Friday, June 4

Gawai Dayak has added meaning to Simunjan people

The 2010 Gawai Dayak has an added meaning to the longhouse people along the Simunjan Road because they are able to have contacts with the outside world after the installation of an ICT tower in the Kpg. Ruan area, all because of the efforts of YB Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum, Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Culture.

Many overseas workers who were unable to return for the Gawai Dayak were able to contact their parents and relatives. For instance, my son, Rudy Tawie, who is studying for his PhD (civil engineering) in South Korea, was able to contact our Kpg. Sungai Semabang, Simunjan to convey his Gawai greetings to us.

It was indeed a very happy moment and a very special meaning to us to be able to speak to my son and his family. We would like to express our sincere thanks to YB Datuk Salang.

We were also able to use our internet connections through Celcom broadband and followed what was happening around the country especially on the minor cabinet reshuffle announced by Prime Minister Najib.

However, the services need to be upgraded as the lines sometimes “putus”.

While I conveyed our Gawai Dayak greetings to YB Datuk Salang, I also informed him of our problems. He promised to speak to the local authorities to improve the ICT services in the Simunjan area.

Meanwhile, Gawai Dayak was celebrated modestly by the people of our village. It was an occasion to meet our relatives and friends.

The Gawai began with the drinking of “ai Pengayu” (long life water) at the stroke of midnight on 31 May. This was followed by various cultural events till the early morning of the 1 June.

At 10.00 am, all the people of Sungai Semabang gathered at the ruai of Tuai Rumah Sipi Anak Narang where the festival continued with cultural performances, drinking and eating.

Later in the afternoon, all they came to our humble house where delicious foods such as pansoh manok, panggang manok, pansoh jani, and so on were served to the pengabang (visitors).


Jetty's family members after the drinking of "ai Pengayu". They have to open their shirts in order to get rid of 'bad luck' and welcome the new Gawai spirit.

Mr. Juah performing the "ngajat"


Anonymous said...

Re installation of ICT tower in rural areas by YB Datuk Salang is a proof of BN government is caring for the people. The government which is not just shouting here and there.

So Joseph Tawie, I hope you can differentiate a fresh apple and a rotten apple, a beautiful woman and an ugly woman.

Anonymous said...

With so much wasted, billions on Bakun and now SESCO stripped bare of valuable assets, not just, one tower, a dozen should have been in place.

Check H E R E what the gomen is doing with TM ! Snooping ! Better tell the womenfolk so they don't snoop on females! ;)


Uchu aki Biat said...

What to be proud of by installation of ICT? In fact, after 47 years we have been ruled by BN government, rural folks should have everything - specific needs of the rural communities, such as tar roads, bridges, electricity, water supply and telephones.

Can`t you see, about 70 per cent of rural areas in Sarawak have not linked with trunk roads, even a big town like Kapit, Song, Dalat, Marudi, needless to say some other small towns in sub-districts.

The hardcore poor in rural areas are forgotten, lack of educational facilities, nutritious food and health care.

Anonymous said...

Kasih amai ninga kitu tu kelalu sempit penemu dikeduan sitan. Kati ngelama tu "bad luck" enda oleh keluar ketegal disempal baju? Bro, "Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need"
nya baru gaya orang ti arap ka Allah Taala.Pasuk ka baru baju kitanya.

Kev said...

The last time I was in Simunjan was in 1993 as a teacher, and I believe things have changed dramatically beyond recognition since then.

Perhaps you could post some pix on the town - i wonder what it looks like now.

- Cheers -

Robin Hood said...

What so great about this ICT tower. Jetty, you are just publicizing peanuts. Just for you to speak with your son is so great whereas you know there are millions who just couldn't afford a handphone.What Salang have done is what the rakyat deserve. i think he should have done more for the dayaks in sarawak's interior where the poor rural folks need special assistance.
Come on,Jetty, don't just be so easily satisfied. You shouls have travel to the upper Rejang and see for yourself how those rural folks suffer. The polluted rivers, the barren land with all the trees stolen,the damage logging roads,etc are everywhere. put some of these pictures in your blog and not those pictures that only show your enjoyment .
Let the rural folks have some form of publicity so that the town people will know what really happen in the interior.

Anonymous said...


having taxed the rakyat yearly..whichever party rules the government is duty bound to distribute the nation's wealth equally back to the needy..development is the responsibility of the ruling coalition do you explain the NCR Land issues...tanah bala dayak ka di ambi perintah?

..since joining MALAYA to form Malaysia, we have never been ruled by any other coalition OTHER THAN the BN...why are we always the discriminated lot?


..anang saru meda indu' ka bajik .....enti iya antu koklir..abis telu' pelir kitai laban iya...

..anang kelalu maioh ngirup tuak...enggai ka beli' dipeda' orang


Apai Semalau said...

Typical iban dayak mentality? Nothing personal. Just one ICT tower is enough to buy you over? In the Sibu buy-election it was $300 per dayak.
Lest you forget, the necessities in life is more important than the telephone. What our longhouses need most now are Water and Electricity. We can do and live without cell phone!
Wake up Jetty! Bring it to the attention of Salang that we need water and electricity NOT ICT tower. By the way how many Ibans can effort cell phones when they are living hand to mouth each day??

Anonymous said...

While one ought to say thank you for anything that is really meaningful towards his life, we should not forget that there are many more rural Ibans being denied this ICT facilities.

My fellow Ibans in Upper Katibas, Upper Ngemah, Upper Krian, Upper Lemanak ans so forth have not enjoyed this IT thing.

The government should have done all these sort of things years ago.

The government is ONLY expected to carrry it out.

Mata Kuching said...

Such rural project for the benefits of the rural populace has been long overdued but we appreciated it after having voting for BN for the last 48 years.

Having said that, with the availability of internet connectivity, we hope more rural people will take themselves to a higher level of informal education, by freeing themselves of both mental and economic slavery.

The rural folks must continue to be persistent in their demand for development and other socio-economic benefits which have yet to reach their longhouses and villages. They must stand their ground on their right to ownership of NCR land and ancestral land inherited by them.

More importantly, the rural folks must not be afraid to work with Pakatan and give Pakatan a chance to implement a speedier and more transparent rural development program when they form the government.

Anonymous said...

["...The government is ONLY expected to carrry it out.. ..." -June 6, 2010 12:16 PM ]

When there are assumptions and there are perceptions and when reality sucks, you know you've been had.

Actually, to PBB people, it is our privilege to be citizens and to pay taxes. They have no duties and obligations but to squander public funds. The likes of Taib and Jabu suit many "penyamuns" who are simply kaki pukul.

Taib and Jabu will tell you smugly Sibu was lost because of outsiders. That's the darker side of midnight. Taib, Jabu and Georgie Chan are all simply "penyamuns", kaki pukul and parasites!


Anonymous said...

ICT tower ? how many u want ? ask u BN gangs to return oil blocks L&M

engelingkong said...

Unggal Joe,
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Laun meri tabi gawai laban ke baru muka email.
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