Wednesday, May 26

Ibans the kindest people in the world?

A friend of mine from Sarikei rang up telling me that the Ibans are the kindest people in the world.

He said: “Diambi orang tanah, bala Iban nadai nemu ringat; rumah, buah enggau getah ditebang orang bala Iban nadai nemu nganu; bansa bukai diberi api-ai, tang bala Iban dikelaong nadai nemu ringat; bala anak sida enda diberi scholarship, enti bekereja enda niki pangkat, enda diberi gaji, pen bala Iban enda ringat.

“Ketegal sida enda ringat, laban udah diberi duit RM200 kena nabar ke pengeringat sida iya, lalu pia mega sida dipinta ngundi Perintah Barisan ke ngerempas tanah sida. Bala Iban lalu ukai semina ngundi parti ke megai Perintah tang lalu muji bala sida ke ngerampas tanah,” pia ko iya.

“Peda ulih nuan bala Iban ke di Bawang Assan, sida di Pasai, Penasu enggau di Rasau bisi 80 peratus ngundi parti SUPP ke udah nipu, ngemula sereta lalu nadai udah mai pemansang ngagai menua Iban.

“Enti apai Robert Lau Hui Yew, iya nya Lau Swee Nguong ke nyadi chairman bala compani KTS, endang gela-gela ngerampas tanah Iban di menua nya, agi ga bala Iban di menua nya nyukong anak iya. Amai-amai meh kitai Iban tu purih Apai Saloi. Patut Abdul Hadi Awang, ketuai PAS ngumbai bala kitai Iban tu agi besirat.

“Diatu bisi dua iti saman nawa Lau Swee Nguong ketegal ke ngerampas tanah Iban,” pia ko pangan aku.

"Leboh Datuk Daniel Tajem campaign ke Pakatan Rakyat di Rumah Baseh, Rumah Robert Lingga enggau di Pasai, iya madah ngagai bala Iban enti kita agi nyunting parti SUPP tauka parti Barisan Nasional, reti nya kita tu meh baka makai asam maram, lalu uchu-ichit kita ila semina ensepi air liur masam kita aja".

I fully agree with the sentiments expressed by my friend from Sarikei. And after what he told me I also agree that perhaps Ibans are the kindest people in the world.

They do get angry when their lands are taken away from them; they do cry when their longhouses, fruit trees and cash crops are destroyed; they do make complaints when their longhouses do not have water supply or electricity; they do make noise when their children do not get scholarships, do not get promotions or being recruited into the civil service.

But their anger is short-lived when they receive RM200 as rewards to vote for a Barisan candidate. They prefer to receive RM200 rather than several millions of ringgit worth of their land.

Isn’t this the stupidity of “Apai Saloi”? Or are we Ibans the kindest people in the world? – The Broken Shield



Frouline Aging said...

The truth is out there! money is the main disease for Iban, even the amount is like a s***T, they still "begging" for it & blind fold for it!!

Agom said...

Sometime some people interpret it a kind man is stupid and coward and always a victim of bullying, use as scapegoat by someone to achieve his agenda.

For Dayak Iban I observe that they are quarrelsome. The demise of PBDS was a proof, otherwise until today we will be able to see Dayaks are strongly united in the party.

Too late for Masing to call for Dayaks to be united in moving forward. He should unite Dayaks while he was in PBDS.

Apai Semalau said...

Short sighted! DNA of apai saloi? Live for today mentality? Apparently being simple minded (stupid)is not kindness!
Hopefully in the future we get to see the hybrid mixed/crossed breed ibans wearing the thinking cap of the orang chantong and laut.

Anonymous said...

Akai deh Unggal. Tusah aku madah ka pemeli kitai bngsa Ibans. It is not termed as kindhearted, BUT stupidity of the highest order so to say.
Damned it! beri makai tai aja. Beri asi campur ngau tai asuh sida makai, laban sidanya kelalu keberuran.
How come the breed from the bravest among all the races in malaysia becoming so stupid in the end huh? Really make you crazy when to think of it.

Anonymous said...

ari kelia kitai iban peturun apai saloi ke di tipu apai seumang-umang. so maybe we ibans still possessed that gene perhap. Better ask any anthropologist on iban study about it. it is really worrying because not only the naive and illiterate ibans but the so called educated ones also fall prey by the promise and sweet words of the swindlers. we ibans will be a nomad in our own land in years to come, just a matter of time.
how i wish having enough money to migrate to any western country, rather sorrounded by the stupid people of your own race, can drive one gone crazy!

I see , hear, know nothing said...

Kind people are ok but kind people are always sleeping and refuse to wake up. They just want some money , a few cans of beer and they will be ok. they will do anything if asked. so that why they are so far behind. kind do not have to be stupid. Kind must go hand in hand with cleverness.

Mata Kuching said...

What is SDNU and other Dayak based associations doing for the uneducated rural poor? Have they been too busy lobbying for government contracts which were rarely given but to a few YBs or have they been too engrossed with their fake MBA and doctorate degrees.

When an educated Dayak pastor was so thankful to BN government for bribing him with RM50.00 to vote for BN candidate, how else do we expect the uneducated rural poor to respond to such financial inducements.

Pakatan must continue to educate these rural poor of their fundamental right and what it means to exercise their God given right to vote for the party which ensures their NCR land remain as NCR land and given the right to develop their own land and every citizen has equal opportunity to progress and succeed in education and economic pursuit.

BS67 said...

Iban nadai nama-nama ...

Mata Kuching said...

M’sians made to pay for BN’s profligacy
May 28, 10 7:43AM
free ‘What about the billions stolen from Petronas, commissions, power contracts, inflated project costs, and of course the bailouts of cronies? Why no alarm bells for these?’

The rakyat will be made to suffer for future debts even with the gradual removal of subsidies. Obvious subsidies are not the real cause of our country going broke.

Malaysia is like an ordinary person who after working for 52 years and yet have no savings in the bank and EPF and his children have to pay for his debts for many years to come and may even have to pay for his coffin.

First thing first if we ever want to save our country. Without kicking out the highly corrupted regime of UMNO controlled BN government, we will not be able to stop all the leakages and wastages in the form of commissions, highly inflated procurements, contracts and projects. Nobody including lawmakers from both political divide actually know how much “real” money are left in the coffers of Petronas and KWSP. If Sime Darby, one of the largest GLC can incur known losses of more than RM1.8 billion and possibly more which was not detected, one can imagine how much money in Petronas and KWSP have been systematically siphoned off and disguised as another “business deal and decision” of the board under the directive of the country most powerful man.

While Malaysians look forward to celebrating Hari Gawai Dayak, we shall also be strengthening the movement to save Malaysia across the country and to heartlands of every states.

Selamat Hari Gawai to all our Dayak brothers and sisters. May God bless you all.

Ganeng said...

The rural Dayak look up to their educated brothers/sisters for guidance. Do we care to stop and explain to them their rights? Only a few, like my brother Nicholas Bawin will sacrifice their time to explain to the rural Dayak about their rights. The rest will seat around in comfort and point fingers. The ones to blame if our rural Dayak remain ignorant are us, the educated ones for not giving a helping hand and also the greedy ones who would exploit their own people. Isn't it time that WE care for our people.

Anonymous said...

i think the iban are gone case....kindly read today The Star newspaper, front page and think which community will be greatly affected? i pity the rural iban that keep voting for BN till kingdom come. malaysia is are 3rd world country therefore we still need the subsidy...look like the beend politician will make alot from the subsidy monies..but the rural iban that keep voting beend will die..

lu fikir la sendiri...

Anonymous said...

Jabu and James Masing are very good Ibans. They are kind, learned and very Dayak.

Why you people say bad things about Dayak leaders?

Jabu and James Masing very religious also. He got his Lemambang. So don't play, play !

His Lemambang is the Incredible Hulk !!! So don't play play!

Mata Kuching said...

Malaysians have nothing to look forward to when UMNO controlled BN government is staring at the prospect of leading our country to bankruptcy in 9 years time.Every single Malaysians especially the rural poor have been held at ransom . In a well managed country and economy the landowners and farmers are usually earning above average income and becoming millionaires than those working in the offices and in the civil service. But in Malaysia the UMNOputras and BN warlords and even law enforcement officers are amongst the richest in the country which is expected to be bankrupt before we realise vision 2020 to be a developed country.

The rural Malays, Chinese, Dayaks, Kadazan, Dusun and Indians have always been used as pawn and held at ransom by UMNO controlled BN government for the last 52 years. We must not allow this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime to divide us by race and religion. We must unite in diversity and in the fear of GOD to kick out this regime which enriched themselves and sabotaged our economy and for leading our beloved country which has always been rich in resources, cultures and diversity down the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Ibans are kind of kind. But not so progressive esp. the rural Ibans.Hard to change their mindset in such backward, ulu longhouse settings.Once a while, an Iban will proudly proclaim, " Tu, Iban tu," while hitting his chest with a closed fist.

Proud as you may be, but in today's world, dynamism is better.