Tuesday, August 18

Any support for Tiong from SPDP?

It was reported today in The Borneo Post that more than 800 leaders from MCA divisions, Youth and Wanita wings yesterday expressed support for their troubled president Ong Tee Keat.

At the three-hour, Ong briefed them on the latest political developments regarding allegations that he received RM10 million from Tiong King Sing and used KDSB jet for free. Apparently the members who were fully satisfied with the explanations pledged their full support for the leadership of the party president.

I am wondering, so are many others, why Tiong’s party, SPDP seems to be indifferent towards “problems” faced by their treasurer general? I believe this is the time that the party leaders should express full support for their leader. And this is the time that they must sink and swim with him.

We know that during the last supreme council meeting, Tiong was mad with a number of party supreme council members. And there are also rumours that Tiong is going for the number two of the party.

Or is their silence over the Tiong issue meant that they do not support their treasurer general? Or is the party divided over Tiong’s case?

But then in this time of party’s “crisis” there should be es’prit de corps among the members. The party interest should be above personal interest. This is where MCA has shown the way. All Dayak-based parties should emulate this fine example. – The Broken Shield

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Anonymous said...

who dare to show any support for this man when he is now in the quicksand. the question mark over the rm 10 million is looming over his head follow by the lawsuit by ong tee kiat. he is heading into a typhoon and if not careful he will be wipe out.

the chinese call this saga as the nail who finally met the hammer.everyday we see his deputy churning out nonsense, trying desperately to help his boss to get out from the quicksand but infact he is sinking his boss deeper and deeper.

next will come the macc and soon he will have these pack after him. God know what they are after.

all malaysian are watch this saga unfolding with great interest.probably this is the box-office .

interested audience

Agom said...

Most of SPDP members, especially the grassroots level are dayaks, law abiding citizens, peace loving people, sincere and honest. Because of their sincerity, some politicians take it for granted to use dayaks as tools for their political agenda.

Mass gathering to show of support to a leader who has personal problem cannot be interpreted as unity and reconciliation of members in any organization if it is done against their will and just to follow the order.

Let the law takes its course. Give time to the relevant authorities to carry out their jobs independently without any pressure from any group. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. In the meantime, a suspect of any criminal case is not guilty until proven.

Anonymous said...

Your talk of espirit de corp over Tiong, SPDP's sceretary-general, and your calling of Dayak parties to do like what MCA members are doing to their president Ong Tee Kiat, you are suggesting to SPDP to do the impossible. For MCA is monoethnic in its membership make-up and can survive as a political entity collectively by every member contributes, and sa'ati. SPDP on the other hand is the other way around: SPDP cannot financially survive without Tiong. The "silence" from other members of SPDP over the plight of Tiong is actually the very sign of the awareness of what is mentioned above.
anonymous 2

Anonymous said...

I have this perception Sarawakians do not do things like their counterparts in West Malaysia. A full house of support for Ong is nothing but a clown show. If he goes down, we would know whether this support is still forthcoming in the open.
Sarawakians have always maintained their composure unlike their counterparts. That is exactly why you do not see the tension and disharmony you find elsewhere. A lack of open support does not mean Tiong is now out on his own.
Believe me, ONG may hold the Ace of Spade. But Tiong has the Joker on hand. Pray tell me, which is the bigger card?
MCA would lose out more from this fiasco. Just look at the results from the March 08 election. Fine with Tiong if MCA wants to make a bigger shit for themselves.
I'm surprised how some seasoned politicians coming from a party as MCA just do not have the foresight to see this through. But then that's the least of Tiong's problem.

Unknown said...

Scenario #1 - PRS

Before: Datuk Sng (a big towkey) & Masing are friend.

Now: Datuk Sng (a big towkey) & Masing are foe.

Scenario #2

SPDP - the same script as PRS

Anonymous said...

Sharks are sharks always greedy for food to me Tiong is just another shark unfortunately ventured out to far from his territory