Thursday, November 12

Jabu returns to his old ministry

Kuching - Glancing through the list of the Cabinet reshuffle announced by Abdul Taib Mahmud on Sunday, we notice that Alfred Jabu (pic above) has been returned to his old Ministry, the Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture (MOMA), albeit the name is slightly changed. Previously it was known as the Ministry of Agriculture and Community Development. That was decades ago.

Hopefully this time Jabu, the most senior leader of Dayaks in the Cabinet, should really make use of his “power” in the Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture as well as his “power” in the Ministry of Rural Development to modernise and transform the rural areas into high-tech farming land, where there should be in-situ development such as clinics, schools, and other amenities.

However to do this, Jabu must make friends with our graduates and invite some Dayak experts, especially those who are soil scientists, agriculturists, botanists, economists and so on for discussions and make them as members of his “Think Tank” and to formulate a development/agriculture master plan for the rural areas covering not only area in Betong, but also throughout Sarawak.

So when Jabu leaves the political stage he will leave a legacy, perhaps as the “Father of Rural Development” (Apai Pemansang Menua Pesisir).

The rural people have high expectation of Jabu. Hopefully he will not betray their confidence, as he did when he was the Minister of Agriculture. At that time he had fanciful ideas such as urging the people to plant “Kepayang”, releasing fish fry into rivers and distributing “anak manuk” (chicks), and “igi utai” (vegetable seeds). These are petty things that can be distributed even by a Tuai Rumah (longhouse headman) or a councillor. Why should a Dayak minister or even an elected representative be involved in such small things? As I said they should be involved in the planning and thinking to develop their constituencies as well as other areas in the interior.

Jabu should not also “pilih mata tauka pilih kasih” when carrying out his duties. It has known to us that Jabu would ask whether so and so was a PBB member, or a PBDS member or Opposition member. If he was a PBDS or Opposition member, agricultural subsidies would not be given. Many PBDS members had suffered because of this policy.

Now that Jabu has returned to his old ministry, we hope that he has learnt a lesson or two and hopefully he has now become a “better” man, especially when age is catching up with him. – The Broken Shield



The Ugly Truth said...

Dear Broken Shield,

You can hope all you want but a leopard never changes his spots. Jabu has not changed one bit and he will never start now at the end of his tenure as the most senior Dayak Minister.

He will be known as the man who hantam all the NCR land for his beloved SALCRA. He will be known as the man who tried to cover up the rapes of Penan women. Kepayang and all the rest of his bullshit will be an appendix in his biography. Next time you want to set up an Iban dictionary, please put his face next to the words USELESS, SPINELESS, ROBBER and other choice words which I will not mention here.

And to summarise it all, after all these years of being the self-proclaimed Dayak Paramount Leader, the Sarawak Dayaks are now not recognised and somehow he has overlooked this "SMALL" detail.

SO by putting this posting, you are inviting a lot comments. Please don't get your hopes up.

keling ati said...

Sayang sayang buah kepayang,
Sayau sayau ikan empurau,
Di telan pahit di buang sayang,
Anang kita ngumbai aku jugau

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no faith in this man becos he have done nothing ,I repeat nothing ,since he is in the cabinet.Can anyone name some of his doings!All I heard is he is that white hair balls smoother.

Since he is getting too old for his job, I think it's high time that some well educated person takes over. I just don't know why that white hair keep on appointing old guards to be his adviser. It's honestly a disgrace to those who are graduate and are gear up for this post.

Look at Singapore! You can see new and young face joining the cabinet and they are putting in new ideas.Here you see old wrinkled face ,who not only have to take constant naps,can hardly put in any new ideas.

All this old guards must be shown the door and effort must be make to groom new and young people to take sarawak to greater heights.Hey, are our people here not as capable as those in singapore. give these younger a chance !

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh,he is too old already.Just put him there to show that this antique is valuable.

Are Sarawak running out of young and capable people or is that white hair scare that putting someone new in will threaten his rice bowl.

Hey,he better not put his son Su-lie-man or else when the old man is gone,the wolfs will tear him to pieces.

cicitHJHASSANu said...

i'm the recyclo buster....
easy recycling easy towing..

sulu injau said...

I prefer an old politician stay because he is matured and homely type man, unlike a young politician, happy go lucky, going to karaoke, chasing after the girls and keeping mistress.

A young teacher in Lubok Antu who raped four of his pupils is just a good example.

Do you like a minister who is keeping mistress or a minster who is working for the people? The mistress could be your daughter.

Apai Semalau said...

Lets give Jabu some credit. Honestly he did at least leave a legacy for the natives of Lubok Antu. He gave them fish protein in the form of tilapia released in the dam when he was the minister of agriculture then. Those fish are now branded as
" ikan Jabu". Not bad eating fish either. Maybe this time round he should release janik in the NCR land so that in years to come "janit Jabu" will provide the natives with red meat protein?
So, what say you, our beloved menteri ikan , janit Jabu?

Anonymous said...

Nadai olih ngalapas janik bak tanah NCR,namu dih HARAM ,nadai olih....

tsunami unleashed said...

No. 1.
In order for the ministry to stand up to its name "Modernization" jobbo has to be "modern". His thinking must be in line with the wording. He should use his fake PHD for modernization. or his phd will mean differently, Permanent head damage.

Don't grab NCR land for personal gain under the pertext of agriculture modernization. Sharing of development will be so humble and god-rewarding. Jobbo you should realized by now that age has catch up with you. In term of age comparison you are older than me. And seriously speaking and according to science terminology, you will die sooner than me. And you must have a serious thought that when you and me die one day. Ok you first because of age, you will be buried just six feet under the land. So why so big the land you want?

On second thought. it does not matter to me abit the six feet of your grave yard. Till than RIP.