Wednesday, April 8

Latest news on the Batang Ai (Part 14)

1. Jawah’s message

The defeated candidate for Batang Ai Jawah Gerang today thanked all those who had supported him in the by-election.

“This is a temporary setback. Don’t despair. We may have lost the battle of Batang Ai (they stole it), but not the spirit and struggles.

“Dewan Undangan Negeri election in 2011 next will be pay back time. Regroup and revaluate. This is the beginning of an interesting journey,”
he said.

The former five-term Lubok Antu MP was defeated by Malcolm Mussen by 1,854 votes majority. He secured 2,053 votes as against Mussen’s 3,907 votes.

2. Sarawakians want Sarawakians

Barisan Nasional Operations director for Batang Ai by-election James Masing said the defeat of peninsula-based Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) in the by-election is proof that it has no place in Sarawak.

The Parti Rakyat Sarawak president said that the result also showed that blogs especially the anti-establishment ones had no impact on the voting trend in Batang Ai.

“This goes to show that Sarawakians want Sarawakians to be in control in Sarawak, not those outsiders. It shows that we don’t want PKR to come in. We in Sarawak do things our own way and we do not need outsiders to come here and tell us what to do,” he said.

Masing’s slogan “Sarawakians want Sarawakians” reminds me of Sarawak National Party’s famous saying “Sarawak for Sarawakians” in the 1974 State and parliamentary elections.

SNAP won 18 state seats (out of 48) and nine parliamentary seats, making it the strongest opposition party at the time. Today SNAP has no representative either in Parliament or in Dewan Undangan Negeri.

It would appear that Masing is against West Malaysians coming here to “tell us what to do” and yet he is silent about the presence of UMNO leaders in the by-election. Is this not double standard?

3. PKR’s loss due to money politics

Dominique Ng, election coordinator for Jawah Gerang, said that the loss suffered by Jawah and the party was due to money politics.

“PKR is not a sore loser. It is money politics,” he said and stressed that Dayaks in the rural areas still had a lost to do when it came to rejecting money politics.

“The wrong choice of candidate was not an issue in the PKR camp because even if we fielded Nicholas Bawin, the party would be defeated just as badly. The election had not been conducted in a fair manner,” he said.

One day before polling Sulaiman Taib (chief minister Abdul Taib’s son) flew to Lubok Antu to campaign. We were told he brought a lot of money in the helicopter. (Possibly several millions of ringgit)

Again four days before election, Masing was alleged to have received RM550,000 from one of his supreme council members who had school contract business.

On the night of polling we were at Ensawang longhouse and was told by the longhouse folk that each family was given RM30.00 per household and RM14.00 per voter. And the Tuai Rumah warned his villagers that anyone found to be voting for the Opposition would not be given any “goodie”.

In this election the Tuai Rumah was promised roofing materials and the supply of clean water which they had been waiting for 27 years. Last year they were extended electricity supply to the two longhouses.

Another unfulfilled promise is to maintain their road and to tar-seal it. The untar-sealed road is about four (4) km from Lubok Antu. Ensawang is part of the longhouse that was resettled down river after its original longhouse in the ‘ulu’ was flooded as a result of the Batang Ai dam. – The Broken Shield



NEIL said...

masing can be anti west malaysian but when its comes to selling NCR land,he will sell it to the west malaysian.
I hope he will walk his talk when one day umno wants to comes in.He must be the first one to say 'Get Out'.I will keep this in mind and my children will remember what his have bark.If he don't walk his talk ,he will have to swallow his tongue.
As I have said,masing can only manipulate these uneducated dayak.He can bluff this stupid dayak.For a few dirty ringgit ,they will do what he say.But remember,masing,this won't happen forever.You can say all you want but a time will come and these dayaks will wake up.Dublin Unting death was said to be associated with too much bullshit.Even jis own longhouse is divided into 2 section.All becos he never walk his talk.
PKR defeat today is becos there is too much cheating by BN.Money are used to influence this outcome.
So to all PKR supporters,get ready to take Batang Ai in 2011,when the 13th general election comes.We must be resolute in our cause and the defeat of BN must never be erase from our mind.We MUST kick this evil out ,for corrupted don't have a place on our land.
Fight on,countrymen!

Anonymous said...

Catholic church built in 1926 ordered to vacate land..

Phyrestarter said...

Morning to all readers,

A lot of you have written about poor Dayaks, uneducated, silly and almost everything else thrown at Dayaks or Sarawakians in general. I think in all fairness and some of you have said it, that the Dayaks were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Imagine if you were in their shoes?

I believe everyone has a price...Maybe its RM30 or RM30 million but sooner or later the price will come which will make you crack as seen commonly everywhere. So for the Batang Ai dayaks, the goodies and money thrown at them was just too much to resist. And good for them that they are getting something eventhough its once every 4 years and even then not all promise will be kept.

PKR or any future candidate should be monitoring this situation and reminding the people about what they should be getting and what was promised...sooner or later eyes and ears will be open.

The election was lost on the fact that Batang Ai was too rural and the seriously...too expensive for anyone unless you are the State Bee End....

Furthermore, they just only had to concentrate on this by election....wait till 2010/2011 when they whole Sarawak goes into election mode....I guarantee there will be less money, less projects and less visits by VIP's to each area as Sarawak is too big to cover...and if anyone other than Sarawakians come in then we can chase them out saying James Masing a.k.a Dumber told us so. If still insist to come over then you will suffer death as said by Jabu a.k.a Dumb.

So let the Bee End idiots have their laugh...better they stay the same way rather than chnage...makes PR job easier.

Anonymous said...

Since the Sarawak BN leadership is supremely confident after winning Batang Ai, why not call the state election while the iron is still hot.

Let BN promise to spend RM70m for every rural constituency in Sarawak.

Let us hope BN does not over promise and under-deliver.

Anonymous said...

bro... i salute your spirits!

Batang Ai can STILL be what Ijok was for Selangor.... we lost in the by elections just before the state elections, when Pakatan Rakyat captured the state!!

kudalumping said...

Sinu amai ati lebuh ngenang pemeli bangsa diri dibeli orang maya bepilih. Ambis buah, ambis tanah alai bala perintah niri ka palan keno ko kena maju ka menua tang meh meruan nadai pemaju ba mayuh belah rumah panjai. Apo! Apo! Kada enda agi mayuh bala kitai Iban bedau ngembuan runding panjai laban ti ngencadiq ka duit RM14.00.Nama penyalah org bukai merintah nyema "Sarawakians for Sarawakians" useless!!?.Nesal ada nyadi bangsa Iban. Keno ka lari ka sungkup nemunya tetemu ka pendam, keno ka lari ke ribut nemunya tetemu ka ujan.Akai2.

Anonymous said...

Now Jawah Gerang had the taste of election defeat. Good for him to reflect... tone down his "nothing is impossible" attitude. Be humbler ....

PKR must review pre-election stategies and new criteria for selecting candidates. Not just Dick, Tom & Larry or someone just being enthuasistic and having degrees.It is proposed that Some form of aptitude test may be useful.

As long as certain PKR leader is associated with the gambler, NO GO FOR PKR .....

Anthony Dylan said...

I found this interesting from Sarawak Headhunter. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Article from NST Online:

TRIPLE BY-ELECTIONS: Anwar claims ballot boxes dropped into sea


Pakatan Rakyat has claimed that it lost the Batang Ai by-election because several ballot boxes were “dropped into the sea” by helicopters and speed boats ferrying the ballots to the counting centre.
Opposition de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim claimed the party had proof of this and would help the Election Commission to probe the case.

Barisan Nasional’s Malcom Mussen Lamoh won against Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Jawah Gerang with a 1,854-vote majority in the by-election on Tuesday.
Anwar, who speaking at a press conference on the results of the three by-elections, said the counting of votes should have been carried out at the 14 polling centres.

Despite the defeat, Anwar insisted that Pakatan Rakyat, which also includes Pas and DAP, would take over the government in Sarawak at the next state polls.

He said Iban professionals and intellectuals were warming up to the opposition.

On Pas’ win in Bukit Gantang and PKR’s success in Bukit Selambau, Anwar said this showed the people still wanted change.

He said Pakatan Rakyat would also name a shadow cabinet soon, adding that they would be “credible to represent all races”.

Anonymous said...

PKR did not lost but the people of Batang is. Will what has being promise during the campaign be materailised. I doubt there are maybe 25% only here and there. 75% masuk pocket. Malcom you should be found guilt gomen servant should not be involved in politic. But if you are to be involved by all means revive Labok Antu and make it into a thriving town. Don't oppress your people and stand to what is right and don't be a dog for others. Be yourself and fight for justice and equality for all in your charge.

Anonymous said...

as long as true,humble, honest dayak party outside bn,pr

Mata Kuching said...

If we were to check the accounts of Salcra we would dictate that during the same period prior to polling Salcra had also withdrawn a few million from its fixed deposit or money market account.

Anonymous said...

It was reported in Malaysia News Network that Jawah asured PKR that he would win the by-election. That should lose, he would SLIT his throat. Now that he lost, WILL HE?? That sort of gesture is typical of Iban-character-trait -COCK-SURE and boasting.

Where are those PKR leaders who were so COCK-SURE that Jawah would win. They even prepared then to put Nicholas Bawin out of thier way .. HAGUM ...LICK ... DAYAK NATION ..

Someone proposed that PKR need to be more innovative in choosing candidate for the state election. One could an aptitude test with hundred and one questions. By having strings of degrees (BAs/MAs/PhDs) does not necessarily make a person to become capable leader. We have living examples of these kind of leaders.

It is too early to judge his team. Give them sometime to perform. The IMPROVEMENT RESULTS will be show in due time in terms of DELIVERIES and CLEAN-UPs.

One good sign is that Khairy Jamaluddin is not appointed to any particular post so far although he won the UMNO Youth leadershp post, but not without tint of corruption.
Najib has set a unique trend by appointing some defeated BN candidates who he thinks can contribute to muuch better than some elected MPs.

The ministerial appointment Tan Sri Koh Tsu Khoon (monitoring performances of ministers as one of his functions) is seen to be another "milestone" in Najib's quest for efficient political adminstration. The results will show.

Corruptions are the deepest and biggest roots which Najib's admnistration must seek to RE-ADDRESS to build up public and foreign confidence,