Wednesday, May 5

Who are against 1Malaysia concept?

1Malaysia concept as espoused by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should be accepted by all if it is to be implemented. In spirit or sloganeering alone is not enough; it must be implemented in deed and in action.

Under the concept “every race is equal” as Dr. James Masing, PRS president explained over Radio Iban some time ago.

But there are people, government departments, ministries and universities which are working against this concept.

For example, UiTM is one such organisation which does not practise 1Malaysia concept.

Starting 29 April until 7 May, UiTM campuses in the country are recruiting students who achieved only 4 credits to be adopted under “Destini anak Bansa” (literally it means the destiny of our children).

In its campus at Kota Samarahan, 500 students will be recruited for this programme for the various pre-university courses with food and lodging given free especially whose parents are earning RM500 or less per month.

The programme is ranging from six months to one year.

If you look into the programme, it appears that the UiTM staff and lecturers are concentrating only in Malay kampongs such as Tabuan Melayu, Sg. Apong, Kpg. Gita, Kpg. Tupong, Pusa, Bako, Senari, Gobil, Muara Tebas, Demak Laut, Semerah Padi, Buso, Kpg. Gedong, Simunjan, Asajaya, Limbang, Santubong, Mukah, Niah, Bekenu, Sematan, Lundu and Bintulu to name some of the kampongs.

Nothing is mentioned about Dayak Iban longhouses in places like Julau, Pakan, Meluan, Kanowit, Kapit, Selangau, Bukit Begunan and other Dayak Iban areas. Certainly, there are thousands of Dayak Iban students who only obtained 4 credits in last year SPM examination. And I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of Dayak Iban parents who are hardcore poor who also need help.

And at the same time all the teachers/lecturers who conduct the interviews are all Malays. But why are Dayak Iban lecturers not involved?

What the UiTM campus at Kota Samarahan is doing is certainly opening the eyes of Ibans and Iban leaders (if they can really open their eyes due to their eyes covered with greed, financial considerations and fear.)

This is only one organisation that is practising “Ketuanan Melayu”, and there are many departments, ministries and government agencies we know and we do not know that are practising this “Apartheid” policy.

Another case of injustice is the recent exercise in which some 800 students were interviewed for Public Service Commission scholarships to take up medicine, pharmacy, engineering, and etc in overseas universities. In Kuching alone, there were 300 students. In one stream of 185 students, there were only 11 Dayaksfour Ibans, one Orang Ulu and six Bidayuhs.

As far as the Kuching interview was concerned, this is indeed a very poor representation of the Ibans.

But can we blame the authorities for all these inconsistencies, unfairness and injustices? Certainly no! The Iban leaders themselves – the YBs and the Ministers - are to be blamed because they do not stand up and speak up for the Iban community.

Allow me to digress a little bit. I really appreciate what Dayak Bidayuhs like Peter Minos dare to demand (not ask) from the government. When they ask for one deputy minister, the federal government gives them not one, but two including the forthcoming appointment of my friend Richard Riot. The other is James Dawos. They also demand from SUPP that the post of chairman of Padawan Municipal Council be given to a Bidayuh or else SUPP and BN will lose two Bidayuh seats of Bengoh and Opar. They hold the government at ransom.

On top of that the Bidayuh community asked for RM4 million to repair or to renovate the DBNA building, the government not only obliged, but also gave them more than what they asked for.

And as for our Iban leaders, they do not stand up or speak up. Some of our YBs are just like the Iban expression “baka ramaong di rumah raong di tanah” (literally it means they are just like leopards/tigers in the house and toads on land). While at their constituencies or longhouses, they talk big, wanting to be heard by their wives and supporters, but in Parliament or State legislative assembly, they are sleeping. They are only “jagoh kampong” (local champions).

But there are others who are “raong di rumah ramaong di tanah”. While in the house they pretend to be very quiet, because they are scared of their wives, but outside they really enjoy themselves drinking in the company of beautiful women and singers. Some YBs keep not one mistress, but two or three. And I am not jealous when I point out this. Far from it. But what I want to stress here is that being a public figure representing our community, they should speak up and fight for the interest of the people who voted for them. Instead they are doing the apple polishing and womanizing.

No wonder Dayak Ibans do not get any respect from other communities, nor do they get anything from the government given the type of leaders we do have now. - The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

1Malaysia nama aja manah tang di belakang jaaauh sekali. Najib nyebut tu Muhidin lain,Ibrahim Ali PEKASA/Mahathir (racist)maia bepilih muboh ka duit, sapa empu duit nya , tentu duit rakyat aku enggau nuan lalu rega minyak/gas 5% diberi ka Sarawak kitai rakyat lalu gaga ati muji Najib.Tang Najib tu siko ari PM ti pemadu kutor, maioh kes bedau selesai, kati ko arap ka orang baka nya.

Apai Semalau said...

Since Umno the leader of BN stands on the "ketuanan Melayu" foundation, 1Malaysia is nothing more than another half baked political scam. Being race first then Malaysian doesn't give much credence to this "pluck from the air" concept. As for the university recruitment, they practise and brought over what they preach in semananjung. They conveniently ignore the fact that they are in Sarawak.
We don't need 1Malaysia. 1Malaysia is only for west malaysians. We are already 1Sarawak!

Anonymous said...

aku setuju seratus peratus enggau nuan unggal.
Indeed the bidayuh are more than the iban in any thing, be it scholarship, university entrance and worst still, in any govt either federal or state there are mor bidayuh than the iban.
I dont envy the bidayuh, but just to make a comparison. the bidayuh also a dayak.
Mana kita punya wakil rakyat! pergi mati lagi bagus!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps u may want to check this fact. There are many reasons as to why only the Malay students are selected for this program. I don't think UITM purposely concentrate on the Malays alone if it's not for the aims/visions of the program.

Anonymous said...

Please highlight this matter to the Pengarah of UiTM Sarawak. And make this matter known to the public as well as it involves public funds. Sikit2 melayu, sikit2 melayu...poorrahhh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"When they ask for one deputy minister, the federal government gives them not one, but two including the forthcoming appointment of my friend Richard Riot. The other is James Dawos. They also demand from SUPP that the post of chairman of Padawan Municipal Council be given to a Bidayuh or else SUPP and BN will lose two Bidayuh seats of Bengoh and Opar. They hold the government at ransom." - what is the point to have even the whole cabinet replaced by the Bidayuh/Iban if they cannot carry out their work to serve the rakyat? Setakat jadi puppet/muppet, baik tak payah!!!

"They hold the government at ransom." - who is actually at ransom? was it the Bidayuh people or the government? or the power-lust Bidayuh leaders?

"On top of that the Bidayuh community asked for RM4 million to repair or to renovate the DBNA building, the government not only obliged, but also gave them more than what they asked for." - what did the ordinary rakyat of the Bidayuh community get in return from the money contributed to renovate the DBNA building?

Anonymous said...

"Some YBs keep not one mistress, but two or three." - PLease reveal all of their names. the rakyat deserve to know the leaders they pick to serve the rakyat!!

Banting said...

1Malaysia concept is just a slogan. It is just rhetoric. A good example is the imbalance of races in the civil service, more than 80 per cent are Malays. Is this 1Malaysia or 1Malay?

Anonymous said...

"Starting 29 April until 7 May, UiTM campuses in the country are recruiting students who achieved only 4 credits to be adopted under “Destini anak Bansa” (literally it means the destiny of our children)." - Wahhh...only 4 credits also can get adopted meh? just like schools' drop-out lah...tak apa lah, kasi diaorang lah itu program...we people are not drop-out what..

Dayak Maju said...

Jetty, you may want to know that UiTM Swak did send a team, led by the Campus Director himself, on an academic mission to Bario, of which the majority group is the Kelabits.

Anonymous said...

Dulu minta ampun ngagai semua bala kaban ka bisi ditu ari punjong pala nyentok ka tunjok kaki. Lama endar udah merati ka pengawa enggau ulah bala wakil rakyat bansa kitai Iban ka dikarap ka kitai ngari negi ka bansa kitai ngambi ka bansa kitai tau mansang ba semua segi lalu enda tinggal jauh ari bansa bukai. Aku enggau naka penyinu meda bansa kitai Iban disipil ba semua segi ka enda ibuh di rintai dipejurai aku ditu. Bansa kitai Iban pemadu pemayoh enti dibanding enggau bansa urang bukai di Sarawak ditu. Kita anang saru laban aku nadai ati lalu ukai deka mai kitai bepecah ari bansa Dayak ka bukai. Tang kitai mesti nulong bansa kitai empu dulu, ianya bansa kitai Iban sebedau kitai nulong bansa Dayak ka bukai. Enda Ibuh aku manding jauh, uji kitai manding ngagai bansa Kelabit, raban sida ia chukup mimit tang laban sida ia begempong teguh satu ati, sida ia lebih mansang ba semua segi. Bansa sida ia selalu dipuji sampai ka PM pan chukup pechaya ka bansa sida tu. Asal usul bansa kitai Iban dulu kelia endang bansa ka chukup manah enggau pangan diri serakup lalu bepegai teguh ba janji, laban kitai takut busung, takut disumpah, takut tulah lalu chukup adat basa, takut nyadi tugung pemula. Ketegal ari aki ini kitai kelia beserakup nya meh kebuah kitai maju dulu kelia menya, bepun ari sida kitai berumah panjai, betulung besukung, beduruk. Kitai dibasa lalu diketakut ka laban kitai begempung. Tang diatu kitai udu ka bepechah. Diatu kitai dikumbai urang bansa ka chukup beli, bansa ka mudah dibeli sampai ka kitai nyau dipuntang ka urang nama dikumbai urang macham-macham. Salah munyi jaku, kitai ngena bansa Iban aja ngangkat ka bansa kitai enti kitai beserakup, kitai ulih pulai nyadi bansa ka dibasa baka dulu kelia menya. Ajar urang tuai dulu kelia madah ka kitai mesti ngiring pangan diri,ngambi ka idup kitai selamat. Ia ka singkung tulung ia buta ema! Enti kitai bula tulah mati busung kok sumpah sida ia! Enda baka ka makai chabi angat tekala nya, tang ia makai enti enda kena ba tubuh kitai ba tubuh uchu-ambu ichit-wit kitai.

Anonymous said...

Dayak Maju said...
"Jetty, you may want to know that UiTM Swak did send a team, led by the Campus Director himself, on an academic mission to Bario, of which the majority group is the Kelabits."

What is your point dear sir?

Seymour Cakes said...

Very interesting. I urge the readers of this blog to join us in "2Malaysia Facebook group" for constructive discussions on this matters.

I hope to see you there.!/group.php?gid=326317306278

Anonymous said...

it's not about for or's just crap! nobody wants crap!

Anonymous said...

Are the Malays here starting to ape Umno or is it a case of too many West Malaysia Malay teachers and lecturers in Sarawak? Is this the beginning of Umnomisation of Sarawak? Time for us to reflect and do something about it.

Fading hope said...

Just read what mahathir have said about looking after their own malay race. Even such racist statement from a past leader. Imagine where are we all standing. Now mahathir have reconfirm what umno leaders are. They just want our votes and nothing else. After you vote for them they will marginalized you, leaving you to rot. If you don't vote for them they will threaten you with sanctions. See where this country is heading.I really have lost faith in this gov't.

OutdorsMan said...

I do agree on you comment there , however i think theirs 1 thing that the iban will have and the bidayuh will lose ( my opinion ) which is their language.

I hope the YBs and Elected representatives will do something so that our native language does not just disappear , not just for bidayuh but also the other Dayak out there.

Anonymous said...

i wish to add here sir. i agree with the concept as there are many areas lacking in such concept in practice. one is lack of opportunities in business.
take for example, dayak businessmen seem to be lacking in business dealings with local agencies. i for one is being sidelined as almost 100 percent (i mean really hundred percent of the contracts)awarded to the non bumis through bumis licences in Saratok District Council(elsewhere not spared)(UPK take note).
where is 1 malaysia concept? it would be most unfortunate if those in powers assume that only non-bumis are capable of doing business. Pricewise, we are competitive; and why is it our officer doubt their own kinds abilities?
so walk the talk. its a shame that a nice plaque bearing the symbol of 1 malaysia, hanging on saratok district council office does not manifest itself in its own practice. to the non-bumis, please share the wealth of this country called malaysia for a better future.

Mata Kuching said...

Malaysians will never be treated equal. UMNO will divide us into grateful Malaysians if we supported UMNO controlled BN and ungrateful Malaysians or even traitors if we supported Pakatan.

Rural Dayaks have been the most grateful lots for the past 47 years under BN rule although 70 to 80% of Sarawak have no basic amenities like water and electricity.

Who are to be blamed for such pathetic situation and environment that confined the Dayaks to not only subservient to BN and its abusive and oppressive policies, and almost making the Dayaks to become slaves and beggars to UMNO controlled BN in their own homeland called Sarawak.

What is the responsibility and moral obligation of all Dayaks who are genuinely concerned about the current state of affairs affecting the community?

The truth can only be found fast and the sad and pathetic situation be corrected by stopping UMNO controlled BN from gaining more power at the expense of all Malaysians living in Sarawak and Sabah. The Dayaks must vote DAP and YB Wong Ho Leng of Pakatan in the Sibu by-election to send a strong message to Putrajaya.

Rebak baru said...

Iban is the biggest race in Sarawak and yet they are being bullied by the minority group.

Our Iban leaders have no guts, only concerned of themselves. Are they not ashamed to see their own community are being bullied by the minority?

Coward and not trustworthy! Good in talking, but all rubbish.

Anonymous said...

The rot has already set in our beautiful Sarawak long ago ... its just that Sarawakians never cared or were just bought over by these devious politicians they so trustingly elected.Lets be honest we Sarawakians are a naive lot and I will put that collectively easy to fool and so cheap to buy..and so uneducated ... look at the state of our development and finances and that of west Malaysia of us have woken up and are fighting for our rights but the unfortunate fact is that our politicians are of poor calibre interested only in personal gains.
Look at our interior and the lack of improvement in infrastructure and other amenities... and the excuses the wakil puke when quesioned and still we buy their stories.
Poor poor gullible Sarawakians.. you deserve all you get and never will get if you don't do something.

Lost and lost.

Anonymous said...

Can we dayaks/bidayuh aim to educate all our children to at least to a diploma level like the jews did.

The Jews succeed in every field because they put top priority on education. With education we can achieve anything in life. Anang kita allocate money on nyirup, sabung ayam etc etc. Allocate 30% - 50% of our income on our children education. Make it a promise then we dayaks one day can be a successful race.

Mata Kuching said...

Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah be made aware that if the national issue on the ban of the word Allah for use by Christains in their Bahasa Malaysia language services religious publication, Bibles and CDs does not resonate and was not enforced in these two states as claimed by SUPP leaders, why was there a directive to ban the issue from been raised in ceramah? For the record, the SIB church of Sarawak and Sabah have yet to get back all their religious materials confiscated by the BN governmet and a court hearing has been slated for June 2010.

If this is a sensitive issue, do not ban the use of the word Allah to refer to God by all Christains in the National language in the first place.

What is BN Sarawak and SUPP’s stance on a proposed gathering in Trengganu on May 13 to commemorate an ugly episode in our nation’s history 41 years ago. The gathering is supposely organised by a government agency and a Malay group called Gertak with the theme “Malay arise”. It is not only irresponsible but most uncivilised of the UMNO controlled BN to close one eye to such activity which promote hatred and extremism. The gathering will be attended by 45 Malay NGOs and Dr Mahathir.

It makes Malaysians wonder if Najib’s public relation team has inadvertently add in the “sia” to the word 1Malaysia when Najib intends it to be 1Malay??

Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah will certainly be suspicious of UMNO’s long term intention to colonize the Borneo states.

Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah have more reasons now to vote out UMNO controlled BN in these two states and entrust our power to Pakatan to form the government at federal and our Borneo states.

The shocking record with the Income tax department showed that less than 8% of the working populations in Sarawak and Sabah are paying tax as the rest are earning less than RM2,000 a month and need not pay tax.

Is this a proud achievement for UMNO controlled BN for the last 50 years? Is this the reason why BN government wants Malaysians to be grateful for not having to pay income tax at all?

In a properous and progressive nation 90% of its working populations will be happily paying income tax.

Wait no more! Vote out this corrupted regime dominated by UMNO. Malaysians in Sarawak and Sabah must take the lead to change the UMNO controlled BN and install a new government. Vote Pakatan to be our new government.