Tuesday, February 23

Najib visits an Iban longhouse

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak this morning (22 Feb 10) visited Rumah Juliana Bedus, Kemidan, Saratok. He was accompanied by politicians and officials both from the Federal and State Governments.

This longhouse is believed to be one of the most modern longhouses, if not the most modern in Sarawak or even in the whole of Malaysia. All the floors and walls are tiled. All “biliks” are fully air-conditioned. All roads to the longhouse are fully tar-sealed; electricity and clean water are being supplied.

It is very rare for Malaysian Prime Ministers to visit an Iban longhouse and since such a visit is very rare, Najib should have been brought to ill-equipped or dilapidated longhouses, so that he knows the real poverty situation, the miseries and the problems faced by the Ibans, due to lack of infrastructural development, the lack of economic activities and lack of medical facilities.

And by knowing the real poverty situation of the people, he will certainly make bigger financial allocations to help the people improve their livelihood and standard of living and so that they can also share the fruits of Merdeka. Many of the Iban longhouses have been neglected even though we have been Merdeka for the last 46 years.

After seeing Rumah Juliana, Najib must have the impression that all Iban longhouses and Ibans themselves have progressed tremendously. Nevertheless Najib announced an allocation of RM3.4 billion for infrastructural development in the rural areas. I thought I heard and read the same amount of money for rural infrastructural development as announced by rural and regional development minister last month. Could the allocation be the same?

And another question is: Will Iban longhouses in other areas not in SCORE areas benefit from part of the allocation?The Broken Shield

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Lachung Ajakj said...

Najib and his BN`s ministers are scared of losing power, knowing very well that West Malaysian voters are slowly deserting them.

BN`s West Malaysian ministers are trying to visit Sabah and Sarawak more frequently in order to win the heart of voters in these two states.

The state government should bring Najib to see many deplorable condition longhouses to prove that most dayaks are still very poor, below poverty rate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, PM should have visited those ares such as Ulu areas where there is no tar-sealed road, no electricity supply no clean water supply and etc....

BUT did PM ever mentioned the NCR/NCL matters? or have our Dayak YBS especially Federal Ministers/deputises have the ball to whisper to PM regarding this Big Probelm???

Apai Semalau said...

The billions$$ promised is, but another vote buying gimmick due to the impending state election! Until we see the money, its not worth a grain of salt! The last promise by BN is still outstanding...........infrastructures, water, electricity to the various longhouses? Their excuses is, as usual "no funds'. The irony is, the funds were hijacked for other projects by other domineering politicians. Our Santa PM needs to walk the talk to be believed! He didn't walk the talk for 1Malaysia or did he?

Tbsbidayuh said...

Oh my God!! Why bring Najib there? He should visit all those "nearly collapse" longhouses. I believe he can get there by chopper. What a crazy visit.

this is what politic is all about. Hide the worst and tell lies!!.

Mata Kuching said...

Many announcements of development funds and allocations had been made by past PMs and Ministers including Taib over the years since Sarawak jointly form Malaysia and yet why is our state still very backward and lagging behind Peninsular Malaysia by 50 years.

If Sarawakians were to tabulate the total developments funds todate given to Sarawak BN government led by Tun Rahman and Taib Mahmud, the development fund could be a lot less than the Australian government spent on developing Australia to what it is today.

Where and what have the money been spent on that today Sarawak is still lagging behind Peninsular Malaysia by 50 years when we are the equal partners with Sabah in forming Malaysia with Malaya?

Wake up Sarawakians and Sabahan. Be brave like a tiger to demand and fight for justice. Educate, inspire and open the eyes and minds of all rural Malaysian in Sarawak and Sabah.

As depositors of the government we are actually the lenders and not the borrowers. It's the government who borrow our power to govern and bring developments to all corners of our nation. We are not borrowers and indebted to any government of the day. The government is indebted to all Malaysian that lend them the power to administer and govern our country.

Anonymous said...

Of course by showing najib this longhouse, he is 'satisfied' that the fed fund is well spent but infact it's all been pocketed by that white hair.
Also show him the tran-borneo well seal road when all those kampong roads are filled with pot holes.
Show him the well dressed ibans but hide all those who wear torn loin cloths.

Anonymous said...

another mee segera promises..batang ai what happen?any signifant development since the last election? hello mussen, mana lu?