Thursday, August 13

SPDP is in “trouble”?

SPDP treasurer general and MP for Bintulu, Tiong King Sing who is the Chief Executive Officer of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) has been involved in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal.

In the latest news, Tiong claimed that he had donated RM10 million to Ong Tee Keat, MCA president and Transport Minister for MCA divisions’ activities. But Ong has denied receiving the money.

He accused Tiong of carrying out smear tactics and character assassination. The disclosure by Tiong, he said, had several motives including allegation away from the alleged irregularities by the Task Force.

Port Klang Authority chairman Lee Hwa Beng has lodged a Police report against Tiong’s company (KDSB) alleging irregularities and disputed claims between RM500 million and RM1 billion over the construction of the turnkey project of PKFZ.

But as a Sarawakian I am more concerned about the future of SPDP. In the event that something goes wrong with Tiong what will happen to SPDP? Will it survive without Tiong?

Currently, SPDP depends heavily on Tiong who is financing the party and its activities and even certain leaders depend on Tiong for their personal activities. Without Tiong, said one SPDP supreme council member, the party will “mati rangkai” (die due to financial dehydration).

Perhaps not to continue depending entirely on Tiong, the party has been looking for another “towkay” to help finance the party.

The case of the launching the Muara Tuang division on 14 July at Hunco restaurant was an example. There was a directive not to get Tiong as patron, but another “towkay”.

Apparently some SPDP leaders were still hurt by Tiong’s remarks during their last supreme council meeting. (Refer to the previous story – Can SPDP survive with the sting of scorpion?)

Meanwhile, there are also rumours among party members that Tiong may opt for the number two post of the party come its Triennial General Meeting (TGM) this November. It is understood that negotiations are gong on now between Peter Nyarok’s men and Tiong’s representatives on the number two post.

But the question is: where all these lead SPDP to? It is interesting to watch. – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Look at snap, pbds , marcos , suharto , saddam hussien and the fall of the bristish empire etc. all this are as a result of dictatorship. one man rule and with absolute arrogant will sure bury the party with him. let us see if history repeat itself.

snow white

JJ said...

This called political patronage and it is prevalent. How can certain ppl become so dam rich within a short period of time?

Heard anything about Kampung Limau near where Riveria Housing is now? Heard that a search on the land, one VIP's name was there!

What about lands around Kota Samarahan before it was made into another Division of Swak? Proxy? Yes, proxy - heard that lands alienated to "proxies" and gov't paid the proxies and proxies paisd it to certain VIPs who then becomes "instant millionaires"!

Anyway, boss, you and I are happy that "what we earn" comes from "sweat, blood and tears".

Its sheer hard work and $ saved over 35 years with a very clear conscience, afterall "bisi kena ngirup kopi kau or a few cans of beer to quench our thirst maia jerebu" and some $ to give during Sunday services, ok lah. Ni ko dik boss?

Jamal Jarjis

Anonymous said...

hi there everone,
Sorry for not keeping up to the latest info insiminated here.
That is why senior govt servants dare to venture leaving away quite a high pay for polotics. They know the pastures are more greener in politics. The allocated among themselves govermnet funds through so call projects. Memang it their projeks bukan projects for the rakyat. But this will continue until the time come when most rakyats are highly informative and possessed evaluative critical thinking.. Right now the rakyats are just too happy to be given sesingkap zinc, dua tiga iti batu bata, selori pasir, seringgit dua, leboh maia election, that its for now.
As long as the vast majority of longhouse people are trained to think critically, BN will forever rule.
Thats it for now tuai, ila tua betemu ngirup kopi ba stutuong dia. enjoy and have a happy life.
Enti bejalai enggau bini anang enda bepegai jari he..he... joke aja akai rai. bye tuai.

romerz said...

Dear Mr Shield,

I'm sure you know that there is something really rotten going on with our ruling elites.

Please do not be tribal and worry for SPDP only. Please think of the bigger picture of a better Malaysia for all of us.

Thousands if not millions of Malaysians from the peninsular are trying to right a BN gone mad. And we came close and things today would have been much different if not for Sabah and Sarawak who gave the crooks a lifeline!

It is very difficult going against Putrajaya who controls all the instruments of power let alone worrying about our brethren across the seas.

But trust me, change will come and it will come faster if you and others like you worried about SPDP can move away from tribal matters and think global.

Please help us help you.

Agom said...

It is learnt that two police reports were made by Port Klang Authority Chairman Lee Hua Beng against Tiong King Sing`s company Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. (KDSB) and another one by Lim Kit Siang on allegation that Tiong gave MCA President Ong Tee Keat RM10 million last year for the party`s activities.

Now the ball is in the hand of the police, who is required to carry out an investigation in accordance with Section 108 of the Criminal Procedure Code, and if there are elements of criminal offences being committed, the police has to act professionally and impartially without fear or favour. Should the information surfaces the elements of corrupt practice, the MACC has to step in to take over the investigation to brush aside the public`s perception of double standards and being pro-Government.

Since MCA Prsedident Ong Tee Keat categorically denied receiving the RM10 million from Tiong King Sing, the public is anxious to know the integrity of these two men, which one of them was telling the truth.

9898 said...

Correction...SPDP TGA has been postponed to 27/12/09

jumpover said...

why must the dayak leaders always looking for "taukey" to financing our party?? To me..if this type of mentality still sticking on our leaders head,,they will not working sincerily /honestly to our community. They just have their own agenda by looking for their personal interest. Look at what happened to snap,and pbds...all was died.
That why the young generations of dayak must kick them (dayak beend leaders)out.

Chakui Chabu said...


If you go to any construction site, you will see more dayak daily paid labourers. So, it is natural that dayaks are construction workers of the Chinese own companies. We are poor, what to do.

Anonymous said...

With that 10 million ringgit,enought to tar seal Jalai Awit and Jalai Krian or supply electricity to Rumah panjang.........