Sunday, May 9

Anwar’s message to Iban voters

SIBU: Anwar Ibrahim, Pakatan Rakyat Opposition leader, today reminded the Ibans that they will continue to lose their native customary rights (NCR) land if they continue to support the Barisan Nasional government.

“Many of you have already lost your land and will continue to lose your land if you continue to support the Barisan Government,” he said at Rumah Baseh’s 28-door longhouse, Bawang Assan.

“There are hundreds of court cases of NCR land being brought by the Ibans against the BN government as a result of their land being taken away and given to companies and their cronies,” he said.

“Don’t vote for the BN-SUPP candidate because SUPP is part and parcel of the State Government that has caused a lot of troubles to the Ibans.

“If you vote for the BN-SUPP candidate, you are courting trouble. Your rights over land have been taken away and forests around you have been cleared in order to make the BN leaders and their cronies richer,”
Anwar stressed.

Anwar who was accompanied by the Pakatan-DAP candidate Richard Wong Ho Leng, told the Ibans to put a stop to this discriminatory policy of land grabbing.

He told them that it was important for them to vote for the Pakatan-DAP candidate, Richard Wong in order to send a strong message to the state government.

“Help us to help you protect your land,” he added.

“We must change this government and change must begin from this by-election,” Anwar said and assured the Ibans that under Pakatan government they would be treated fairly and their land would be protected.

The Pakatan government would not be corrupted like the BN government, he said.

Anwar arrived in Sibu on Saturday to help campaign for the Pakatan-DAP candidate in the by-election.

Iban voters who form about 20% of the 54,695 voters in the Sibu parliamentary constituency are regarded as “king maker” in the by-election scheduled for 16 May.

The by-election which was necessitated by the death of the MP for Sibu Robert Lau Hoi Chew on 9 April will see a three-cornered fight between Pakatan-DAP candidate, BN-SUPP Robert Lau Hui Jew and an independent, Narawi Haron.



romerz said...

Those of us non-politically aligned people from peninsular Malaysia will not allow Anwar and PR to lie to Sarawakians so please take his words at face value.

I know that politicians cannot be trusted but trust me that there is a major awakening of civic consciousness in peninsular Malaysia led by Raja Petra Kamaruddin and others like him.

Trust us that should ordinary Sarawakians be shafted again despite a PR government, we will be the first to vote them down!!!

What do we have to lose?

Rebak baru said...

What Anwar Ibrahim said was true. If Anwar feels sympathy to Iban about their lands, there is no reason why Iban BN leaders do not feel the same.

So far, there has been no clear message from Iban BN leaders to help their own community over NCR lands.

I urge all rebak baru Iban (Iban youths)to listen only to Datuk Daneil Tajem and Bian Baru in their efforts to help Iban to defend their NCR lands. Let all of us, be it in the longhouses and in the towns give our fullest and undivided support to Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Iam ashamed to be borned to an iban descendent. Ibans are the most difficult race to understand what sorround and around them, in short stupidity of the highest order to say the least.
There are ibans with PHD or degrees BUT are miserably degrading for them for they keep on telling lies and tramples upon the innocent ibans. The bottom line of it, they are stupid too because they belong to the same race. Why? When people knows you, deep in their heart they say ooo.. emm stupid iban.
To the iban phds or whatsoever degrees learn from history, as long as you are an iban, sooner or later your generation is going to be wiped out too unless you stop dreaming.

the last Prophet said...

I read all that Anwar have said loud and clear becos before Anwar have said this, I have not voted for BN.

Not today have such statement been more clearer. Since Batang Ai, lots have been said about NCR land that have been stolen but those Ibans are still deaf. I don't like to argue. But this Ibans whose land have been stolen are just feeling upset for only a short while. For just a few words of support, a few cans of beer and a few dirty ringgit, they will forget about what have been stolen from them. they will give in and with tail between their 2 legs, they will submit themselves to their YBs.

Yes, today we see them been given another chance by Anwar, but if this golden opportunity continue to slip by, then it's they themselves who are to be blame. We can't force them to put a X on certain place. They will regret and by that time it will be too late.They will be landless and peniless.

I have seen stupid and arrogant people but I have yet to see more stupid people than the Ibans. I don't blame them but it's just that they refuse to change. I just pity them if they have to behave like this. One day they bang their chest but the next day, they shake hands with the thieves and conduct miring in their longhouse,highly drunk after that.

So, for 43 long years, they have been given many chance and I hope this golden chance must not be let to slip from their hands. Let us all go down and tell each nad every folks that to vote for Bn means DEATH. Let Anwar spaeks and let us spread his message to far and wide. Change is what MUST be achieved.

If in this by-election, I see negative response from the Ibans, then when more NCR land is lost, I will just turn deaf also. It takes 2 hands to clap. Let them offer 1 hand while mine is ever ready.So to all Ibans, lets make a new beginning by voting DAP.

Mata Kuching said...

The Dayaks whose longhouses have been told in uncertain terms that they must display BN flags and posters of BN candidate,and being as timid and courteous a race that you are known, you need not engage in politiking in your longhouse with your Tuai Rumah who are have all been bought by BN government.

Vote with your own conscience and with the guiding faith in God that it was the BN government whom you have entrusted for 47 years are directly responsible for failing to implement even the most basic of amenities like electricity, treated water, feeder roads and bridges to link villages and longhouses to the main roads. You must be aware that it is one family in the whole Sarawak that confined you to perpetual poverty and now his family and cronies have been encroaching into your NCR land and taken them from you and your children to be sold to big corporations at a hefty profit.

It is time that every Dayaks must help themselves by voting Pakatan to be the new government to arrest all these abusive, oppressive policies against the Dayaks. The road to change must begin with the Sibu by election. The Bidayuh voters in Sibu must also be aware that the reason why SUPP is holding back the announcement of Deputry Federal minister and the chairman of Padawan was because if SUPP wins in the Sibu by-election it will appoint a Chinese from SUPP SIbu to be a deputy minister. That is the wicked politics of SUPP against the Dayaks. Bidayuh voters in Sibu must also reject SUPP for many of the issues affecting the Dayaks and the dignity and identity of the community. And the issue of "Allah" is not a small issue for the predominat Christian population of Sabah and Sarawak who are mostly indigenious people.

VOTE DAP and YB Wong Ho Leng to begin our march to Putrajaya and Petrajaya. It is time we give the power in our own hands to Pakatan to be the next government at State and Federal . For 47 years the UMNO controlled government has doen too little and too late for all Malaysians in sarawak especially the rural poor.

Anonymous said...

What is so important about our NCR, our "Apai"s say more important is government's gifts of atap sin, cement, plywoods and pagar lah; and after all menteri2 will give projects every time their YB dies. SO, VOTE BN and SURRENDER YOUR LANDS

Stephen Dass aka Merekah Fajar said...

Let's hope the Dayaks in Sibu will unite this time around by denying the Barisan Nasional's
Robert Lau his dreams of representing their interests in Parliament.

These land issues have been dragging on ever since BN strengthened its position in Malaysia up to a level which we can’t tolerate the action anymore.

We need a strong & competent opposition front to fight for our rights and correct injustice. And they are here now, in a form of “Pakatan Rakyat.”

As far as I see, with or without BN makes no different in our lives today and if the land was taken from us, we will still take it lying down.

Why are we so meek all of a sudden that we have no guts to stand up for what is rightfully ours?

I say give Pakatan Rakyat a chance to show their worth, to walk the talk!

After all, the General Elections is around the corner?

Mata Kuching said...

Todate SUPP and BN Sarawak had not declared their stance on the ban by the Minister of Home on the use of Allah by Christians in all their religious publications and church services in Bahasa Malaysia language. The Pakatan coalition has strongly condemned the action of Hishammuddin for disallowing Christians to use Allah when refering to God in Bahasa Malaysia, our national language. PAS in living to its universal Islamic value and principle has public declare the word Allah is arabic and not exclusive to muslim and that other faiths can use the word when refering to God.

Hence SUPP contention that DAP supported PAS Islamic state is yet another “berita lama”. PAS in Kelantan has prudently applied true Islamic value into their governance and received great admiration and support from no Muslims living in Kelantan. It is a known fact that PAS has also given out development fund to Churches, Temples and the largest Buddhist Temple is built in the state of Kelantan.

TO all Malaysians even with the simplest of minds they will have full faith instinctively that PAS, a coalition of Pakatan, a party that adheres to true Islamic value and principle is a party that Christians and other non Muslims can trust compared to UMNO.

SUPP asks, “Who can protect the Christains better?”. It is so obvious to all Christians that the party that banned the use of Allah is the party that has no respect for the freedom of worship. And the parties like SUPP and other BN coalition which never protested over the ruling are obviously endorsing the action of UMNO for imposing the ban. Nik Aziz the spiritual guru of PAS had publicly declared that it is not wrong for Christians to use Allah when refering to God in our national langauge.

PKR, DAP and PAS had collective condemned UMNO’s action in banning the use of Allah by Christians but SUPP and all BN component parties in Sarawak had never ever protested. Who is SUPP trying to fool now by asking who could protect the Christians better and also challenging DAP to state their stance on PAS Islamic state. Malaysians in Sarawak and Christians in particular are not stupid and can be fooled by SUPP or BN Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

i want change and i hope my land not been cut and log off by one-man show where there is no ore liceince, but chinese gangster which is allow by cm and his cronies to do so...
when report topolice that matter, police also same no action taken.

what should we time, take money from supp but vote pakatan.

or land and your area will be develope by cm/taib and his cronie.

we are a

anthony said...

SibuIban voters must also realise that if not for the Barisan cheating ways, by gerrymandering, there should be enough number of Iban voters to form two Council Negri constituencies in Sibu. As it is, the Iban there have been deprived of political representation. So wake up. Forget the RM600. bribery. They have stolen more than that from our people. And that money is our money. So dont vote for the crooks again.