Friday, November 20

Penan rape cases, who else to be blamed?

KUCHING – During the debate on the Supply (2010) Bill last Friday, Violent Yong (DAP-Pending) said that Alfred Jabu should be stripped off his position as minister-in-charge of Penan Affairs, charging that the minister has shown no compassion for victims of rapes and sexual abuse, but instead exhibited prejudice and insensitivity.

“The people want an answer. Who is the Barisan Nasional (BN) government protecting? Is the BN government trying to protect the logging companies who hired these rapists?

“Instead of spearheading the investigation when the rapes on the Penan girls and women were brought up, there was an outcry of denial from all quarters as rapists roamed the jungles free. Instead, the NGOs that broke the story ended up being the guilty one,”
Yong said.

She also claimed the government was trying to sweep the issue under the carpet with accusations that the reports were lies, calling the Penans good storytellers and asking newspapers to check their facts, and branding certain NGOs as liars and trouble makers.

In his winding speech on Tuesday, Jabu hit back, saying that the opposition has stepped on dangerous waters when politicizing the Penan issue by manufacturing lies and twisting facts.

“I know they manufactured lies and twisted the facts. They based them on hearsay. They do not know anything about the Penans, let alone where they live. They do not speak Penan,” he said.

Comment: Jetty fully agrees with Jabu that the Opposition members know very little about the Penans and their way of life. They started to know about the Penans after stories of blockades and rapes and sexual abuse were published. Of course nobody from the Opposition can beat Jabu.

Jabu is one of those who fully understand the Penans, their culture and their way of life. Jabu’s knowledge of the Penans started way back in 1960s when he was appointed Divisional Agriculture Officer, Limbang and later Divisional Agriculture Officer, Miri.

From Miri he went to Sibu where he was appointed Regrouping and Resettlement Officer with RASCOM (Rajang Security Command) during the height of communist activities in the State, before he resigned in 1974 to contest in a by-election.

During his tenure as Agriculture Officer, Jabu visited every nook and corner of Limbang, Miri and Belaga where he met Kayans, Kenyahs, Ibans, Berawans, Kelabits, Lun Bawang and including Penans.

In those days (and even today) many government officers (including Tuan Resident, Tuan DO, and Tuan Kunsil) took advantage of the innocent native girls and some continued to have affairs with them, resulting in some women giving birth to fatherless children.

As a young reporter with the Information Department (from 1965 to 1975), Jetty used to follow Ministers and these officers to the remote areas of Sarawak and saw with his own eyes what happened there. Some officers even abused their positions by doing things that were not official such as hunting wild boars, fishing semah and empurau and shooting punai (wild pigeons).

It looks like those perpetrators of rape and sexual abuse do not confine to timber workers only. Who else to be blamed? - The Broken Shield



Cuboi said...

Bull's eye. Congratulations JT. But just being curious, which meat tastes better? Wild Punai or domesticated punai?

Proud Sarawakian said...

Oh sure, Jabu knows about the Penans, their lifestyle, their culture, their language and their predicament. But, he also know how to turn one eye from them and make a general blanket statement saying he knows them. Sure, the opposition does not know any better but in this case, how come we don't see any improvement to this problem when it can be solved easily? Especially when the goverment was supposed to the solution and Jabu's at the for front of the solution. Shame on you Jabu, shame on you.

tsunami unleashed said...

Jabu, Jabu. You are so glamorously an idiot.

to be continued...

Brangking Kilau said...

Well Jetty, there is now new police report of alleged rape case involving Penan women.

The nation`s No.2 cop said the police had thoroughly investigated every reported case including those as alleged by NGOs and those in the reports of task force set up by Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, but the police had insufficient evidence to arrest or prosecute anyone.

The Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar has considered the case closed and there is no need to bring the issue anymore.

I know that the police had tried their best to investigate the alleged rape cases but the victims themselves and the witnesses had not given full co-operation. For instances, untruthful witnesses imagine things whilst others may do so for private reasons. Then the police may come across with unwilling witnesses who may dislike to get involved with the police or go to court.

To me, Penan rape cases have not been closed completely. Instead it can be seen as suspension of investigation. It means that investigation can be recommended later when there are fresh evidence.

Anonymous said...

Crooks will be crooks. They have crooked arguments and pity Sarawakians and Malaysians who believe in the crooks..

kong pun boh yong.

Penan girls and many other girls will continue to be raped and no one will cry RAPE again...CASE Closed. Minister says so...and more can gohead and rape...

Anonymous said...

More people like you should mention actual cases...

The Penan girls do not know much..and lipsticks can even lure them to become girl friends.

Blame them or blame the government officers who have their fun?

royalAUP said...


Chakui Chabu said...

Jetty, you saw what happened with your own eyes in the longhouses? Wah.....that`s factual, not hearsay.

i can imagine what you saw - government officers on travelling duties to rural areas slept with the women in the longhouses or some pregnant unmarried women. No wander some people in rural areas have no birth certificates, because their biological fathers could not be traced. This is one of the problems facing by the National Registration Department`s mobile teams to carry out registration programmes in rural areas.

The question is, who are to be blamed? Of course the irresponsible, dishonest and untrustworthy `visitors` travelling to the rural areas made sweet promises, cheated and disturbed the women in the longhouses.

Lebuh maia nya, orang ti datai ngagai rumah panjai ngemula ke apai indai indu ngambu diri agi bujang minta bai indu tindok.

Apai Semalau said...

Is Jabu implying that the federal minister who release the penan report as lying too? Well done Jabu. You have offended your UMNO friends and indirectly calling them liars. Credit goes to you for calling them liars but unfortunately this time round they are at least telling the truth on the predicament of the penans.
By the way, can Jabu speak the penan language ........or just another lie?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the penans are also to be blame becos they too are easily tempted by just a few ringgit. once there is a case of them been rape,the gov't will go all the way to buy them and in the end they will say what the gov't wants them to say.

jabu knows too well that these penans are just plain stupid so keeping them like these will benefit the gov't becos they don't have to spent money to help these stupid.

sakai jabu is just one of those big time liar that will sure face God when judgement comes.

Anonymous said...

On one side are the innocents, I meant they are not expose to the outside world . On the other side are the corrupted, liar pervert going for the good time at the expand of others. Now, there is a question of one's dignity, integrety and honesty. Well most who saw the half nake penan ladies/girls taking their bath at the river lost all what is noble. Who is to be blamed? To be a gentleman one must uphold what is noble. And Jabu certainly is far from being noble. For he don't dare to stand for the rights of the raykat. And defending the penans is his calling. For once do wha tis right Jabu before you been called by the Most High and have to answer to the Most High.