Tuesday, June 8

Street fighters verses Gangsters and corruptors!

The defeat of the Sarawak United People’s Party at the recently concluded Sibu by-election is too much for the party leaders to accept so much so that they behave like a cry-baby.

And the loss is the more bitter when the party was defeated at its home ground, which it has controlled and “ruled” non-stop for the past 20 years and at the same time it dashed the hope of the so-called visionary team to transform Sibu into a modern city equipped with the first class infrastructure.

And one of the members of the team was Robert Lau Hoi Chew whose death on 9 April sparked of the by-election on 16 May.

In the by-election, SUPP-BN candidate Robert Lau Hui Yew was defeated by DAP-Pakatan candidate Richard Wong Ho Leng by a slim majority of 398 votes.

Hui Yew obtained 18,447 votes as against Ho Leng’s 18,845. In the 2008 parliamentary election Ho Leng was defeated by Hui Chew’s cousin, Robert Lau Hoi Chew by 3235 vote majority.

In reality Ho Leng’s majority should be 3633 votes (3235+398).

SUPP leaders were deeply disappointed with the defeat and they could not take it so much so that they behave like a cry-baby blaming the defeat on the West Malaysian style of politics being introduced into the by-election.

But what SUPP really fear is that the tsunamic effect of the loss may create political waves that may wipe out the seats that the party is holding now such as Pelawan, Bawang Assan (both under the Sibu parliamentary constituency), Dudong, Repok, Batu Kawah, Pujut, Senadin and Piasau (all these Chinese majority seats) and mixed seats like Simanggang, Opar and Bengoh.

It has already lost eight seats including seven Chinese majority seats to the Opposition in the 2006 State election.

And the fear of SUPP becoming a mosquito party is staring them at their face. And the fear is clearly mentioned by its president George Chan when he cautioned that the unexpected loss should serve as a “warning” to all BN component parties to live up to the people’s expectation or risk losing their support.

“Would this reflect on the things to come in the next election? I don’t know. If we look at it from a different angle, what happened in Sibu is definitely a good lesson to SUPP,” he said to reporters.

But in comforting and consoling SUPP, State Barisan Nasional leaders tell its leaders not to worry too much, after all the defeat is a small loss.

“After all, it is a small loss and it will not affect the State election,” said Asfia Awang Nasar, Speaker of State Legislative Assembly.

State Barisan Chairman Taib Mahmud told SUPP that its defeat in Sibu would not reflect the overall support of the majority of the people towards the Barisan Nasional.

James Masing, President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak, agreed that the loss was a small defeat and would not have impact to the BN in the coming state election, because it did not reflect the true support of the people for the Barisan Nasional.

Asking SUPP not to worry too much, Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party President William Mawan Ikom said that the BN would win back the seat in the next general election.

“With the government’s commitment in taking care of the people, we should be able to get back the people’s trust and win back Sibu in the coming general election,” he said.

State BN secretary general Stephen Rundi blamed the defeat on the West Malaysian style of politics being introduced into the State,

“We don’t want this trend to come to Sarawak. And I advise those West Malaysian parties not to instigate this issue (religion) because in Sarawak we believe that Chinese, Ibans, Malays and Melanaus can eat and sit together in the same restaurant,” he said.

Now the question being asked is whether Robert Lau Hui Yew was the right candidate for the by-election knowing he is coming from a very wealthy family. Although SUPP and BN leaders kept quiet about his background during the campaign period, his background became an issue in the by-election.

Many regarded the by-election as the fight between the poor, the neglect and the down-trodden pitted against the rich and the famous.

“You know who his father is?” asked Baru Bian, chairman of PKR Sarawak.

Hui Yew’s father is Lau Swee Nguong, the chairman of KTS group of companies which are involved in timber and timber-related businesses, huge oil palm plantations, in printing and in newspaper business owning The Borneo Post, Utusan Borneo and See Hua Daily News.

“I know his father, because I have two court cases brought against Lau Swee Nguong for allegedly taking away native customary rights land from the Ibans,” said Baru, the NCR land lawyer.

The two cases will be heard very soon, he added.

As we see it, the Sibu by-election was a fight between what Abang Johari said the politics of “street fighters” or a "Taiwanese style" of campaigning of the Opposition as against BN’s gangster’s style of intimidation and corruption.

For example, at Robert Lingga’s longhouse, a group of Barisan Youths came to the longhouse and started shouting and beating empty tins trying to cause disturbances and noises while Opposition leaders were addressing the longhouse folks. The Opposition leaders kept their cool. It was understood they were paid RM300 to cause the disturbances by one MP (cannot name him because he likes to sue people). He walked like a gangster from one end of the longhouse to the other and asked Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem: “Who are you?”

Tajem replied: “I am Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem.” Imagine someone like him who does not know Tajem if not for his sheer arrogance?

The other gangster’s politics practised by BN was the firing of firecrackers that lasted for 20 minutes in Sibu town itself in the evening of 14 May, drowning the voice of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim while he addressed a crowd of 10,000 people. The BN was unhappy when they in the same evening addressed about 500 people. The firing of the firecrackers made thousands of people angry, and because of this, they perhaps voted for the Opposition.

Of course the BN used of money to buy votes, the promise of financial allocations to various projects. If these are not corruption and bribery, what is it then? – The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Watch Doggie said...

Please submit any Malaysian Cover up to

Yes Malaysia boleh leak too.

Banting said...

It seems that SUPP is slowly losing support from the Chinese community. Now the party is trying to win the hearts of Bidayuh community when MPs from the community were upset over exclusion from Najib`s cabinets.

But now Bidayuhs have two federal deputy ministers.

The next issue to be on watch is the post of Chairman of Padawan Municipal Council(MPP). Peter Minos had warned that "The Bidayuh are not going to keep quiet any more and it will not be a surprise if SUPP loses Bengoh and Opar in the coming state election if the party insists on a Chinese as MPP chairman."

On the other hand, DAP Sarawak`s secretary Chong Chieng Jen said that all this while SUPP always propagated that it was a party which represented the Chinese and questioned the party why did they select Richard Riot for the deputy minister whereas SUPP itself has some eligible candidates.

It appears that George Chan is in `pressure` from both sides to select the new MPP chairman.

George Chan said the appointment of MPP chairman is expected to be announced sometime in in mid-June.Let on watch!

Apai Semalau said...

Seems like its okay to import west Malaysian brand of politics in the form of vote buying (UMNO style), corruption, and bribery. Doesn't it show that this Yb. speaks with a folk tongue. Why the double standard? The bottom line is, voters have had enough of the prolific lies meted out by BN in every elections. As a matter of fact, what happened to the many promises made in Lubok Antu more than 12 months ago? BN won and the people there are still waiting for their basic needs of water, electricity etc????
Come the next election,SUPP will be irrelevant. Sadly its not longer the "sa'ati" party that we once knew.

Mata Kuching said...

Today will be the 36th day I had stopped reading The Borneo Post. To be fair I had stopped reading Sarawak Tribune and later Eastern Times more than 8 years ago. Never in a day have I ever felt I missed out on something in my life! I actually felt good and hope Sarawakians will switch to alternative media and give the biased and bullshitting main stream media a miss.

The Tsunami warning has been sounded but its too late for UMNO controlled BN Sarawak and Taib's days as the paramount chief lanun are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Due to all this upheaval, a new power will rise during the state election for the rural seats and it won't be PKR. SUPP will be long gone but PKR will not be able to take advantage due to their own infighting. Now it seems calm but there is some movement with people jostling to be in the right position. The question these potential candidates should ask is where is the money? If now also no preparations then you got no chance. Unless PKR only wanna concentrate on Ba Kelalan?

Sibu side sure wipe out. No need to do anything also SUPP will lose. Georgie boy blame everyone but himself. Kesian but it will be too late. He is the Chinese version of Semi Value. Don't know when to stop.

Chee-Ban Ma-lieng said...


Itu Be-end se ka lang sudah manyak kurang mijak. Lu lu selalu me -nan'a pilih laya kerana kuat le hai tipu undi. Se ka lang Tipu undi pun pandai kalah. a yo yo, Bagus jangan tipu kalau tidak pandai tipu.

Anonymous said...

still the poorest iban community voted for kts boss son....iban memang gone case...segik tuyuk..

Anonymous said...

My dear friend it is too early to declare victory. This is not a national elections. Hence people tend to vote on local issues. When it comes to National elections you will see that voting patterns will be different. The only way to change that is for those who are elected to the opposition bench show that they are different from the ruling class and do exhbit characteristics associated with them.

Anonymous said...

can someone from DAP/PKR look into the rumour that a huge piece of government land at Jalan Maxwell, where some old civil servant quarters were demolished has been given to the CM's relative. was this done legally? of just another corruption? this is purely speculation on my part and not based on evidence but i would like it looked into by opposition to ensure it was done fairley and all the proper guidlines were followed and the land survey was done, land premiums paid etc

Hang SUPP said...

From the coffeeshop talk, I can say I'm very sure that SUPP will be buried for good in this coming election.If not 100% correct, at least 99% correct. Ask the people around in Sibu and they will roughly tell you that with George Chan at helm, SUPP is surely heading for the grave.
I don't know why all the SUPP top gun are quiet. Surely they must have known what is coming their way. Maybe the Sibu top guns are just pretending as if all is fine. or are they just waiting for this downfall which will be blame solely on George Chan, thus finishing him off.
Like what Mahathir says..if you cannot win than make trouble.

chapchai said...

A small loss? If Sibu was considered "small" and therefore of no significance why did Najib join the hustings and promise bags of goodies should Lau win?

Mata Kuching said...

Is Taib Mahmud politically stronger than all the Dayaks leaders? The answer is a definite NO. So long as the Dayaks leaders in PBB, SPDP and PRS did not accumulate any business debts or living on bank overdrafts, these leaders can tell Taib to kiss their asses. As for the rakyat , regardless if they live in poverty they can tell all the self serving politicians and law makers to kiss their asses too! So you can see who are the real BOSSES now? Of course the real BOSSES are the rakyat who can tell the self serving politicians and law makers in UMNO controlled BN to kiss their asses and use the ballot papers to wipe off their saliva before voting them out. UMNO controlled BN has been sleep walking in their talk for the past 52 years! Enough is Enough. Lets tell Najib, Taib, George, Jabu, Masing , Mawan and their corrupted and authoritarian regime to kiss our asses. KISS OUR ASSES BN!