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1. Jabu’s outbursts make a fool of himself

Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) deputy president Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang made a fool of himself yesterday (14 April) when reporters asked him to comment on the exclusion of Bidayuhs in the newly formed cabinet of prime minister Najib Tun Razak.

According to The Borneo Post, Jabu who is also deputy chief minister, not only refused to comment but lost his cool, hitting out at the media in rather strange outbursts.

“You (media) make your own opinion. You make your own opinion on that ….I don’t know who you represent but report (that I said) we don’t want to live in trees, we don’t to “mesyuarat” (hold meetings) underneath a tree. You can report that I told Menteri Besar of Selangor we can give him drinks but not votes.

“You make your own opinion. You may not represent the same party that I believe in. You make your own opinion. I don’t know which party you belong to, but you don’t have to disclose that to me. Or which party you sympathize with. You don’t have to disclose that to me either. We deliver,” he said.

“Are you a member of PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat)?” he questioned Zora Chan.

Zora who asked Jabu a simple question whether he would like to comment on James Dawos Mambong MP that the Bidayuhs had been excluded again in the federal cabinet. Zora and other reporters present were shocked. Never heard such angry remarks coming from a minister.

Few people including a number of ministers and YBs telephoned reporters trying to find out what triggered Jabu’s outbursts. No one could explain as they never saw Jabu behaving like that before.

We know that the Ibans generally do not regard him as their “paramount” leader, and has turned to Bidayuhs and orang Ulu to be their advisors.

Was he angry with the Mambong MP for making that statement without consulting him? Or is he suffering from an old age? But whatever is the reason, one thing is obvious that he is making a fool of himself. Hopefully his behaviour does not reflect the behaviour of the Dayak people.

2. Rumblings from Sarawak

It appears that every community is unhappy with the cabinet line-up of the prime minister Najib Tun Razak. First we heard of Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) which wanted to pull out of the Cabinet as MIC was not given an extra cabinet post.

In Sarawak we heard that the Bidayuh community was also not satisfied when one of the three MPs the community has not been included in the cabinet.

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) also expressed dismay that its Bidayuh MP Richard Riot was excluded in the cabinet.

According to sources, SUPP actually did not really recommend the MP; it merely submitted that it has six MPs – one full minister and two others deputy. Its quota is completed. In order words, SUPP recommended Riot for a none-existent post.

The Malay community in Sarawak is also unhappy as it is not represented by a full-fledged minister. Currently it is being represented by three deputy ministers. The last minister representing the community was Adenan Satem. The community used to have two full ministers.

Only the Iban community does not complain. It is the Iban tradition never to complain and accepts whatever is given. The Ibans feel “malu” (ashamed) to ask and that explains why in Iban constituencies there is not much development. And it also explains that not many Ibans are becoming millionaires.

Currently the community has one full minister in the person of Douglas Uggah from PBB and has three deputy ministers – Joseph Salang and Joseph Entulu (PRS) and Jelaing Mersat (SPDP).

In the days of Sarawak National Party (SNAP) and later Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS), the Iban community had two ministers – Leo Moggie (PBDS) and Tun Jugah anak Barieng (PBB). – The Broken Shield

(See also Malaysiakini on the same topic below)
Rumblings in S'wak over Najib's cabinet
Newly-appointed deputy minister Joseph Salang Gandum has quashed talk that he is unhappy about not being made a full minister in the week-old cabinet of premier Najib Abdul Razak. However, he has a little more to say on the subject of Sarawak's representation at federal level.

“Personally I have no reason to be unhappy. If there is any disappointment it is because of the low representation of Sarawak at cabinet level, when compared to Sabah.
Nothing personal, although I am an interested party,” he said when contacted.“Just look at Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB), which has the second highest number of MPs (15). It has only one minister.”
Salang, who is in the information, communication, arts and culture ministry, is also Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) information chief.
Only two of the ministers are from Sarawak - Peter Chin Fah Kui (energy, green technology and water) and Douglas Uggah Embas (natural resources and environment), alongside nine deputy ministers.
The rural-based Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and PRS have two deputy ministers each. Off-shoots of Sarawak National Party and Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak respectively, they have four and six MPs. The Sarawak BN has 30 MPs.

Sabah BN, with 24 MPs, has been given four ministerial posts. These are held by Bernard Dompok (plantation industries and commodities), Mohd Shafie Apdal (rural and regional development minister), Maximus Ongkilili (science, techology and innovations) and Anifah Aman.
This has led to disenchantment among parties in Sarawak. PBB had expected that one of its three deputy ministers would have been promoted to a full minister.
Sarawak United People’s Party (Supp) had hoped that its Bidayuh MP for Serian, Richard Riot, would be included in the cabinet.

Way to offset 'loss'
While Dayak leaders in SPDP and PRS seem to be happy with the community’s representation in the cabinet (one minister and four deputies), PBB and SUPP leaders have expressed disappointment. Abang Johari Tun Openg said Sarawak Malays have joined the growing chorus of dissatisfaction over Najib’s cabinet line-up.

“We are unhappy because no Malay from Sarawak has been appointed as a full minister in the cabinet,” Johari said, pointing out that the last minister representing the community had been Adenan Satem.
“It is the prerogative of the prime minister to appoint someone to be in his cabinet. He may have reasons for not appointing a Malay MP from Sarawak.”
Supp president George Chan echoed the sentiment, noting that Sarawak is “a bit under-represented” in the federal cabinet. He hoped, however, that the prime minister would compensate for this by allocating a substantial sum to develop the state.


Anonymous said...

Thats surely a very immature response from our yang dikasihi sapit kepala menteri.

Phyrestarter said...

Morning readers...

I would guess now many more people believe that Jabu has finally gone off his rockers. It was suspected that Jabu was a bit looney but now it is confirmed. And confirmed in a big way....hahahaha...i bet you all PR reps were laughing their heads off while all Bee End reps were shaking their heads thinking how can one who claim to be the paramount leader can fall so low...pressure is it? or has he been secretly reading the postings on the internet and finally figured out just how people think of him?? He must have otherwise why would he say he is still alive...maybe someone posted why this old man still alive...

Zora Chan...don't take it too seriosuly...he is just a grump old man at the end of his usefulness...actually the date expired long ago but he just doesn't know it will prob get some hamper from his office soon as a sign of forgiveness...

Rumblings from Sarawak? HAH!! Even if got earthquake also we sarawakians will just vote Bee End. I believe someone wrote in an earlier posting something which is very true. To paraphrase....WE CHOSE WHO WE WANTED TO REPRESENT US. WE CHOSE THE BN SO NOW WE MUST TAKE IT LIKE A MAN AND BEG FOR SCRAPS!

I believe the cabinet should represent where the power comes from. If it comes from Sabah and Sarawak then that is where the representation should come from. Not from MIC, MCA, GERAKAN and UMNO. If you want to be represented then vote your ppl in. Otherwise just shut the hell up. This goes to Semi Value also...go ahead la...pull out your MIC...then see where u will be.

But the truth of the matter is Sarawak is just like an over-looked, overworked slave...We are like the old wife who serves the husband faithfully while he goes around screwing other girls (actually some of our YB's like that but that's another story). At the end of the day we still will support the busband. Too i meantioned before, Sarawakians are only want to fight but when fight really comes along we run away...not all like that but most.

So go cry all you want...whine and cry and complain and cry but until we shake things us a bit we will always be in this situation. And what the hell is Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie Kiss the Girls and make them CRY talking about? more money? so easy to please you?? Ask for money? Who you think will benefit from any funds increase? Stupid Porgie!! Go try save SUPP otherwise wipeout in SIBU next year end. Go settle the Dudong branch issue...Go settle the Kuching High burnt school block.... i said...we asked for it...

Apai Semalau said...

BN Sarawak gave a "present" in the form of the Batang Ai seat to the new PM. Obviously they thought they would get a just reward for all the hard work, with more ministerial portfolios in the federal cabinet. Sadly, as far as Najib is concern Batang Ai doesn't mean a thing, win or lose. A slap in the face for BN Sarawak because the rewards went to Sabah Umno.
That being said, maybe the DPM Muhyiddin would like to enlighten us on the word "Ungrateful" as per his description of the chinese in Bukit Gantang. Sarawakians have once again been taken for a ride.
To be a minister, its not who you represent but rather who you know! Thats a fact. So wake up Bidayuh YBs.

Agom said...

The issue raised up by Mambong MP, Dr. James Dawos was concerning Bidayuh community which was excluded from federal cabinet, though in the past the community was once represented by Dr.Tike Lafe. As a senior politician representing Bidayuh, Dr. Dawos has the right to voice his disappointment on behalf of his own community, not that he purposely wanted to by-pass his boss in PBB. A Bidayuh representative in the federal cabinet has been sidelined, and if Dawos was silent about it, he would be accused for irresponsible, self-interest and not concerned with his race. Why Jabu being an Iban, was angry with Dawos`s sincere motive to safeguard the interest and the benefit of the Bidayuhs?

Of late, I noticed that Jabu used to raise up the issue about the `emergency meeting` of the Perak State Assembly under the tree when he was under stress and angry. Although the `emergency meeting` seemed to be unusual, until now there is no ruling to say that the sitting was valid or not. The people knew that the current political fiasco in Perak was a result of `coup` by BN to grap power from Pakatan Rakyat. Perak political criisis is far from over, and the best solution is to call for fresh election and let the people decide, but we know and everybody knows BN is coward to face the rakyat in Perak.

Anonymous said...

Kitai Sarawak nda olih nyemaka Sabah pasal ti maioh Mentri ba Cabinet Najib laban cda ia bc UMNO kitai nadai, awak ka meh' no big deal' sapa ti untung ketegal perintah nda minta?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect one who has nothing to say when he is cornered ? Do you all still have such high hopes for these tin cans?Do you expect them to come up with anything but well rehearsed rhetoric?

My regret is that AlJazeera should have interviewed him ,then it would really have been hilarious!

Sad Sack

Anonymous said...

I want to tell Zora Chan of The Borneo Post to laugh it off:

The outburst coming from a DCM in the person of Alfred Jabu Ak Numpang is not surprising at all.

He is not a matured politician. In fact he is a stupid politicians. Most Dayaks especially Iban laugh behind his back.

They do not take what he says seriously. Jabu in fact has no otak (brain).

He pretends to be angry when Taib Mahmud comes under personal attack.
He defends him like nobody.