Saturday, February 6

Who are lying?

We often hear from our ministers and elected representatives telling their constituents that the government does not take away the people’s NCR land without paying compensations.

They accuse the Opposition people of telling lies, exploiting and manipulating the NCR land issues.

“Yes the government does pay and we do not deny it,” said a senior PKR leader, especially when NCR lands are taken by the government for the construction of public utilities such as for the construction of roads, schools and hospitals, the government will compensate according to the values determined by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

Before such projects begin, compensations have to be paid first.

But our ministers and elected representatives are deaf and dumb large tracts of NCR lands are taken away and leased by government to big companies and its cronies. Not only compensations are not paid, the NCR land owners themselves are being chased away, their houses are demolished, their fruit trees, rubber, cocoa and pepper gardens destroyed.

And when the land owners reported the matter to the authorities, no one will listen to them; instead they condemn the land owners for being “anti-development”, and for listening to propaganda by the Opposition. And what is strange is that when the companies lodge reports to the Police, the Police are quick to take action as if they work for the companies, resulting many of the land owners being arrested for defending their rights and lands. There are literally hundreds of these cases against land owners who have to resort to Court to intervene.

Now at a story headlined by The Borneo Post on 4 February 2010 on page 6: “Stop activities on disputed land: claimants”.

The 100 or more people of Bekelit Ulu and Ili in Sibuti have occupied their 320 acres of land since 1945 – about 65 years ago. Under the Land Code, they have the native customary rights over the said land. But a company has planted oil palm on their lands against their will or even without their consent. They have reported the matter to the Police and likewise the company has also reported the matter to the Police.

Under the Iban Adat, if you plant something on someone’s land without his consent, then all the fruit trees planted there belong to the land owner. The NCR land owners in Ubah and Tekuyong in Pantu have applied this Adat and are collecting oil palm fruits from their NCR land and many earn a few thousand ringgits per day. The company and Police cannot do anything, because the lands are their lands.

“Who ask you to plant oil palm in my ancestral lands?” they asked.

Now coming back to our ministers and YBs, it appears that many of them are either talking through their noses or simply accusing the Opposition of lying and manipulating the issues for a political mileage. Now who are lying: The BN YBs or Opposition? - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

an oppressor feeding the oppressed?

HAHA.... this is sooo funny

Uchu Abu said...

Who are lying?

Those who are telling lies are lying.

Those who promised somebody with somethings but have broken their promises are the ones who telling lies.

BN only make promises comes an election, said Meluan voters.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that our Dayak reps, either parliament or state, deep in their heart, they really want to help the Dayak in respect of the NCR. This can be seen from their views if we a friendly chit-chat privately. They have ideas and to solve the problems. Their ideas cannot be put into practice because the necessary power to help to implement their ideas are not vested in them. In short they powerless, either legally or politically. As long as the composition of the ADUN as it is now, the problems in respect of NCR or other problems affecting the Dayak shall remain their eternally. Even, if all the 29 Dayak majority (may I right about this figure?)state seats are won by Dayak, we still cannot form the State Government. A cheeky option we have is to vote for PR hoping they are have better hearts towards the Dayaks then BN. Till this very hour, alot of we Dayaks are still in deep slumper not to say the rural ones but also the so called educated few. So, let us dream on, and hope one day our dream will become a reality.

Ah Pun said...

YB as they are called mean "Yang Bohong", "Yang Biol" & Yang Bodoh". Its very difficult for any of the BN-YBs speaking the truth and they knew why.

Lying is what they are good at then they are no longer call "Walkil Rakyat" rather representing ONLY Yang Dikasihi".

Banting said...

Are all promises pledged by BN during Batang Ai by-election have been implemented on schedule? If not, BN is lying.

Are the projects promised by BN in Meluan since the Seventh Malaysia Plan have been implemented? If not, BN is lying.

Last year alone until September, Suhakam had received 22 complaints on land-related matters, including alleged non payment of, or inadequate compensation for land that has been compulsorily acquired. Some of the complaints were on encroachment into land over which NCR rights were exerted. Who is lying here?

Anonymous said...

"To rob the poor to feed the rich", is the eternal classified policy of the BN therefore no matter how straight a Dayak maybe, once he become a BN YB, he would become crooked as a dog's hind legs. Their sworn task is "to rob the poor to feed their rich cronies"

Have any one of our YB's ever come to our rescue regarding our NCR land being grabbed by the rich? Pls keep counting if there is any.

Anonymous said...

Even when I want to built a house ans a store on my own piece of land which I bought sometime ago, but the harassment from the land and survey continue.They say I need to convert my land to industrial but when I submit for conversion, there is endless waiting.This is what i call bloody shit.To hell with all this red tape.

Anonymous said...

kawan kawan...dont blame the jaguh kampong yb la....they only cari makan so must kowtow to the yang dikasihi...

its what the voters wants....the voters that elected them..

if u want to help your race then do whatever part for the coming election lor..otherwise yang dikasihi & the bn ybs canot be blame...

it the voters choice...u reap what u sow....
kampung buah pala case get big publicity but dayak land n longhouses kena roboh get no publicity..u guys get ntv7 or awani or aljaera station for the coverage la...

1malaysia, MY FOOT!!

Lachung Ajak said...

As some bloggers said, stupid voters produced stupid YBs.

The mainstream media are controlled by BN government and they are only reporting events suit to BN.

Anonymous said...

Mr. JT, just read Jabu Borneo Post front page comment today and really I felt like vommitting, as how most people felt every time he open his mouth.Nothing personal Mr. Jabu, it mind boggling the sire adamant in the way you deny the issue of NCL land. Mr. Idris is just stating the facts and Mr. PM Najib emphasize during the recent spdp TGA on two things: settle land premium and resolve land issue.I recalled when the Late Datuk Dr.Judson Tagal question you during one pre dewan undangan sitting at crown plaza hotel kch you were caught with your pant down, until you literally crawl on your knees on stage towards Mr.CM and whisper to Mr. CM who than answer totally out of topic. A very shameful scenery that I will never forget for the rest of my life.My only concludion: Either you are overly "nyanyok" or you are an embodiment of evil, devoid of any conscience. My deepest and saddest sypathy and empathy to your people.

Anak said...

Don't like the mainstream media? Print your own newspaper. Enda alah laban belabuh ngambuh meh.