Tuesday, February 9

BN’s Failures, says Ng

KUCHING - A Sarawak PKR leader, Dominique Ng, has attributed the rural backwardness such as the lack of basic infrastructure development in Sarawak due to the Barisan Nasional government’s decades of neglect.

“The track record in Sarawak under BN does not give room for optimism as basic infrastructure such as pipe water, electricity, tar-sealed roads, and affordable housing not to mention IT access are still lacking in many communities.

“This is against the backdrop of native NCR land dispossession, large scale deforestation and mammoth palm oil estates, the benefits of these latter are not shared by the rural communities as they deserve to.

“The rural backwardness is clearly the BN government’s decades of rural neglect,”
stressed Ng, who is State Assemblyman for Padungan.

The BN government has not just put its own 2020 vision in critical jeopardy, he said, adding that it is dragging the nation down in competitiveness vis-à-vis several other countries of the developing world, not to mention the little Dragons of Asia.

Ng was commenting on the Roadmap for Government Transformation Programme (GTP) of the Prime Minister in which six key performance areas or six areas of improvement, or National Key Results Areas (NKRAs), were announced.

They were reducing crime, combating corruption, raising the living standard of low-income citizens, widening access to education, improving infrastructure in rural areas and upgrading public transportation.

Describing such a roadmap as a mirage to hoodwink Malaysians, especially in Sarawak, Ng said it will not be realized or sustained.

“Sure these are not only valid areas of concern, but also an admission of the failure of governance under Barisan National; in Sarawak, these have been the neglected areas since the formation of Malaysia.

“Yet, these are not the only fields where the Barisan National Government has either failed, or has been strong on rhetoric but poor on delivery. With respect to Sarawak, I refer to the omitted or unmentioned areas of Healthcare in the public sector, social welfare, labour rights, public administration, human rights, tourism growth, environmental protection, historical and cultural heritage preservation among others, where Sarawak is trailing far behind,”
he added, accusing both the Federal and State governments of leading the people to a steep and slippery slope of decline in performance indicators in a range of socio-economic sectors. – The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Sarawak's "politic of development" is a good rhetoric to make the rural populace inclusive in a small sense of the word and feel good. I like to perceive the "politic of development" by narrating a short story, which goes like this; Not too long time ago, there was a village chief named Tameyu who inherited his chieftain from his uncle. He liked hunting with his people. He would tell his people who are of various ethnic groups that they would divide amongst themselves whatever they got. Tameyu had a gun, bullets, and dogs. They were successful all the time. After they arrived at the village the meat were divided. Tameyu would supervise the division of the meat. All the heads, feet and internal organs of the animals were to be shared by his people and the rest he took for himself and his close family. Some of his people complained that Tameyu was unfair. He told them that without him they could not even hunt because the gun, bullets and the dogs were all his. On top of all, he was the Chief and they should be thankful that they had their share.

Banting said...

There were two contradiction statements made by Jabu and Dominique Ng. I suggest they go for a public debate in the issue.

Whereas Jabu has claimed that Sarawak has indeed progressed and developed tremendously under Bn government and challenged Anwar Ibrahim to visit Sarawak to see the development, on the other hand, Dominique Ng has claimed that Sarawak is in backwardness in infrastructure development.

Who is telling the truth?

Agom said...

There are some truths in Dominique Ng`s claims based on MACC has uncovered government projects in the state of about 40 per cent of the allocations were spent while 60 per cent leaked out.

Every where you go in Sarawak you can see thousands of longboats (mode of transports) moving in the rivers indicating that most of rural areas are not linked by trunk roads.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous Feb 10, 2010 7:41 AM:

What if Tameyu the Chief's position is as a Head of Family i.e. a father?

Can he say to his wife, children, aging parents, young siblings that they too should be thankful for having been given their share since he is the breadwinner of the family?

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the ulu's "leaders" who had deceived them continuously to vote for BN and for a little bit of gain themselves.
Next election, they will overhelmingly vote for BN stooges again.
What can you do?
The "politics of development" is only for developing Taib's family fortune while you may get some crumbs. See for yourself. How much money his family has stolen?