Friday, April 17

News and Views: Late registration of birth certificate

Sarawak Government will be recommending for flexibility in cases of late registration of Malaysians born in the rural areas. This proposal will be made to the federal government soon, said Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

He said that the period for registration of birth and death is within 15 to 42 days and after that period it will be termed as late registration.

“Some flexibility should be given to rural folk because of the difficulties contributed by communication problem and geography,” he said and pointed out that the short period for registration was the root cause of late registration in most cases that involved rural folk previously.

Taib’s suggestion is commendable and we should all support it especially our Dayak Yang Berhormats because such a proposal is good for the rural people especially the Dayaks who live in the interior inaccessible by roads.

In order to ease the problems confronted by the rural dwellers, there should be established a rural clinic (klinik desa) to cater for a number of longhouses as in the case of primary schools.

And apart from treating the sick, nurses, midwives or hospital assistants should also help record the particulars of babies born and then remind the parents the importance of forwarding those particulars to the National registration for birth certificates.

Our YBs, if they are really concerned and care for their constituents, should open a number of service centres not only for political purposes but also to provide assistance to the people including helping them in getting birth certificates for their children.

Others who can help our rural people are teachers, Penghulus and Tuai Rumahs. If everybody is contributing towards this cause, the problems for them to get birth certificates for their children will be minimized.

State Cabinet reshuffle long over due

The State cabinet should have been reshuffled soon after the 2006 State elections to fill some vacancies as a result of some assistant ministers defeated in the election.

Chief Minster Abdul Taib Mahmud promised to fill the vacancies, but until today he is yet to do so.

However in July last year he had a minor reshuffle which involved in the re-assignment of portfolios of ministers and assistant ministers. Some of the ministers and assistant ministers hold two or three portfolios.

But one of particular interest is the continued retention of Larry Sng as an assistant minister.

From what we know he is no longer a member of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) following his expulsion from the party. Although he is partyless, he is still being retained as an assistant minister.

Under the present set-up PRS has one full minister and two assistant ministers. Legally speaking PRS has no assistant minister now after the expulsion of Larry Sng and the death of Dublin Unting.

Will Taib replace Larry Sng in the coming Cabinet reshuffle due any time now and appoint other PRS state assemblymen or retain him? Any bet? - The Broken Shield

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PKR to select leaders of 'stranded' S'wak division
Sarawak PKR will meet soon to select new leaders for its Julau division following the resignation of several of its key leaders during the Batang Ai by-election.

The division was left ‘stranded’ when its chairperson, Ambrose Labang, his deputy Wong Kee Kai, secretary Kajang Unan and a committee member Kundi Untung, left the party.

And they did not leave in a friendly manner – they came out with their guns blazing at PKR leaders as they campaigned vigorously for the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen Lamoh.

Labang’s resignation two days before polling on April 7 in the presence of Joseph Salang, PRS information chief at the BN operations centre in Batang Ai was said to have caused devastating effects on PKR chances in the by-election.

“I have decided to leave PKR because the party will never be able to carry out development programmes or help the people in the rural areas.

“The people in the rural areas still need the BN government and as such they should not waste their time with PKR anymore,” he had said and called on voters of Batang Ai to support the BN. Labang was in PKR for two years.

BN made full use of Labang as the main speaker in their campaign especially in the opposition’s strongholds where he told the voters the “true” picture of PKR.

Even Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud warmly welcomed Labang and his friends, describing the change of heart of PKR members as a positive sign for the coalition in the Batang Ai by-election.

Many people to take over

Jawah lost badly even in areas believed to be the stronghold of the opposition; he won only in four polling districts out of a total of 26 securing 2053 votes compared to 3907 obtained by Mussen.

But Kuching PKR chairperson Dominique Ng was not worried with the situation in Julau, saying that “we have many people who can take over and who are strongly committed to bring about change not only in Julau, but also in Sarawak.”

He described the resignation of the former Julau PKR leaders as “good riddance to bad rubbish.

Julau division is one of 13 PKR divisions that have been registered with the Registrar of Societies. The others are Kuching, Stampin, Petrajaya, Santubong, Serian, Baram, Sarikei, Sibu, Miri, Bintulu, Batang Sadong and Kota Samarahan.

Ng said the party hopes to register PKR divisions in all the 71 state constituencies before the next state election,” said Ng who is the state assemblyperson for Padungan.

Meanwhile, Malaysians for free and fair election (Mafrel) is expected to return to Lubok Antu this weekend to gather more information on the conduct of the Batang Ai by-election held on April 7 before finalising its reports.

“There are certain issues which are not very clear and we have to go back to Batang Ai to seek further clarifications,” said Peter John Jaban, Mafrel head for the Batang Ai by-election.

The reports which must be supported by facts and photographs should be ready in two weeks’ time, he said.


Chakui Chabu said...

Taib is going to retain Larry Sng, just because he is the son-in-law of Tan Sri Ting Pik King. James Masing has no say on this. Prove me wrong.

Branking Kilau said...

In respect of Sarawak state cabinet resuffle, the Chief Minister has the prerogative to nominate the ministers and assistant ministers who he thinks deem fit for the post. The appointments ofcourse with the concurrence of Yang di-Pertua Negeri on the advice of the Chief Minister.

As we look at the situation in Sabah, where the CM of Sabah still retains the former Deputy President of SAPP, Datuk Raymon Tan in his cabinet after quitting his party last year and is still partyless now. So, taking cue from this we can assume that Taib may take Larry Sng to his cabinet even though he is no longer a member of PRS.

Apai Semalau said...

The CM's "sugestion" on registration of birth certs, is only as such. Nothing commendable about it. Don't be surprise if its another belated April fools joke. In the past he had made tons of suggestions and a lot are left to be fulfilled. Our request is, DO IT!, then we believe, otherwise its cheap publicity and just "hot air".
What better ways to enhance the "divide and rule" mission of BN. Keeping the partyless former PRS representative as an assistant minister will fit this agenda and is an ingredient to keep us,"qurrelsome, self pitied and selfish" Ibans perpetually divided.