah, madah ke anembiaks nuan supaya lebih pandang ke depan nggau ndak medak maya nyak aja. IDUP IBAN. IDUP DAYAK.

Anonymous said...

giving and receiving money at this time is meant to pancing undi so even UMNO is not spared. So tuai-tuai rumai and politicians be aware this is an offence under the election act.
jadi tuai-tuai rumah, anang kelalu nampak nerima duit enggai ka kena tangkap, berat masuk penjara entu ditemu salah. sapa ka ngemata ka anak bini kitai dirumah panjai? Pikir manah-manah.
Aku madah ngagai kita tuai rumah. berunding enggau manah, enti BN amat bendar ka nulong kita, udah pengawa sida meri pemangsang, tang nama kebuah diatu baru sida BERJANJI ka meri? INGAT anang kitai iban tu ka dikembeli ke sida ke BN. walaupun sama-sama bangsa, ang sida ia ka ngidup ka diri ajaa.
INGAT, enti sema PKR megai menua ila, enda manah, agi gak makai suap, kitai undi semula BN. Enti kitai runding bakanya, sida perti politik ke megai kitai baru nemu kitai iban ukai ulih dipaloi ka lagi.
kita anag irau, duit pemangsang tetap bisi semina duit tu taadi mayuh agi masuk poket pengari kitai. Sida ia bertukar-tukar megai menua pan enda ulih barang ko sida agi enti sida nemu pengidup sida ba politik enda ulih kekal laban kitai iban udah pintar ba politik.
Tu dini enda sida BN baka nama berebut ngumpan kita, nama pemangsang ke udah diberi ngagai kita enti sida amat-amat nulong rakyat. Menteri ke enda kala ngagai lubok antu pan bisi datai. Kala datai sida sebedau tuk? Nadai ari sida ia laban mikir ka kocek diri empu makai duit perintah, duit kitai rakyat. Duit perintah tu duit rakyat nemu kita. Nya alai aku minta kasih ngagai kitai bangsa iban, tunjuk ngagai orang BN kitai tu ukai bangsa ke ulih dikemeli ka sida belama-lama ia.
terima kasih arap ka kitai iban bersatu baru ulih kitai minta pemangsang ke enda diberi ngagai kitai ngemala tu.
Tanya ngagai anak kita ke bisi sekula tinggi, berapa iko kitai iban bisi belajar sama enggau ia? Peda kita, bangsa apa ke maioh bekuli ba kedai kopi Cina? Peda kita sida ke kerja perintah, berapa iko ke bisi kerja perintah? Berapa iko bangsa iban ke diberi orang pangkat ba perintah, lebih-lebih lagi dalam State Department? NAma kebuah utai tu nyadi? Kita ke diau ba rumah panjai engka enda nemu utai tu nyadi, tang ukai kita enda ngasai ke enti bisi pengawa be OPis Perintah bakani pemedia ka madah ka penusah diri? NAma kebuah?
Kita ke tuai-tuai rumah, anang nganu bala kita, tang kita anang madah ka diri enda nyukung perintah enggai ka enda ulih gaji tuai rumah. Maia nyunting, sapa nemu? Anang kita takut, undi tu nadai orang nemu anag ka dikemula ka sida BN. Sida ia salah enti sida nemu sapa ke ngundi sapa. Utainya rahsia.
Skali agi, aku minta kitai iban nunjuk ka diri udah pintar, enda ulih dibeli enggai wang ringgit enggau barang-barang projek mee segera munyi ko Najib.

olop said...

orang meri duit ,terima. orang meri projek, terime. Tulah kitai enggai nerima utai beri orang tang enti ngundi, undi meh pembangkang ngambi ke perintah nemu kitai dah enda paloi agi. kitai udah nemu diri di tunddi sida ngelamatu.duit ke beri sida mya sreta enggau projek sigi endang duit rakyat empu, sigi hak kitai.

NEIL said...

If Tuai Rumah are been fooled by BN then the longhouses residents must evict them and get a Tuai Rumah who will listen to the wishes of his people.Tuai Rumah must be a honest and reliable person and not one that is used by this corrupted gov't .The YBs who are going round telling lies and instilling fears must also be kick out.
At this time when they sense that they are losing Batang Ai,they are using all sorts of dirty tactics to frighten the Tuai Rumah.
PKR must counter react by meeting the residents of the longhouse and telling them that the Tuai Rumah have been influenced by the demons .
They must be told that after 45 long years there is still poverty and the gov't have done absolutely nothing to help them.If the gov't through the YBs and MPs are really honest in wanting to help these poor dayaks,they would have prosper long ago.But today we see these crooks enriching themselves.If not for our help,there wouldn't be a US$ 9,000,000 mansion house in Otawa,Canada.So all these crooks must be shown the door.
Vote PKR for CHANGE.Yes we can!

soldieroffortune said...

apu...aus amat mata deka meda pasar Kuching..whatever, it not generalize the Tuai Rumah as BN buttlickers. I mean, what if, who knows in the future, if the Opposition megai perintah, they might do the same thing..kitai nda nemu, amat ko Tuai Rumah Batang Ai nya tadi. I'm neither for Perintah nor Penyakal, sama sebaka aja nya peda aku, semina sapa ti megai kuasa, nya meh ke maioh true colours sida iya dipeda kitai. Mupok dulu...ka ngabas anak rian ke atas kin.

Phyrestarter said...

I agree with Apai Semalau. Take the advice of the great Nik Aziz and take what is given to you but vote with your heart and minds. Never reveal what you are thinking till you are in the booth and its just you and God.

Some may be already on that path judging from the BN reaction by pulling out all the stops. Which is good. No point in giving them an easy ride.

Masing can say all he wants but deep down he is afraid of Jawah. Jawah was not voted out by the ppl in Batang Ai but he was not selected as he had the principle and the balls to stand up to the "Ikan Masing".

The rest like Snowdan (what the hell kind of name is that) can only cough up what his masters feed him. Plus the fact that he is not very the smart. Got story bout how he complain his neighbour cut his tree and burn the leaves and smoke got into his house and he got POLICE STATION to make report. Anyways...that for a another time.

So...the Ibans must rise. Its going to be an uphill task but we must try and win if not make it a close fight.


stingray said...

This is the dirty tactics of the corrupted gov't and all those YBs and MPs are teaming up with the demon to cheat these dayaks.
Tuai Rumah who teamed up with the corrupted must be purged.They are cowards and are willing to be used by the crooks.
Hurry up,dayaks.These crooks must be stopped .Vote PKR!

Tbsbidayuh said...

Dear Mr. Broken Shield

My sacred advice is that let them take those angpau and vote BN out of Batang Ai. The best of people of Kuala Terengganu have done.

Infact, they deserve the money after long time of desperation. someone must tell them to take the money and vote them out. Belaun cannot drag them all into jail and neither James Masing or Jabu.

Anonymous said...

Why PKR not doing the same thing...???

Endun said...

Well, Pakatan Rakyat also can use the Tuai Rumah...

PR also can gather all the Tuai Rumah..bring them to KL...big dinner...big angpow...

Sometimes we only know how to complaint BUT FAIL to analyze the situation..

WINNER will do whatever it takes to WIN (Legally)

Food for Thought ..

Miss Kepayang said...

A very good afternoon everybody, Bloggers, Blogs readers and campaigners alike.

Wanna share with you a pretty fresh piece of intelligence information extracted from a horse mouth.
Contrary to a common believe Johnny Chuat particaipation in Batang Ai by election is infact a welcome news. Jawah Gerang whom I contacted a minutes ago is of a franks opinion that JC will draw BN supporters considering that both JC & MM are very much a PBB men.
"Its better for us, JC will split BN votes, not ours" lamented Jawah

He doubted if JC would presence himself at the nomination centre on 29/3

Bugau said...

In one longhouse, there is only ONE tuai rumah. That tuai rumah could lead several hundred anembiak. If that tuai rumah vote for BN and the rest of the anembiak voted for opposition, do you think the vote of tuai rumah is effective?
Most tuai rumah are like 'ikan tuman makai anak diri' and they have their own agenda too. The tuai rumah are easily fed, and most of them are illiterate.
Maioh tuai rumah nya 'aum juak' aja, boleh komisen ari kompeni balak kediri empu aja. Anembiak enda dipeduli.
Kaban makai kaban

Anonymous said...

Aku setuju ngau SaintGene, ni MACC? apin nganjong calon BN dah kempen, nyadong Projek Mee Segera ni ti nda tau ko Datuk Najib, tu meh gaia perintah Bn.

Ilak meda ka pemintar Dayak Iban Batang Ai, suba raoh2 madah ka BN jai tang amat nda 7.4.09 meda ia

tuai rumah ari Bukit Bngunan said...

Leboh bapilih taun 2006 enggau parliament tu tadi, aku enggau bala nembiak aku pegai ba rumah panjai endang semua ngundi pemangkang, masih ga aku nyadi tuai rumah.Enti aku tu dibuai oleh BN, sapa antara nembiak aku patut nganti aku deh, laban semua kami pemangkang magang.

Kuda Lumping said...

Ngagai semua tuai rumah kitai Iban ti pemadu dipebasa. Semina lalau serta arap tau nyadi ka tenggau lebuh maya bepilih tok ila. Anang enda ingat "If you don't change what you are doing today, all of your tommorrows will look like yesterday."-Jim Rohn

"Nyema nuan enda ngubah utai ti dikereja nuan saritu, sari pagila tetap meruan baka sari kemarik"

"Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power!"

stingray said...

Latest from Batang Ai...

There is a ground swell of support from the youngsters who have return from Johore to vote for PKR.After listening to these youngsters,they want change and they got this wind of change when they were working abroad.So with this type of mentality I hope they will be able to convince the older folks of the need for change.
BN is now playing dirty by handing out 'instant maggi mee' to please the dayaks.Take all the handouts and vote PKR.

wandererAUS said...

Tuai Rumahs, you have been cheated and raped of your rights by these scumbags in BN, do you still want to be slaves chained to the demons?
Don't allow your children and your children's children live with such humiliation. Take back what has been stolen from you and the only way is to stand up and confront these evil forces.
The time is ripe for change, grasp it or forever be doomed.

saloi said...

lodge a report to MACC then...with report, they say they will not siasat...
but if you are frm PR, no report also siasat...

no use of having MACC,just rebranding the BPR...