Thursday, January 7

Is SPDP moving backward or forward?

This is a question many observers are asking themselves after witnessing the SPDP’s recent triennial general assembly.

I was present at both the opening of Youth Wing by its deputy president Peter Nyarok 0n 28 December at the Grand Continental Hotel and also at the meeting of the main body at the Civics Centre on 29 December 09.

I could not believe what I heard coming from Nyarok and Tiong King Sing, the outgoing Youth leader and the treasurer general of the party.

Nyarok’s pantun of “Gelang emas si gelang intan, Dibeli teruna seorang budiman, pantang dicabar ayam tambatan, nanti merana sepanjang zaman” clearly warned Philip Ngo, the challenger not to fight him, a well-bred and seasoned local fighting cock, otherwise he would suffer for life.

Nyarok also labeled himself as a “rimau atas kerusi” (tiger on a chair) waiting to maul his opponent.

Tiong accused Philip as a “traitor” for contesting against Nyarok and considered such action as back-stabbing after the party supreme council had agreed to maintain status quo. Tiong wanted a disciplinary action to be taken against Philip.

Tiong repeated what he said at the meeting of the main body just minutes before the party election was to begin.

In fact Tiong in an angry and thunderous tone accused Philip of being sponsored by outsiders from another BN party. Although he did not identify the party, many think that he was referring to PBB.

Tiong also spoke of his financial contributions of hundreds of thousand of ringgit to the party and he never asked how the money was to be spent. So no one should question his statement of account he presented to the assembly.

From what I see, it is obvious that SPDP does not tolerate any challenge to the party leadership, thus cutting down young professionals to be fully involved in the party. This is not good as the young professionals may think that they are not wanted by the party.

Secondly, I notice that Tiong is really in control of the party and the way he spoke at the main body seems to me that he “is more than the treasurer general”. He is SPDP and SPDP is Tiong. As one delegate put it, “without Tiong this party ‘mati rangkai’ (die due to (financial) dehydration).

I am given to understand by those who went to China and Taiwan with Tiong was that the list of youth and the President line-ups were discussed.

After watching all this drama, one tends to ask oneself: Is SPDP becoming another SNAP or PBDS or even PRS, where one towkay controls the party? And what has happened to SNAP and PBDS and also PRS? – The Broken Shield



Street Smart Iban said...

Dear B.S ( Broken Shield and not Bull-S***)

Why la come out with this naive statement and acting all suprised? This has nothing to do with cutting down young professionals and not tolerating challenges. If you think this is the case then obviously you need to keep your ears closer to the ground. Where got young professionals want to join these political parties when they are run like inefficient dinosaurs. We might as well be in charge of SALCRA, the big black hole. Same shit different smell. And how to challenge when got no money.

Politics is not run on goodwill and volunteerism. We have not reach that level yet and probably never will. It is an ugly truth that politics is run on money. When this will end we will never know. Maybe when we have evolved to higher beings.

Philip is just 1 of many trojan horses planted by PBB (ask Awang Tengah aka Lanun Tanah) to shake SPDP up a bit. They have these moles or race traitors in all the parties. PRS and SUPP also got. Just read the news more carefully and you will know who I mean. Another hint...the other trojan horse is "Backside" Entrie. See who he hangs out with and you know who the rest of the PBB gang is.

Tiong can talk all he wants because he rightfully did give all that money so SPDP can keep going. Why not ask other people to sponsor if you don't want him to speak so loud. As Linggi? See if he wants. Ask Mawan. See if can sponsor the party instead of keeping eveything to himself and getting his botak son to run it for him.

Please do not put PBDS and SNAP in the same sentence as SPDP and PRS. Masing and Mawan are the real traitors and they should be remembered that way.

The only good thing about all these fighting is that it will benefit the opposition.

Anonymous said...

For now, Tiong may be calling the shot. But it looks like he will be doing it from behind the walls of a prison soon. I say, go for it Philip Ngo. That's what democracy is all about. Ha ha ha...

Banting said...

Money is the root of all evils. Money is also can be spoiler and the king maker. In other words, money can buy everything including sex, crimes, positions, political-frogs etc.

A `frog politician` defected to another party when hhis former party had refused to give him tonnes of money.

SPDP`s TGA was over. Any resolution regarding the proposed merger with PRS? The idea to merge PRS and SPDP was initiated by Taib in 2005 and agreed by Mawan and Masing. Why Silent now? Difficult to choose who is most suitable for its president?

Anonymous said...

Philip is just one of us who feels things should be or could be better especially for the Dayaks.He took enough courage to make a stand for what he thinks is right, that the members of spdp and the malaysian people have a right to be treated fairly, a right to be treated with honor and respected irrespective of their background.its mind boggling that just by contesting in a party election he was maliciously abused with no chance and avenue to defence himself, all he did was smile and swallow those bitter pills.He was accused of being Tiong proxy, than Mawan,than S. entrie than PRS and finally PBB.I heard if Philip does not consider the bigger pic. and chose to open his mouth spdp and the whole BN could collapse...those are the signs of times..Good is evil, evil is good.

Anonymous said...

Hei you young people out there have U register as voter. Please do and choose your government wisely. Philip has pave the way for your guys, why should we need sponsorship to stand for what we believe in, DEMOCRATIC indeed, see for yourself. Somebody/Someone must initiate THE WIND OF CHANGE. Jangan cakap kosong, act, be BOLD, our future is at stake. URGENT!!!!

And you know what, despite all the havoc, he does not jump ship, unlike the top guys so berdendam.... naughty, naughty kids....tsk....tsk...LET THE WIND OF CHANGE SWEEP ACROSS SARAWAK for a better tomorrow for our beloved Sarawak. Speak up guys, so frustrating knowing there are so many intelligent people out there and yet no constructive action. Do not be complacent 'cos one day you gonna wake up and found we are all in deep shit, by then it's a little too late.