Sunday, August 2

Lim says: Dayak leaders look down on their own people

DAP secretary general and Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng has accused some Dayak leaders who opposed his idea of Dayak Endowment Board (DEB) are the ones who degrade the Dayaks because they do not want to help their own community.

“I am baffled as to why Dayak leaders are up in arms over my proposal for a Dayak Endowment Board which seeks to help the poor Dayaks in the State,” he said.

The proposal was not because he looked down on the Dayaks as what some leaders thought, but made out genuine interest to help those who have been struggling against poverty.

“I am just saying that we want to help those who have been marginalized. So I do not see what is wrong with that. Are we going to allow them to continue to be marginalized?” he asked when replying to adverse comments from Dayak leaders.

Lim said that with the setting up of the board, the government would not only be helping in terms of money, but also opportunities and he did not see what wrong with that.

The board would be run the way the Penang government carried out it “Partners against Poverty” programme in the State.

Dayak leaders are against Lim’s suggestion are PBB deputy president Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang, SPDP president William Mawan, PRS president James Masing, Balai Ringin state assemblyman Snowdan Lawan and State assemblyman for Bukit Begunan Mong Dagang.

If they do not agree with Lim’s suggestion, do they have ideas of their own to help their own people? Are we going to see the Dayaks suffering for another 46 years? – The Broken Shield



Agom said...

The hard core poverty still exists among the dayak communities and why our dayak leaders are crying shame to deny it? Instead, they should find ways and means to work out the programme to be implemented to tackle poverty among dayaks.

The government adopted the policy to recognize a family earns less than RM750 a month is considered as poor, but Dato Mawan seems not to know the existing government policy when he said that there was no benchmark or yardstick to determine what was the income to be labeled as poverty and he further urged that there was no definite statistic to state that Dayak communities were living in poverty.

Bukit Begunan assemblyman Mong Dagang who disagreed with Lim Guan Eng`s proposal aid for Dayaks, confidently admitted that the development of NCR land by Salcra had helped increase the income and standard of living of the rural people with amenities and enhanced infrastructure. How far it is true, let we work out the following statement by a dayak leader as reported by a local newspaper dated 8.12.08. Quote. ” Since Salcra started in 1976, it has benefited more than 14,000 people and paid out RM20 million in dividends to landowners whose land it developed into oil plantation.”

Let me ask this question. How much is a dividend a month for each participant (landowner) got in the period of 26 years? I am not that good in mathematics but I can give roughly answer less than RM5.00 a month.

Cobbold Lusoi said...

I am thankful to Lim Guan Eng for he has the heart for the Dayaks.

I hope he proceeds with the endowment soonest possible. At the same time, I hope the current Dayaks leaders who have rejected the idea openly change their mind.

I am from Balai Ringin and until today we do not have electricity. It is not about earning RM500 but how could we uplift the income of the rural folks.

By the way, there are only handful of people in Balai Ringin earning RM500 a month.

To our BN leaders, please help to make us better irrespective of which political party you belong.

Anonymous said...

Quite simply, Dayak leaders like Jabu and Masing want the Dayaks to remain poor so that they can be controlled by the BN. Come election time, just throw a few scraps on the floor to them and they will continue to vote for the BN. That's how it worked over the years so why change the formula. After all, these leaders themselves are rich beyond anyone's dream. Dayaks don't need charity or help. Look at the poor starving poor Punans. Now that Masing is airlifting some packets of Maggi mee for them, he expects them to vote for the BN again.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed true that we have our fellow community being poor and i know because i have been on the ground seeing with my own eyes. Some even do not have an income at all. I do not know from which data the government is relying on. I know the dayaks can always rely on jungle produce but its no excuse for the community to be left behind in terms of poverty eradication.

One obvious example is the distribution of PPRT project. I think the government is thinking along the line that the community itself shall provide relief to their fellow poor village mate and thus warrant them being sidelined.

This does not happen to other communites i dare say. Well for our leaders, why reject ideas that benefit us. I mean don't look at it as opposing political view but i think the leaders should at least come out with a plan, some sort of aid and not to be narrowminded. BN government can implement it as well right?

Aki Josh said...

Poverty is first an issue of social justice, not ethnicity. Why single out Dayaks for anti-poverty measures? What about poor Malays, Melanaus, or Chinese? What more to say of Dayak-Chinese or other children of inter-marriage? If the incidence of poverty is higher among Dayaks, then appropriate anti-poverty measures (education funds, rural roads, etc) will help them accordingly. But isn't it time we moved beyond aligning economic policies with ethnic groups?

Anonymous said...

These dayak leaders are afraid that if lim's idea is successful, they will feel ashamed becos this idea comes from a clever chinese and he is from the opposition.

Whatever good or bad,if it's from the opposition,it's deem bad and not acceptable. These dayak leaders prefer to let the dayak rot than to see them benefit from the opposition suggestion.

Also if the suggestion, which is good, if accepted will make the dayak leaders look damn stupid, for after 45 long years they still haven't come out with any concrete effort to help the poor and backward dayak.

As Wan junadi have said the BN representatives seldom open their mouth and join in the debates as it their duty to speak up and do what is best for the rakyat.But many ,I guess are not qualify to join in the debate as they have doubtful qualification and moreover they don't dare to speak with a open mind, fearful that they might tread on white hair's tail and thus angering him.

Case like the famine in the penan community are only bought into the limelight after the newspaper broke the sensation story.If it had not been the newspaper that broke the story,masing, mawan ,jabu etc, would not even know how many of the penan are dead before they come to their aid. You see they are in the comfort zone and they don't have a clue of their people who are suffering.

Also don't forget those penan underage girls who are raped by the logging camp workers and the rapist are never brought to court. Even suhakam ,the ngo that proclaim to be the god of the helpless are nowhere to be seen, when the cries for help are ignored.

So now we all can see how these dayak leader's KPI stands. They just don't like the idea of helping the dayak to get rich, for if they get rich the dayak leaders will be sent packing. These dayak leaders prefer to divide their race into segment and the more disunite they are the better.This is the only way to keep these corrupt dayak leaders in power.

In GOD we trust.

Neil Armstrong.

chapchai said...

Of course the likes of Jabu and Masing are opposed to this proposal. The more Jabu and Masing can keep down their own people from the rural areas the more power they can wield over them. Throwing scraps at them during elections is their idea of looking after them. And what have they got to say about the 3,000 Penans who are starving? Are they doing anything about it? It's about time the people of Sarawak wake up to the fact that they can change things for the better, not only for the Dayaks, but also for everyone else by voting in the Opposition at the next election.

Bugau said...

Our dayak YBs are not pro-active and not open-minded in any suggestion or comments. They are very much like DOG with tail between legs, no teeth but bark loud.

When other people like Lim Guan Eng gives comment, our dayak YBs come out in a pack to bark back. Why don't they just be positive in any given comments over the dayak welfare.

Because they don't want to be look STUPID and DUMB. Which of course,they definite are.

Yea...other races and other BN component parties know that our dayak YBs are just puppet on the string. They danced to other people's music.

Wake peoples...time to ditch those dayak YBs who sleep in their jobs.

Anonymous said...

So easy for these ministers and whatyoucallthem YBs to talk down such proposals when they have got so much going for them.... look at their lifestyle,wealth,connections etc where they are now.Of course the ordinary folks are unimportant.Doesn't matter what ethnic group.Poverty does not discriminate along racial lines.. there are poor Dayaks, Chinese Malays,Melanaus and more.When you have everything paid for by the people, when you have your Benz,BMWs and your overseas trips,big big houses,APs given to your families, etc..need we go on?
Who gives a rats arse about others and the suffering poor when you have these?
Of course they'll sit up and fart when intelligent and really beneficial suggestions come from others.. shows them up for the pretentious f@#%^&kers they are.

Sad Sack

Anonymous said...

Dayaks/Ibans are happy with what they have now- Ngumbai aku bula?
Peda kita maia bepilih tu ila semua kerusi ba menua Dayak menang magang BN.
Stupid voters will produde STUPID YBS>

Anonymous said...

The reason why all the stated "Dayak Leaders" are so against this idea is simply because they did not think of it. The Anak Numpang is especially pissed caused the good idea came from an opposition leader whereas he has been the self appointed leader of the Dayaks but has not done much. Some more can say West Malaysians look down on Dayaks. U think Dayak in Sarawak so special? Is food free for them? Is water and electric (if they have it) free? Is transportation free?

And now Masing want to give Penan mee maggi? Fcuk u la Ikan Masing...where were you when the loggers cut down their "supermarket"? Did you or any BN dayak leader stand up to Pek Mo and be counted? Now you want to be hero and airlift mee maggi to them? And stop trying to get road for Kapit...u know Pek Mo will never agree to it...u want something in return to keep your mouth shut is it?

And Jonny-boy Rayong....I thought last time long ago in the newspaper after you got elected you say you will never join SUPP but now you want so much to join? Let's just say you will have to wait a very long time.

SUPP also made the same offer to Joe Salang, Adit and Aaron Dagang before but see where they are now. Georgie Boy got more problems such as Dudong to worry about a stray dog like you, Rayong.

sirat tekalong said...

We Dayaks are proud people, who will never admit that we are incapable of fending for ourselves. I for one will never accept it if people suggest that i cannot feed my own family. I will never accept assistance especially not from my in laws (whom i regard as opposition parties). Dont anybody dare to tell me how to run my own house. I think u may also feel the same. Or have u got no shame jadi peminta sedekah dari u punya ipar or mentua....hahaha. Just an analogy.

Apai Semalau said...

Selfish morons! This gang of five headed by Alfred. They get to eat four meals a day while a large number of dayaks get to eat 1.5 meals a day! The irony is, they disagree with Lim just for the sake of disagreeing. Typical loin cloth and ball polishing mentality to ensure that the dayaks stay forsaken below the poverty level for the next century. Whats wrong with elevating the hardship of the dayaks? Go to Bukit Bangunan constituency and count the number of poor ibans and of longhouses having basic piped water supply. Why is it that after more than 40 years of BN we are still begging for the basics.....pipe water and other necessities of life? Maybe Yb. Mong would like to enlighten us on this. By the way any guesses on who is enjoying luxury being the richest in Bukit Bangunan while the rest survive from hand to mouth? What we need are selfless dayak leaders who care for the community and are prepared to go to whatever length it takes to elevate dayak poverty! We don't need selfish morons who are only good as food fodders for our batang lupar's "bujang senang"!

Tbsbidayuh said...

only selfish Dayak object the proposal. I do not see any wrong intention there. Let tose 4 bigots live alone.

Anonymous said...

Orang ti kaya ba Bukit Begunan nya YB ti udah nyual tanah bala rakyaat di Abok,Limau, Aping Dadak, Aping, Sg. Tenggang (menua YB Mong) Ubah ngau Tekuyong.

Court case supposed to be held on Monday 3.8.09 have to be postponed to January, 2010 laban company agi ngiga lawyer

Anonymous said...

malu dayaks ajak...bansa bukai ka nulung dayaks tang nadai dayaks ka nulun raban diri empu