Wednesday, January 27

Without fear or favour

The Broken Shield will always highlight problems and policies that negatively affect the Dayak community without fear or favour. It will also heap praises on government policies if such policies bring benefit to the people.

Truth is bitter and no doubt such exposure will hurt those who implement such policies, but the intention is good and a part of a democratic process where the freedom of speech should prevail.

This is the stand of The Broken Shield:-

The writer’s story on “Masing disowns Salcra” and the comments that follow have made some officers in Salcra management unhappy and have threatened to send the owner of the blog to jail under ISA. If they think the facts are not true The Broken Shield stands to be corrected and it will publish its version in the blog.

But to threaten the writer and to put the blame on the writer’s brother in Salcra and accuse him of giving the writer any information on its problems, weakness, etc. is not only unfair, but it is also very unprofessional, because that is not true.

My information comes from those who are close to the Minister of Land Development and Salcra board of directors. Even the writer’s brother does not know some of the most sensitive information about Salcra, about the general manager, his background and background of some of the contract officers.

I have also some information passed to the writer on certain staff in Salcra sending their personal cars for servicing and repairing to a car workshop company in Serian, the costs for which are allegedly paid by Salcra.

Salcra staff and management as well as the scheme participants should read Dayak Baru blog by Dr. John Brian and remarks and comments that follow. What is written in the Broken Shield is paled in comparison.

Thus threatening the writer of The Broken Shield with ISA does not intimidate him.

The Broken Shield can assure the readers that it will continue to highlight and expose mismanagement and abuse of power either by Salcra, Land and Survey Department, Agriculture, or by ministers and politicians. – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...


Dont worry about them la.

The Rakyat is with you and we do so with a consience.

Blog on Julau Sime Darby Oil Palm Plantation.

We want to know who is Nature Ambience and the share holders.

apai irau said...

my respects are for those who dares to tell the truth,in this case,the broken shield. if salcra has commited no wrong,and if what the writer wrote were not true,then salcra can post their'utmost truth' in papers and tke broken shield too.history and logic say if a person has comitted wrong he will grumble,and this is happening to salcra now.the rakyat know what salcra is doing,how many cents each participant get at year end and how much those salcra officers got.threatend people who tell the truth or revealed one's misdeed is an uncivilised thing to do.what,these officers thought these land are theirs and can simply cheat people?

Anonymous said...

we will always standing behind you, uncle BS!

Anonymous said...

cowards always do cowardly act such as those done by Salcra.
They are thought to be untouchable but infact they are the outcast.

Banting said...

It is ridiculous and nonsense.

Since when Salcra management has a power to arrest and power of preventive detention of any person under ISA?

Bloggers have the freedom and act as middlemen when presenting issue to society.When the mainstream media including radio and television are not allowed to criticise, point out errors and weakness of the government, is it wrong for a blogger to write all these?

Is criticising and pointing out errors and weakness of the government and its agencies an act of the terrorist, thus prejudicial to the security of our country?

We all know that the ISA is controversial in providing for arbitrary arrest and detention without trial, thus the public has suggested to the government to holding a comprehensive review of the ISA.

Agom said...

May be officers in Salcra can scare a child with ghost, but they can`t scare a blogger with ISA knowing very well that they have no power to execute the law.

Under Section 73 of ISA only police officer has the power to arrest and detains suspected persons, and under section 8(1) of the same act only the Minister of Home Affairs has the powers of preventive detention.

May be they can complaint to the authority in Communications and Multimedia if any blogger writes slanderous statements against them.

Anonymous said...

I am a contractor from Sarikei doing some business with Salcra. although the contract work has been completed more than a year ago, I have yet to receive full payment for my works. I also heard other contractors are also making the same complaints. Don't cheat us. Kitai sama bela Iban anang baka nya. Enti kita Salcra nadai duit anang ngasoh contractor ngaga projects. Anang nipu bala Iban.

Anonymous said...

Unggal Joseph, anang takut ka emba sida SALCRA. Nadai nuan madah ditu udah meh kami nemu pengawa salah ke digaga sida. Pajak ka aja. Dudi ila kitai ngajar sida nya, bisi maya ila. Peda bala staf SALCRA, sida madah nadai untong, tang kereta enggau pendiau sida baka orang ti bepangkat besai, duit asil sawit abis dipajoh sida.

Suntat said...

The beauty of Salcra is paying the cost of its staff personal cars for servicing and repairing.

I do not know, if that happens in the government departments it is considered a crime.

Anonymous said...

Agi idup, agi ngelaban!

Those sychopants deserve justice!

So do the rural folks and all the abuses in SALCRA not fully told as yet!

Anonymous said...

Wise men talk less and listen more. Full Stop!!!!

Lachung Ajak said...

Dumb man does talk, but observes more. Question mark????