Friday, January 15

Are Dayak leaders prepared to merge?

KUCHING – Are Dayak-based parties and Dayak leaders prepared to merge to form one single entity? Or do they dare to merge?

These are the questions posed by Tedewin Ngumbang, a supreme council member of Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

Writing in his blog, The Borneo Warrior, Tedewin said: “Dayak leaders in Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party, Parti Rakyat Sarawak, Pesaka and Sarawak United People’s Party should come together and form a merged entity.

“Don’t think only about Dayak leaders in SPDP and PRS. James Masing, PRS president and William Mawan, SPDP president are not the only Dayak leaders.

“There are Dayak leaders in PESAKA and SUPP such as Alfred Jabu, Michael Manyin, Douglas Uggah, Alexander Nanta Linggi (all from PBB), Jerip Susil, Francis Harden, Ranum Mina and Richard Riot from SUPP,”
he said.

“I challenge them if they dare to come out from their respective parties and form a bigger union of Dayak party.

“If this can be done, the Dayaks can become a very strong and formidable political force and can afford to choose whether to support BN or PR,”
he said, urging PESAKA which forms the Dayak branch of PBB since January 1973 to detach itself from PBB and join the merger.

“Are they daring enough to come together and form one single party?’ he asked.

Tedewin, a confidant of Masing, made those remarks after a PBB leader poking fun at PRS and SPDP over the merger between the two parties.

The merger proposal was suggested by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud four years ago in order to strengthen the Dayak political unity and struggle.

But until now the merger remains an illusive dream as both sides are rather hesitant on the move.

Few issues need to be solved such as the question of leadership and Chinese membership in the new entity.

SPDP did not discuss the merger issue during its last month’s triennial general assembly.- The Broken Shield



Banting said...

To merge to form a single dayak-based party? No way. Among dayak leaders who is the most suitable for its president? Are Jabu, Mawan and Masing willing to give way?

History speaks for itself. SNAP and PBDS were deregistered because of internal leadership tussle and unwilling to compromise. Then, came an `outsider` who interfered by splitting the Dayaks.No unity for dayaks means to the `outsider` easy to bully, easy to manipulate and easy to be used as tools for his political gains.

Anonymous said...

lets be honest here, would we really want these tainted and government crooks to still be in power under a new party?
its time to throw open the windows and let in some fresh air! dont look to this old generation of antiquated dinosaurs who care only about lining the pockets of them and their friends to the detriment of the Dayak and ALL indeginous communities, look to someone mid to late 30's, someone whos is skilled in the art of modern day affairs who can inject some forward vision for our people to move them into the 21st century and out of the dark ages.
seeing the newspaper when they announce a village MAY soon have 24 hour electricity was made to sound like they had invented a cure for cancer!! how in this day and age can we still have a village with no damn electricity....and dont confuse the word damn and DAM! 'cos we dont need the dams to create it...but i digress, look away from this crop of so called leaders, they wont decide for 10 years who will take the post of Chairman and deputy Chairman so forget doing any governing.

stop looking backwards that why we get no where, vote out this racist dinosaur breed of BN and let in some opposition fresh air to change Sarawak and Sabah.

Anonymous said...

brudderrr, the dayaks in politic not for the rakyat or tulong bangsa.they in politic for business, easy get kantao or contract & jaga periok nasi diri sendiri saja...

otherwise how u explain that the dayak politician are the most in number in sarawak yet the dayaks are the poorest in they own land???

all dayak politician alige to bn are yesmen n hopeless as long they can enrich themselve & cornies

Lachung Ajak said...

Quarrelsome attitude and self-interest, how to unite!!!

adbdin said...

It sound serious, will it be true ?

The answer lying deep in the heart of these politician itself.

Will dayak be united and work together ?

Yes, they could and yes they can.

Will the dayak could deliver and march hand by hand to secure the harmony of the people in Sarawak ?

Unless there will be only one status of race called dayak being used for all the ethnics involved.

Then dayak must put themselves as 1Dayak before proceeding to tackle their own people in Sarawak.

Do you think it is a sweet dream ?

Trust me, unite us all first and then we give you the answer and support.

Apai Semalau said...

The bottom line is, how is it possible for a bunch of egoistic, self centred, greedy dayaks so called "leaders" be able to come together and merge as one? These dayaks are puppets on a string and are dependent on their masters that moves the strings! Why in the world would they share their comfort zones with the rest of the poor dayaks which they themselves despise?
As an iban I have seem many of them "look done" and treat their own kind with contempt. Its a case of rich dayaks looking down ("songbong') on poor dayaks and this is the scourge of our communities nowadays. We learn very quickly this vice from other races. Historically, dayaks are known to, and will not hesitate to sacrifice their relatives given half a chance to be rich for a day. A good example is, the short sightedness of tuai rumahs getting "under table money" for themselves in return for giving away NCR lands.
So long as there's money in the making, to ask dayak leaders to merge is, as far as the sun from the earth. Money talks. Dream on.

Anonymous said...

It is best to forget about a Dayak United Party - it will never happen. Jeaslousy, big-headednes, and earger to be the sole person close to the centre of power are the few stumbling blocks for any merger to be even well though about. The recent SPDP meeting, how it was conducted, and how one Tiong was the over riding figure there despite not being the Preisident, and how much money each delegate and observers were paid, and the latter category that were to vote in the election of Dy President were warned in no uncertain term that unless they voted who were the "President's Men", and in the words of the Dy. President himself "sesiapa yang lawan akan terima melana" dan "segala pun tidak boleh dapat lagi". It is all a big farce. These people talk of democracy but their meaning of the word is to vote for them and to maintain status guo for all times - that is their democracy. So in a situation such as these bad blood develop over just a costest for a post, let alone a Dayak party is to be set up and Jabu, Masing and Mawan were to contest each other over who whould take over as Present of the new set up, I believe a war will break up between them. No wonder in the Datuk Ningkan days when Kana challeneged Ningkan for the post of the C.M. until Ningkan had died there was never any truce between the two of them. And when Tun Jugah gave a terse remark over a certain distasteful behaviour of Ningkan in Simanggang in 1963, the latter had almost taken to a high noon shoot out, and both never again talk on the same table ever again, until their death.These are only a few examples. So in short just forget about a Dayak Party where Mawan and Masing and Jabu were to sit over same table. They sit over the Cabinet tabvle because a very powerful Taib keeps a watchful eyes on them, and not, never, without Pehin.

Anonymous said...

what Tedewin is barking is a long gone issue. he is recycling this issue to attract attention. What he didn't know is that that white hair is trying to bait those who are behind this cry for dayaks to unite. As Tedewin is not a well versed man, he didn't catch the real meaning of what taib said. There are some real meaning behind what he said.

We all know too well that if dayaks are to be united, then KL will be having headache all nite becos if this happens then the federal gov't will be hold to ransom. Demands after demands will be laid at umno door steps and if that is not met then the 18 points agreement will be put into the shredding machine. So to prevent all this crab from getting out into the open, the unity of the dayaks must be strictly check and that white hair have gone under the table to make a deal with KL. So you see why there is so many dayak party in sarawak. The more dayak party in the making ,the better it's for KL and sarawak.

This type of ideas is not new.Look at sabah which is facing the same problem . PRS was once too powerful and is a pain in the arse for KL. so Madhathir chop up the Kadazan party and PRS was finally put on leash.

Tedewin is only building castle in the air. he should have known what is the real cause for the dayaks not to unite. My bet is more dayak party will be form in the near future.

Good luck Dayak!

Anonymous said...

The CM knew then that a merger will never happen...

If it ever happens, the CM will make sure it will never happen.

So far, the CM does not need to do anything as the Dayak politicians (both BN & opposition) themselves are already busy ensuring that..

Anonymous said...

I bet with my life that dayak unity will never,never see light at the end of the tunnel.

We are an equal society. You are equal to me; I am equal to you. Nobody is more equal than others. In some places, they say, "we are all equal." But what they mean is they are more equal, you see -- which makes life very difficult. But here, when we say "equal", we really mean it. We do not have to do it in Singapore. But we are thinking in terms of 100, 200 years, 1,000 years. You must help them emerge. And there is only one way: education and economist thrust.

God bless the dayaks!

Anonymous said...

In Jeovah(God of the Bible) nothing is posible. Shall we Dayak Christian pray for this Dayak's Unity?

Chakui said...

But for PBB, PRS, SPDP and SNAP to merge is impossible. I want to cut off my co....if they can merge. I know better than Tedwin Ngumbang.

Anonymous said...

No way! They enter politic for the money, ego and power and not for the common good! Good and honest people who enter the political arena to be of service for the common folks will usually finish last.

Those ministers that are in power right now did nothing and turned a blind eye while the Dayaks are being raped of their NCR lands and basic rights. Rapes too, literally speaking!!!

chemical_x said...

the way it should be is neither those who are in the party or just another observer keep on pointing finger. how about if all of us support the first move in Dayak UNITY process. such as not being a "mexican crab"! put yourself in Jabu or Masing shoes, even you yourself could easily jump to the river of money. now what we need is academically teach our sons and daughters how Dayak (Iban+Bidayuh+Kenyah) should live. Hidup Dayak!