Saturday, January 2

Masing refuses to “own” SALCRA?

Since the beginning of January 2010, SALCRA which has been entrusted to develop NCR land from 1976 is now no longer under the Ministry of Land Development. It is now under Alfred Jabu’s Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture and Minister of Regional Development.

Masing’s close aides said that he met the Chief Minister a few months back requesting that SALCRA should not be under his ministry since Jabu refuses to step down as chairman of the SALCRA’s Board of directors.
As chairman, Jabu is allegedly behaved as if he is also chief executive officer of SALCRA, rendering Masing completely powerless.

It appears that SALCRA will follow whichever ministry Jabu is holding.

The Broken Shield asked Masing’s aides why he wants to disown SALCRA even though it is involved in land development.

According to the aides, SALCRA has financial, administrative and operational problems and any time the problems will burst to the top.

The aides claim that SALCRA has to use money given by the Federal Government and declares it as “dividends” to be paid to the scheme participants. There are more than 16,000 scheme participants.

Masing does not want to inherit the problems that have been created and to be blamed later on.

Isn’t it a pity that the scheme participants are made to suffer just because some people are greedy for power and money? And is MACC sleeping?– The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

JT di mana SALCRA mendapat sumber kewangan untuk mendirikan Bangunan SALCRA di Kota Samarahan?

Anonymous said...

Salcra pinjam duit dari bank. Rega banguinan itu sekarang RM100 million from originally RM50 million. siapa tidak tahu it.

Anonymous said...

Let this corrupted fight to death.What they have stolen from the rakyat will have to be return one day.Look at what happen to M. Rahmat and Augustine Paul.

Banting said...

Money given by the Federal government and declares it as `dividends` from the profits earn by SALCRA? But Jabu told the whole world that since Salcra started in 1976 it has benefited more than 14,000 people and paid about RM20 million in dividends to landowners whose land it developed into oil palm plantations. Please don`t tell lies lah.

To me, either Salcra is under Jabu or Masing or under both of them will make no different as long as NCR land problems are not solved.

Anonymous said...

it is somethimg unusual abt SALCRA as how they delare dividends where the laymen had never seen any annual report. Isn't it the laymen (tuan tanah NCR) business as well to know what is going on in SALCRA?

I agree that Masing should not inherit the problems should he be asked to become chairman as by then most of the money are gone and the chairman shall be blamed.

but if he is daring enough, Masing should see this as a way to help SALCRA to become a genuine vehicle to help NCR landowners.

Anonymous said...

MACC is getting to bite, just wait. GM and acting DGM just wait!

Apai Semalau said...

The "Macc" is an all time joke! Everyone knows that they are part and parcel of the regimes machinery.They are licensed to send "witness" out the windows and then call it "suicide".They can't even catch a so called big "fish" in malaya up to now and you expect them to catch one in Sarawak?
Owning "salcra" is once again a never ending story, the greed of iban leaders who wants to have total control. Both wanted to be leader of Salcra........just that Masing opted out because Jabu is smarter and is rooted there! Thus, Macc is irrelevant in this episode but plain greedy ibans who wants to be general and not foot soldier........

Galvestini said...

"According to the aides, SALCRA has financial, administrative and operational problems and any time the problems will burst to the top."


Ramai yang ingin tahu:-

1. Siapa pembekal baja kepada SALCRA(dari dulu dulu hingga sekarang)?

2. Adakah baja yang dibekal itu mengikut spesifikasi?

3. Siapa pembekal perkhidmatan Pengangkutan (FFB & Minyak Sawit) kepada SALCRA?

4. Adakah itu satu kesalahan (dari segi moral, undang undang atau sebagainya) sekiranya seseorang itu sebagai ketua di sesebuah organisasi telah membenarkan keluarganya berurusniaga langsung dengan organisasi yang beliau terajui?

tsunami unleashed said...

Afraid Jobo and the Sekera (salcra). True to its name of being kera, salcra is jumping from one ministry to another. Kera (monkey) jumping from one tree to another tree.

And Jobo is afraid that the problem will burst sooner.

Yours days are numbered.....

Anonymous said...

Apai semalau i totally agree with u 100% about MACC. They are rot too, right?

Cuboi, probably MACC is just too busy themselves so why not feed them the info about what happening in SALCRA, detailed happening if possible, iam sure MACC will act or we'll smack their ass.

We cannot blame MACC entirely, probably they have problem too. If we understand their setup and nature of their investigation, I for one, dare not work as a MACC investigation officer. I know many of them personally and scared me the way they worked. (Workholic lots, force to), pity them. Some dont even have time for their family.
But can we imagine how thing will be among the enforcement bodies if there is n MACC?
The duty to fight corruption is not entirely left to MACC, BUT we as a society, plays bigger role. DONT CORRUPT THE CORRUPTED k, ini tidak kena tahan di jalan, sudah mahu kasi wang, settle kes! Mahu lulus peperiksaan, baik-baik sama lecturer and so on and on...This is where we play our role. Saman, saman la, atleast the money goes to the govt coffers.

Malaysia Digest said...

Bangunan SALCRA di kota samarahan is over do. that project only give commission to some YBs and profit to the developer.

Talk2Marine said...

Owning SALCRA ....? Its a big NO, NO for J. Masing. Not until SALCRA's account is legally audited by 3rd Party Auditors' firm. With such, irregularities surfaced. Someone will have a hard time explaining to the landowners.

By the way, Salcra's building currently constructed at Kota Semarahan is built at the expense of NCR land owners. Landowner should at this point time pursue tof ile for Writ of Seizure and Sale over the building for non-payment and/or breach of contract as dividends pay-out. How's that sound...?

Anonymous said...

anonymous(6.01 @ 12.52 am.)

Please, could you name those are related to him and are being employed. Iam sorry MACC is having no source in SALCRA. SALCRA staff shunned MACC officers, dont know why.

Anonymous said...

To anoymous,
Sudah bagi, tetapi action tidak diambikan.

Anonymous said...

Read Dayak Baru. com for more comments on the failures of Salcra. The article is writtedn by Dr. John Bian under the heading "Salcra struggling to keep its operation going".