Saturday, November 14

Taib challenges NGOs to form political parties

KUCHING – Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud has challenged NGOs to form their own political parties in order to confront him over land and environmental issues.

Launching Sarawak Forestry Corporation’s Orangutan Adoption programme over dinner on Friday night (13 Nov '09), Taib said he was unhappy with some agencies and NGOs which had constantly raised issues pertaining to wildlife and environment in the State.

Taib particularly singled out Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) which is supposed to fight for human rights, has a lot of issues on land, which later jumped into orangutan talks.

“Why don’t they just form a political party rather than fighting in disguise?” he asked.

What the Malays say: "Cakap tidak serupa bikin". This expression is aptly applied to Taib. When a group of Dayaks wanted to form a political party way back in 2005, Taib, according to the Registrar of Societies was among Sarawak leaders who strongly objected to the registration of Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC). Here he wants NGOs to form a political party.

His Deputy Alfred Jabu, who had earlier on welcomed any one to form “a political party, or any party or even a tea party ka” labeled MDC as “mai Dayak charut”. Apparently because of Jabu’s remarks, the Federal authorities refused to register MDC on grounds of security that it (MDC) would bring chaos to the country. What stupid reasons for the authorities not to register MDC!

The question we want to ask is: Does Taib really mean what he says and supports the registration of any political party in the State in the near future either by any of NGOs or a group of people? - The Broken Shield



Buddhaphish said...

What "orangutan talks" is Taib pertaining at? Can anyone enlighten?

Anonymous said...

malaysia is filled with an outrageous leaders who often make contradictions. at one point these leaders encourage the people to do this and that, and after that they are fighting strongly against the same people.

dont be surprised if taib says that he wont allow NGOs to form political parties the next day.

Anonymous said...

So get what he meant and start forming new political parties now and if he don't walk his talk then we will ask him to swallow his tongue.

Sometimes he just want to say something to attract attention, knowing fully well that the EU is now targeting those countries who marginalized the natives and kill wildlife.

Sarawak is high on the list of countries who never protect her wildlife but only protect his cronies.I hope other countries like the US,Australia etc exert more pressure on this abusive gov't to make them toe the line.

If we don't use outside forces then in no time our forest and wildlife will be gone for good.If you notice on way to Mulu or Bario,thousands of hectares of land have been wipe clean and there are no more fishes in the rivers and all our wild life have been killed.It's indeed a sorry sight and all those vips have turn a blind eye to these distruction.

So been cornered , find himself in a awkward position and caught with his pants down, he fight back at NGOs.In no time he will be ban or arrested if he set foot on EU soil.

As his years comes to an end, he is just like any defeated man who will have no choice but to submit himself to God to be judge by HIM.The price for his greed will be heavy and he will languish his next life down in the seventh layer of hell, surrounded by people like Hitler,Saddam Hussien, Marcos,Suharto,thieves, murderers,rapists,crooks,corrupts etc.

I pray that he come to his sense and still if he repent, God will hear him clearly.

Anonymous said...

Taib is only talking for the sake of telling. He, Jabu, Mawan and Masing objected to the registration of MDC, because of its struggle pertaining to land issue in the state.

They will object the registration of any political party in Sarawak that does not support them.


Taib wants to callenge any NGOs to form a political party is just gimmick and so called a politic of deception.....Thus for those who believe at what Taib saying were merely a stupid fellow.....

Deep inside his hearts, he is very reluctant to allow anyone to form a political party to challenge BN in next DUN election. Because without proper foothold and grounds for the opposition parties to fight plus weak in financial bases, BN might easily win in the next DUN election especially in rural areas where majority of the voters are Dayaks, there may be slight change in voters preference in urban areas where majority of the voters are Chinese...this shows that all BN legislators are well aware of these scenario...even if people unpopular like me if given a chance to stand in any Dayaks areas under the banner of BN, I can safely say about 80% chance that I may win too...

From that we can judge that Dayaks in rurals areas and some Dayaks intelectuals are not mature enough in politics, many are just fulfilling and accumulating their wealth and pocket money everywhere...that makes some YB Dayaks tried their best to lobby Taib for next DUN election,ensure their names will be nominated again this time..

Anonymous said...

now with him holding the key to the rise and fall of the federal gov't, he can now be the kingmaker and start his spoil brat manners.

these days you can see more of his arrogant manners and he in the process of anointing his son to perpetuate his dynasty, the crook dynasty.

Even his cronies are more daring nowadays, taking over state land and selling ncr land. it won't be long we all have to submit to his will.

Millions of federal funds are pumped into sarawak but we have yet to see any development , not to say get some tender for some small work.

He is just trying to divert attention when his rating is at its lowest.can't blame him co's the smooth is finally coming to an end.

Agom said...

No body can criticise the chief minister. He cannot be criticised by his cabinet ministers, MPs and ADUNs, what more NGOs and Suhakam.

As the mainstream media are controlled by the government, NGOs and Suhakam cannot disseminate factual information to citizens, what more to admonish the chief minister.

Taib likes Jabu very much, because the latter always call him Yang dikasihi and always defend him. Jabu said, "They criticised the chief minister of splitting the Dayaks. I said NO! It`s the Dayaks themselves who have got the negative thinking, hence causing the split. The Dayaks themselves are the ones who cause the retardation of Dayaks progress."

Jabu also called for those who criticised him to join in the fray in general elections come every five years.

Tun Mahathir had suggested that old politician to retire, kerana sudah tua dan nyanyok. In Sarawak we have few old ministers who are nyanyok. Some aged people who have no more sex drive, want to kahwin lagi..he..he.

Jamal Jarjis Jr said...


"Cakap tak serupa" aptly described what Taib's challenge for NGO's to form political parties.

Will he support a party to formed on religious lines like "Christian Democratic Party" or "Conferation of Democratic Christian Party" or by other names to unite ONLY 10% of of the Chritians in Malaysia?

You are right - MDC pun tidak dapat register. Indian Parties formed by disgruntled Indians in PKR or Hindraf, senang sahaja dapat register. Kenapa dan mengapa?!.

Let the NGOs continue to be NGOs to play their role as pressure groups to fight corruption, social justice and poverty eradication. It would be more effective.

Why does the "Malay" in UMNO complained about not having enough even though NEP had been around for decades? The answer is ONLY 10% of the rich and politcally connected benefitted. They are crying the "underdogged population" whereas, they formed over 60% of the population in Malaysia!

Look at WHO AND WHO holds key and top-notch jobs in the civil services and GLCs. The benifits did not trickle down to the vast 90% of the poor "Malays".

Just a piece of thought and infomation to share in response to Taib's challenge.

Jamal Jarjis Jr

Apai Semalau said...

Our beloved white hair emperor has spoken. He has opening challenged NGOs to form political parties. Do read between the line and the fine prints and conditions " subject to emperor's pleasure". Disunity amongst dayaks is the BN agenda for self preservation. With registration of MDC, the likes of Jabu, Masing, Mawan etc. will fade into oblivion! Like Ceasar the emperor is mortal....he can't last forever but MDC will.

Anonymous said...

Read this:

After reading this article, you will know the truth of the man who taught you to be: ‘Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah’?
In my opinion, 'If you are a tainted leader then forever you are tainted. ………..
UMNO still believes in this man. Why do you want yourself to be misled by such group of man??? Why you still support BN???

Anonymous said...

Taib knows his days are numbered... God is calling you already very soon. Your power is not forever.

Coward Taib!!!!!

tsunami unleashed said...

At most of times peoples or politicians or ministers or cm for that matter became senile. Stupidity and greed undertook their soul, not realizing that death will befall onto them. Than crocodile tears blinded their eyes and sight. they will see no more but slow and sure death...

beware... for the gate of hell awaits the greedy, corrupted and unrepented souls... hell the soul will cry a deathly cries wanting to be safe from the demons of death...

beware....the soul will cry from the fire of death, the fire that is so evil....

beware..... for no one can safe the soul.. except the demons saviour but the very evil demons will bring your soul to another death...


Anonymous said...

Don't bring God into politics. He gives everybody freedom to do what he likes. After dead when facing God, only then he would lay his judgement.
You know why evil men still exist these days. Exactly because God gives them freedom to choose their lives to live by.
Don't expect any wrath, God would not do it as he is too good for this so called punishment to happen on earth.
If you want that evil man to go, you have to do it yourself, right here and now!