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Is SPDP’s Shield going to be broken?

Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) is heading towards a big trouble when five of its elected representatives and three members of the supreme council are abandoning the party and are applying to join Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), another member of the Barisan Nasional (BN).

The five are State Assemblyman for Tasik Biru, Peter Nansian, the State Assemblywoman for Bekenu Rosey Yunus, the State Assemblyman for Marudi, Sylvester Enteri, State Assemblyman for Batu Danau, Paulus Gumbang and the MP for Mas Gading Dr. Tiki Lafe and three supreme council members – George Garai, Peter Gani and Eda Egar.

They want to join PRS under the pretext of merger so that their “transfer” to PRS will be smooth. More are expected to join them. The “group of eight” is aptly applying the SPDP principle – "Sapa Pedis Dulu Pansut".

But SPDP deputy president Peter Nyarok in a statement today has taken to task the group led by Datuk Peter Nansian for acting on their own accord without the sanction of SPDP for hastening and negotiating the merger with Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

“The group needs to be reminded that SPDP has already appointed a committee under my chairmanship,” Nyarok said, stressing that the committee has to work jointly with the committee from PRS to discuss and chart out the roadmap for the merger.

The chairman of the PRS’s appointed committee for the merger was the late Datuk Dublin Unting Ingkot and is now replaced by Dato Billy Abit Joo.

The joint-committee, co-chaired by the two chairmen, has met three times and to date it has shown progress, although a lot more areas have to be covered and resolved.

“The wishes and views of party members at branch and divisional levels must be taken into account and respected before any major decision such as the proposed merger can be made.

“SPDP wishes to reiterate that no individuals or groups other than the appointed Merger Committee are authorized to speak or negotiate on matters relating to the merger on behalf of SPDP.

“Those refusing to comply with this procedure are deemed to be acting on their own accord and SPDP does not recognize their action,”
said Nyarok.

”It must be acknowledged that the merger is a complex and tedious process as it involves looking into the interests and sentiments of leaders and members of both political parties.

“It is a process that cannot be forcibly hurried by some individuals who fail to see the big picture and are not able to operate according to the order and discipline of their party,” he said.

Background to the crisis

It is indeed a pity that SPDP which broke away from Sarawak National Party (SNAP) in 2002 is facing a similar problem – all due to big towkays. During SNAP’s crisis, the “gang of nine” as the group was then known walked out from a CWC meeting when the meeting decided to expel Tiong King Sing from the party. Ironically, the “gang of nine” who was unhappy with the decision to expel Tiong was led by William Mawan who later formed what is now known as SPDP.

This time the “Group of eight” was not happy with the party president’s decision to replace Sylvester Enteri with Nelson Balang as secretary-general after the president did not honour his promise to maintain status quo in the party prior to the party’s triennial general assembly. Initially Balang refused to accept the appointment, as he knew that his appointment might cause a split in the party. But after a week of persuasion, he finally agreed.

It was also understood that the president wanted Kilat Briak, a prominent lawyer who hails from Saratok to be appointed as secretary-general. But Nyarok vehemently opposed it as he did not want Kilat to be too strong in the party. Nyarok does not want Mawan to groom Kilat to replace him in the Krian constituency. Nyarok, the sources said, wants his son-in-law to replace him perhaps in the coming state election.

But for the “group of eight” Enteri’s termination as secretary-general is a mere excuse. The problem in the party has been brewing up for the past one year or so especially when the president has allegedly failed to perform as a leader such as not keeping his promises made to some senior members of the party as well as not having a mind of his own; he listens too much to one man, the man who treated every member of the supreme council of the party as small children.

And during the last TGA, the man really showed his authority when he made decisions on behalf of the president such as deciding the list of the president’s men as well as the list of SPDP youth. When anyone questioned him, he shouted at him as if he was a beggar.

Mawan has been reminded about these insults, but he ignored them. Now he is paying the price of not listening to the party members. And the “gang of eight” has made up their mind to abandon SPDP and join PRS. They had first informed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. It is understood the two leaders seemingly agreed with their decision.

All the Dayak-based parties have shields as their symbols. And we have seen by now how the symbols of Dayak-based parties - the Shield of Sarawak National Party and the Shield of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) being broken; and how the Shield of Pesaka absorbed into Parti Bumiputra and how the Shield of PRS was almost broken. Is the Shield of SPDP going to be broken as a result of the current crisis? – The Broken Shield

Source: http://www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com/


Banting said...

All has gone not very well on the relationship between Mawan and Masing, uncovered through the move by the disgruntled five elected representatives from SPDP to jumpship but they term it to `expedite merger process` with PRS, supported by Masing.

Masing is stabbing Mawan from the back if he entertains the wish of the disgruntled five SPDP`s politicians. When the merger is not sanction by the decision of the majority in the party, it is null and void.

That is the prize for both of them against the registration of MDC. God is great. Their own house is also not in order.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at this SPDP 5 issue objectively.Firstly, it is not a merger, in reality, it is a case of jumping ship. As such, there is no law (in Sarawak) against party hopping more so if it is done with the blessing of Taib. Put yourself in Masing's shoe, and be honest to yourself if u were the president - wouldnt u want to take in 5 more YBs and ur party becomes the second biggest in the State? U will be another Tawi Sli if u decide otherwise.

Jetty said...

Dear readers,

I'm sorry to inform you that comments which are too personal/emotional in nature and not relevant to the topic discussed will not be published.

Thank you for your co-operation & support.


Anonymous said...

rhis is the typical dayakpolitician...all want to be boss thats y dayak got no power in their own state...but what to do, it what the dayak voters want

Anonymous said...

The latest event in SPDP is expected as can be seen from the line up of the supreme council members, Women and Youth wingsayak party leades never learnt from the past.

Hopefully PRS is still in tact and if the Gang of 5 elected representatives from SPD to jumship then PRS will be more stronger BUT Dr, James must consult his supreme council members and grassroots leaders/ supporters.

Agom said...

PBB is a merger of Parti Bumiputera Bersatu and Parti Pesaka Sarawak. So, taking cue from its name, my prediction for the name of a new party from a merger of SPDP and PRS is likely to be `Sarawak Rakyat Progressive Party` or `Sarawak Rakyat Democratic Party`.

Any way, it is not an easy process for PRS and SPDP to merger in view of the facts that there is a clique and friction in SPDP now. When a party is divided into two factions and each side is telling a different story, does it mean that the party has no internal crisis as claimed by Peter Nansian?

History tells us, deregistered PBDS, PRS and SPDP are the splinters from SNAP. All these parties with Dayaks majority but have mixed races memberships, have ever experienced with internal crisis. PBB which memberships are only confined to Bumiputera is very peaceful.

Does it mean that, it reminds Dayak politicians it is better to have a Dayak based-party which memberships should be confined only to Dayaks to lessen of the party to be controlled by non-dayak or problematic non-dayak politicians?

It is very strange, Masing was willing to negotiate with the five SPDP elected representatives about the merger without consulting Mawan. The public`s perception is, an influential politician could give an advice to this group of five to do so, that was why Masing willing to talk with them, but that is not BN spirit to foster close relationship among BN component parties.

Anonymous said...

"...Put yourself in Masing's shoe, and be honest to yourself if u were the president - wouldnt u want to take in 5 more YBs and ur party becomes the second biggest in the State?"...

Sensible question. It might not be a wise one.

Why won't SPDP get rid of Ting KS?

Another question is - who else isn't tainted by Ting KS? The whole bloody SPDP?

Fair minded and untainted Dayak members should just rebuild SPDP.

SPDP now more than ever appears to break Dayaks further kind of Time Bomb anyway!

-Ah Non-

Anonymous said...

Sapa Pedis Dulu Pansut (sigi patut bakatu)

Sapa Tulah Mechah ka Bansa diri....?

Sida tu mih iya, nyau manggai ba pemanggai mih tuju politik sida, laban ka udah kelalu kaya makai utai belalai.......

Enda ulih di karap ka agi......
Udah chukup.

Anonymous said...

Typical of a Iban who is only desperate to hold on to power regardless of his attitude.

Anonymous said...

Should you happen to know Peter Nansian well enough, you'd all know what his reasions are to lead the move. You can safely say he has his personal agendas.