Thursday, April 2

News from Batang Ai (Part 9)

The daily update of news
from Batang Ai by-election
1. SG cars used by campaigners

Mafrel (Malaysian for free and fair elections) has taken photographs of SG cars being used in the current campaign for the Batang Ai by-election. Malfrel said it will bring up the matter with the relevant authorities, especially the Election Commission.

Will the relevant authorities take action?
A SUPP ceramah featuring the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen was observed by 4 Mafrel observers at Lubuk Antu town on Mar 30th evening. The presence of Mafrel observers caused the 2 state government vehicles, driven by 2 datuks -which were originally parked right in front of the venue, to be driven into a dark corner behind some shops, forcing the candidate to walk a distance to get to the vehicle. This shows the impact of having official observers wearing vests around!

From our observation the candidate had a hard time answering requests from a Kapitan Cina and a headman.
Report from : Peter John Jaban

2. Three longhouses pledge support for BN

Residents from three longhouses on Tuesday pledged full support to the Barisan Nasional candidate. The pledge was done at the PRS operations room at 2.30 pm. They were represented by three persons, one Tuai Rumah and two wakils from Ensawang, Wong Pandak and Wong Panjai.

As a matter of fact, there is no need for the three persons representing the residents of the three longhouses to go all the way to pledge support to the PRS candidate at the PRS Ops room; after all they were the traditional supporters of the late Dublin Unting. Perhaps they have other motives.

3. SNAP is heading for split?

It is little doubt that Sarawak National Party (SNAP) is heading for a split after its deputy president Ting Ling Kiew pledged full support to the BN candidate, Malcolm Mussen, while its president, Edwin Dundang and secretary general Stanley Jugol campaigned for the PKR candidate, Jawah Gerang.

Ting who is now in Lubok Antu campaigning for Mussen said to the press that he had a meeting with in-coming Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak and told him that SNAP pledged its full support to his leadership and to the Barisan Nasional. Ting met Najib without the knowledge of the president. Was he alone?

Dundang had returned to Kuching from Lubok Antu where he had been campaigning for Jawah Gerang and held an emergency meeting with his CEC members.

He is expected to issue a statement today (2 April). The contents of the statement are likely to be: (a) that the views expressed by Ting are purely his own and nothing to do with SNAP leadership; and (b) Ting is likely to be expelled from the party.

4. Denial No. 1: Never promised free water

The government has never promised that it will give free electricity and treated water supply to those relocated by the Batang Ai or the Bakun hydro dam projects in the State. The settlers will have to pay their monthly bills, deputy minister of science, technology and innovation, Fadillah Yusof said.

He was asked to comment on the perception by some settlers the government had failed to honour its promise of free water and power supply to them when they were relocated to make way for the dam 25 years ago.

Some 3,000 people from 26 longhouses were relocated before 1982 when the dam was constructed and completed three years later.

Water and electricity have become hot issues in the Batang Ai by-election as many of the relocated longhouses have for the past 26 years drinking “dirty water” and using kerosene lamps to light their houses.

The government’s failure to help the relocated people is coming back to haunt them during this by-election.

5. Denial No. 2: BN does not practise discrimination

Party Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president James Masing said that Barisan Nasional (BN) does not practise ‘pilih kasih’ (favouritism) when it comes to disbursing funds for projects or allocating projects.

Even if the BN had practised the culture, especially in Lubok Antu, it was during the time of Jawah Gerang who was the MP for five terms.

I thought it was a few days ago that Masing said Jawah as an ordinary MP had no authority to decide on development plans. Now he accused Jawah of practising “pilih kasih”.

The “pilih kasih” factor is not in the BN dictionary now and this was exemplified by the handing out of cash rebates to outboard engine owners because all those affected by impact of the drastic oil price surge last year were them.

This is certainly a very bad example. Like motor car owners, all outboard owners are qualified to receive such rebates as announced by the Prime Minister whether they are BN members or not.

6. Denial No. 3: Chinese in Batang Ai not neglected

The minority Chinese in Batang Ai have never been neglected in development but are constantly given attention by the government to ensure that they enjoy the opportunities just like other communities, the Barisan Nasional candidate for the Batang Ai seat, Malcolm Mussen Lamoh said.

“I will fight for the rights of the people in Batang Ai irrespective of whether they are the minority, like the Chinese,” he said during the campaigning at the Lubok Antu Market.

There are about 300 Chinese voters.

7. Anwar’s campaigns in Lubok Antu

The Police refused to give a permit for Anwar Ibrahim to address the people at an open space in Lubok Antu. Instead he addressed about 300 to 400 people at Kampung Kutai last night.

Soon after arrival, he went to Nanga Kesit and addressed the people there. Today he will visit Bertih on the way back to Kuching and Kuala Lumpur.

More to come…stay tune to


Anonymous said...

1 TR and 2 wakil rumah panjai from Wong Pandak, Panjai and Ensawang who showed themselves up in PRS office, actually could not represent their own longhouse folks. They want to have some UNTUNG on their own and therefore willing to become SOTONG to BN...Not fresh cases in Iban society lah...

No worry, people know what to do. But sad is that longhouses will split again like SNAP is spliting again where a Deputy President can decide with consent and approval and authority of the President and Secretary General

For us all, keep up our fighting spirit and tell our people not to be scared and lured by all the dirty tactics of BN-PBB & PRS. VOTE BN OUT

Royal Aup said...

as usual BN (Bxtxh Nadai)will use Police as their weapon in every election...i don't blame police because they just receive instruction ari org atas...Taik Mamut & his konco2 will matter how many bomoh taik mamut have iya tetap tulah SOOOOONNN.....

NEIL said...

To all the voters in Batang Ai.Please do not fall into the trap set up by masing and Jabu of BN.They are the ones who bullshit on behalf of BN.They are sheep in wolf skin.Today they ask for your votes but when they win,they will go back to their mansion in the city and forget about you all completely.You have been cheated for 45 years and why should you be cheated again.
Vote PKR for a change.If PKR don't do the job of helping you all,kick them out also.
Look at the promises the gov't say and till today your longhouse are still without clean water and electricity.Where is the tar road they promise.masing and Jabu must be tied to the belian pole and question about all these promises.It's only the dayaks that can do these to their brothers.Down with BN.

Phyrestarter said...

Good Morning to all Broken Shield readers...time to get the fire started...

First off...Jabu and his attack on bloggers....seems Mr Lick-Balls-Clean-Clean is angry that certain people (ahem ahem) are trying to 'sabong' him and James Masing...

Let me just say, Jabu must have never been to a manok sabong funfair because if he did then he would know manoks like him and masing will never be used to fight...Nobody likes a manok who dunno how to fight and always run around trying to lick his owner's balls. Both of them are more like ayam betina....only know how to lay their eggs of lies.

With regards to SNAP, why la want to accept the troublemaker like Ting? Nobody else meh? In politics people don't change..Dundang should know this....first rule of politics...except to a few very small number of politicians who do try and do good things...Chong, Adit, Dagang, Salang (though some may argue about this but he got no choice), Violet, Ho Leng, Voon and maybe a few others...the rest are crap. Seriously should be publicly 'rotan' at Padang Merdeka.

I wonder how strong this MAFREL is?? Any ideas...seems like something promising but I wonder just how promising...I definitely cannot see the light unlike Jabu who not only is the Preacher but he can tell the future, read people's luck, lick balls, cheat, lie but not know why...In China, all eunuchs must cut off their "Colenel and 2 soldiers" before theu can serve the Emperor. This is so that they will not have any ambitions or be too aggressive...I hope you can see the similarity in this story with Sarawak...Same SHIT, Different SMELL.

BN don't practise discrimination? I dun think need to comment on this. People don't buy that bullshit anymore.

No free water? Haiyah...why like that hor? How to pay water and electricity bill if they have no job? Or only do subsitence farming like what they used to do before you fcuked them up by asking them move. This is what you call kenak kao kao!

On another is Nyallau? Very concerned about him...don't want the curse of LA to be active again...

As usual....


Agom said...

The Borneo Post reported today that Sarawak National Party (SNAP) President Edwin Dundang rebutted the claim by SNAP deputy president Ting Ling Kiew who said majority of the party CEC members were with him to support for BN. Dundang said it was not true, 13 out of 16 the party CEC members are still behind him. Dundang said Ting`s claim was a betrayal trying to mislead the incoming prime minister. Dundang who described Ting always been the trouble maker in the party and had been sacked no less than twice from the party, will not stop Ting and his recalcitrant group of three from leaving SNAP and join BN individually any time they wish.

Masing on the hand described this situation is an indication that PKR doesn`t have support of people and disagreed that PRS candidate for Batang Ai by-election was in a tough fight with his opponent.

May I draw to Masing`s attention regarding the results of the Sarawak State General Election in 2006 where PRS lost one seat and the seven seats his party won had the majorities reduced in big margins as compared to those election results in 2001.

1. N.26 Bukit Begunan
from 2876 majority in 2001 reduced to 1,007 in 2006 (l,860 voters turned hostile)
2. N.29 Batang Ai
unopposed in 2001 only 806 vote majority in 2006,
3. N43 Ngemah
lost to an Independent cabndidate
4. N.52 Tamin
from 5,444 majority in 2001 reduced to 2,377 in 2006 (3,067 voters turned hostile)
5. N.53 Kakus
from 3,121 majority in 2001 reduced to 2,852 in 2006 (269 voters turned hostile)
6.N.54 Pelagus
from 6,418 majority in 2001 reduced to 3,239 in 2006 (3,129 voters turned hostile)
7. N.56 Balleh (James Masing)
from 5992 majority in 2001 reduced to 4802 in 2006 (1,190 voters turned hostile)
8. N.57 Belaga
from 1,324 majority in 2001 reduced to 227 in 2006 (1,107 voters turned hostile).

The figures show that the people support for PRS has deteriorated. If this trend persist, probably PRS will be wiped out in the coming state election. Any omment from bloggers/commentators?

PRS supporter said...

the two wakils were drunk. bau chap langkau. so what to expect from them? so easy to buy these wakils. beri chap langkau and they will support mussen. nya meh mussen, nyamai amai nuan musen sida nya.

Bugau said...

This N29 Batang Ai is actually a personal FIGHT between Masing and Sng.

Masing is without his man of choice to stand in Batang Ai. His own PRS candidate was not seconded or have blessing from Jabu. But Mussen is Jabu's choice to stand under PRS ticket as much as Masir and Nyallau not a PRS members but planted by Jabu to stand under PRS ticket.

Sng being a BIG TOWKEY sponsored Jawah under PKR.

The question is do PRS under Masing could really help those Iban in Batang Ai or other places, since PRS has no power in the government?

If PRS or Masing really have power or authority, why can't PRS nominated their own candidates to stand in Lubok Antu, Simanggang and Batang Ai.

That put doubt in people mind and questions PRS credibility. PRS is never short of it's own candidates.

Now is the 3rd time that non PRS members being nominated under PRS ticket. Why has happened to PRS?

Is PRS like an old dog with no teeth and bark at the tree?

Can we really believed in PRS struggle or manisfesto? Can PRS really help the dayak???????

I for one really doubt that.


Anonymous said...

Selling their souls to the devil. I hope their "anembiaks" will not follow their so-called leaders.

Batang Ai voters have the power to start the change we are hoping for. Badu agi ngundi BN. Pun ke diatu. Tukar perintah. Perintah PKR patut diberi peluang megai perintah menua Sarawak udah pengawa bepilih besai Sarawak tembu taun siti nyin ila.

Badu agi kita ngarap ke jako bula bala tuai BN.

Suntat said...

I am in agreement with the views expressed by Mr. Agom regarding the trend of hostility by people towards PRS, even to other state BN component parties.

I would like to add some more in respect of N.31 Layar constituency, in 2001 state election Jabu won the seat by 4,533 majority compared to 2,877 majority in 2006 thus indicating that 1,856 his previous supporters in Layar fed up with his styles of leadership.

Secondly, it is a proof that Jabu is not that good in political mathematics.Hence, in 2006 state election, Jabu was the BN director of operation and he predicted that the state BN would win all 71 seats with bigger majorities. But the election results proved otherwise.

As I can see it, more and more people in Sarawak are supporting Pakatan Rakyat because they want a change. A vote for Pakatan Rakyat is a vote for a new Saeawak, to build a new Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

mayb ting can smell projects from dpm..nice move...can we trust such politicians?

Anonymous said...

"..Remember who destroyed PBDS. Remember who are against the registration of Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC). This is the time we punish those traitors to the Dayak community by voting against their crony..."

Who DESTROYED Sabah politik ?
He has Beginda Minda fixing political match between Mahathir and Annuar Ibrahim. Najib has Beginda Razak as advisor ...

Who DESTROYED PBDS .... Who teamed up with SINGHUA to

Have ex-Excellency not learned ....

Jawah will surely loose IF the finacier play CHAW-PAK-HEE. Old leopard cannot change his skin except he is good as wolf in sheep-skin.