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Who have “Broken Ideas”?

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang on 22 May during the blessing ceremony of new Salcra building in Kota Samarahan dismissed bloggers who constantly criticise him as having “broken ideas”.

He said he had no time to quarrel with bloggers who wrote negative stories about him, particularly his involvement in Salcra.

“Some say that I have been overstayed my welcome at Salcra, but they are the ones who have broken ideas,” said the Salcra chairman, describing the bloggers as armchair critics who knew nothing about oil palm schemes.

“If they can achieve even 10% of Salcra’s performace, I will salute them,” he said.

He also expressed disappointment with a group of bloggers who attended a Salcra briefing on its oil palm schemes.

On the appointed date, they brought outsiders who were not part of their group but were busybodies from non-governmental organisations.

Jabu also slammed Democratic Action Party (DAP) for trying to stop native customary rights (NCR) land owners from participating in government eradication programmes.

This resulted in the loss of opportunity for them to earn higher income and improve their livelihood.

“This very negative attitude of DAP has slowed down the pace of development and transformation and caused the NCR land owners to remain poor,” he said.

The question is: who are actually have “broken ideas” the bloggers or Jabu?

To me Jabu has “broken ideas” because what he says are those he had said several times before. He continues to repeat them for umpteenth times. He has no more ideas; his ideas are out-dated or to use his own words “broken ideas”. He should be replaced by younger people like James Masing, Douglas Uggah and William Mawan.

I remember reading his challenge that if anyone could achieve 10% of Salcra performance, he would resign as Salcra chairman. On this Henry Joseph of Terepong Dunya Aki Andan blog challenged Jabu to a debate. Jabu made no response.

Actually Salcra production of palm oil is far below par as compared with it other plantations. Even yearly dividends given out to Salcra participants are paled in comparison with the daily earnings of smallholders from RM500 to RM1,500. It means monthly the earnings are RM5,000 to RM15,000.

On the question of bloggers attending a Salcra briefing, Jabu was simply lying as there was no invitation for bloggers to attend the briefing. It was Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) which wished to have a briefing with them, but Salcra cancelled the briefing when three other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were present.

Jabu’s mention of DAP trying to stop the natives from participating in joint ventures has also been said several times in the past even in the Council Negeri.

Of course Jabu’s accusation is not true. I am not trying to defend DAP. What DAP was trying to tell the public was that Jabu and his cronies have some interests in oil palm plantations.

Let us see who owns the following:

(1). Durafarm Sdn Bhd, Suite 502, Tingkat 5, Crown Towers, Kuching has three areas: Lot 17 Block 5 Bijat Land District, Simanggang – 26.625 ha; Lot 21 Block 12 Bijat Land District – 1248 ha; Lot 9 Block 3 Skrang Land District – 307.2 ha.

Total approved 1581.825 ha for 60 years on 4 December 2000. Contact person is Robert Lawson Chuat, YB for Bukit Saban, a nephew of Jabu.

(2). Durafam at the same address has five areas: Lot 30 Block 12, Paku Land District, Betong – 110.6 ha; Lot 1 Block 15 Paku Land District, Betong – 936 ha; Lot 219 Block 7 Batu Api Land District, Betong – 969 ha; Lot 36 Block 12 Batu Api Land District, Betong – 437 ha; and Lot 38 Block 12 Batu Api Land District, Betong – 219.5 ha.

Total approved 2672.1 ha for 60 years on 1 March 2005. Contact person is Robert Lawson Chuat, YB for Bukit Saban.

(3). Ever Herald Sdn Bhd, Suite 6.12 (1st Floor) Kueh Hock Kui Commercial Centre, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching has three areas: Lot 8 Block 23 Sablor Land District, Btg. Layar/Btg. Lupar – 250 ha; Lot 1 Block 24 Sablor Land District, Btg. Layar/Btg. Lupar – 770 ha; and Lot 3 Block 25 Sablor Land District, Btg. Layar/Btg. Lupar – 1853 ha.

Total approved 2873 ha for 60 years on 9 August 2004. Contact person is Henry Jantum, a close associate of Jabu.

(4). Ever Herald Sdn Bhd has three areas: Lot 180 Block 1 Bijat Land District, Simanggang – 134 ha; Lot 4 Block 2 Bijat Land District – 1930 ha; and Lot 160 Block 3 Bijat Land – 63 ha.

Total approved 2127 ha on 2 July 2004. Contact person is Henry Jantum, a close associate of Jabu.

(5). Utahol Sdn Bhd, Crown Towers, 5th Floor 88 Jalan Pending, Kuching has three areas: Lot 3682 Panduran Land District, Ulu Medamit, Limbang – 3,610.00 ha; Lot 1 Long Napir Land District, Ulu Medamit, Limbang – 2090.00 ha; and Lot 5 Long Napir Land District, Ulu Medamit, Limbang – 1,200 ha.

Total approved 6900 ha on 23 May 2000. Contact person is Gerald Rentap anak Alfred Jabu.

If you want more details as to who are the owners/directors, you need to go to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

On Jabu’s admission that he overstayed his welcome as chairman of Salcra Board of directors, it is simply because he has personal interests in Salcra.

Who has some contracts like the supply of fertilizers and the transportation of oil palm fruits?

Being Land Development Minister James Masing should be the chairman of Salcra board of directors as Salcra is under his charge. Jabu simply refuses to give in. Both went to Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud about it. It appears that Taib still wants Jabu to continue to be the chairman of Salcra.

On this subject of Salcra, I have heard rumours that funds of Salcra participants may be used to finance the Betong Regatta next month. I hope it is not true. However, scheme participants should keep an eye. If the funds are misused and abused, get some details and lodge a report with MACC and the Police. – The Broken Shield

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Anonymous said...

I dream of the day when our ruling politicians become something like the Japanese;honorable,principled and with integrity..the PM resigns when he has broken a promise to the people who elected him,ministers do the same but ours ?
I cringe when I read about their doings in places of office their press statements their response to questions.Looks like it will only be a dream for our poor poor country.

Sad Sack

Uchu aki Biat said...

Yes, Jabu claimed bloggers unappreciative of him and Salcra.

He even challenged the bloggers if they could produce at least 10 per cent of what Salcra has done over the years, then he would consider them as genuine in helping the people.

He said, " If I am not patient and I listen to the people who discourage me, Salcra will not be succesful as it it is today."

Anonymous said...

Jabu's habit is that he is fond of repeating events that happened 20 or 30 years ago. E.g. he claimed that the DAP demonstrated against the NCR development in Kanowit some 20 or 25 years ago. he repeated this claim many times. For the record, the DAP was right to stage demonstration, now that the NCR land owners have taken the plantation company to court for breach of contract.

Banting said...

Very simple, if anyone had used his public office for his pecuniary gain, he was committing an offence of bribery.

Secondly, where a person had actively participated in the decision making, thus had some pecuniary interest in the sense that he was going to benefit from his decision, he was abusing his power, therefore tantamount to committing an offence of bribery.

Anyone who has a proof that a `public officer` (public body) has these two elements of corrupt practices, should lodge a report to MACC for investigation.

Mata Kuching said...

You were right Mr Taib Mahmud to say that the Bumiputras in Sarawak which I believe you were referring to the rural poor, needed the government to help them because they knew they were poor and lived a very difficult life BUT these rural poor have yet to tell you that they need a new government to help them!

Mr Taib Mahmud, you can’t fool all the rural poor all the times and even your own Melanaus are voting against you. Only a Bodoh Sombong like you will like to think the Bumiputras votes are already in your bag. Bring it on Mr Taib, dissolve the DUN now and call for state election.

Anonymous said...

Read this and judge for yourself what politician are...

The whole 15 Billion Ringgit Bakun dam project (Supposed to produce 2400 Mw) was conceived by corrupt Mahathir to steal the 10 Billion ringgit worth of Timber from the Chief Minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud who “owns” all the Timber in Sarawak.
The timber from the forest the size of Singapore (otherwise would be extracted by the CM) is now stolen by Mahathir as Bakun is a federal project. Mahathir asked his favorite crony Ting Pek King to extract the Timber. Ting Pek King Subcontracts the extraction to Hii Chang Pee who underreported the volume extracted thereby ‘cheating’ Ting. Mr.Hii subsequently had a high profile court case with Ting. That is another story.
Hee just opened his new "Pullman Hotel", 2 years after Ting's "Four Points Sheration", both in Kuching.
Ting is building another Sheraton in Miri, his 2nd hometown, after Bintangor his birthplace.
Now Bakun can provide enough electricity to supply Sarawak’s need 4 times over. Yet Taib Mahmud wants to build another dam Murun,amongst many.
His brother in law Aziz Hussein runs the company building the dams. His sister's company provides the construction work. Taib’s company CMS is producing the cement! And he also controls and profit from the steel imports!
Now Sarawak electrical company Sesco is now privatized and owned by the CM Taib and his ministers who call it Sarawak Energy Bhd. Taib does not want to buy the electricity from Bakun because of his Timber 10 billion worth was stolen by Mahathir, therefore he wanted to build another 900 M v Murun dam upstream from Bakun costing 5 billion (1/3 the size of Bakun) Now Murun is 10% completed and need more funds which international banks will not lend to Taib’s company Sarawak Energy because it is privately owned by Taib and his cabinet. So Taib now wants to reverse ‘privatize’ the Sarawak Energy company after striping the assets to the government of Sarawak and then obtain loans from foreigners.
So they say Rio Tinto an Australian co is interested to use the Bakun electricity which is not true. Then they say a Chinese co maybe keen. This is a lie as the federal groups now realize Bakun is becoming a white elephant.
Now the 600 mile cable from Bakun to west Malaysia has to pass 70% of the way near few islands owned by Indonesia and only 30% of the way is Malaysia owned. So Indonesia has not given permission and is also not keen on to buy Bakun electricity as it cannot afford. There is not a single company in the world that can make a 600 mile long cable. The electricity loss would be tremendous. (80 %?) And the earth quakes would break the cable. Sabotage and damage due to ships anchors and other passing ships have to be factored in.
I would not be surprised Bakun will produce electricity in few years time but remain a white elephant – much to the credit of the reckless and corrupt PM Mahathir with many stupid ideas and corrupted CM of Sarawak Taib Mahmud who is reputed to be one of the richest men on earth.
"A Malaysian observer

Mata Kuching said...

Allow me this space to highlight a flaw and mischievious claim by Najib and his deputy that Malaysia is the 10th most competitive country.

Malaysia In the Global Competitive Report 2009-2010.

1. The Global Competitiveness Report covers 133 countries through its 12 pillars of competitiveness involving 110 indicators. 80 percent of these indicators (86) are based on Executive Opinion Survey and 20% (24) are quantitative in nature such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP),Government Spending, Inflation Rate,Expenditure on Education and Tax rate.

2. Global Competitiveness results for the top 10 countries of Switzerland, United States, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany,Japan, Canada and Netherland show a measureable decline in average score since last year, from 5.51 out of a maximum score of 7 to 5.45 this year. In the context of current recession, the competitiveness performance of top-performing countries on average had declined.

3.Malaysia was ranked at 24th position out of 133 countries with an index score of 4.87, slipping downwards by three positions in the previous year in the recently released Global Competitiveness Report 2009-2010 by the World Economic Forum. This decline is essentially the result of unfavourable assessment of institutional framework which had been exhibiting a downward trend since 2007, causing Malaysia to fall from 17th to 43rd position in this dimension in just 2 years.

* The institutional environment is determined by the legal and administrative framwork within which individuals, firms and government interact to generate income and wealth in the economy.

NOw, did Najib and his deputy been misleading the nation by bragging that Malaysia is the 10th most competitive country?

Hungry Ghost said...

Jaboo have too much interest in Salcra. Only after he have emptied the coffer would he be satisfied to leave. For now he just don't want Masing to take over.Masing is on the verge of financial stavation after his bout with Sng. Now he is desperate for some help.
Jaboo, it's time you resign and enjoy your time with your grandchildren. Many like you are too greedy and they die before they ever enjoy their wealth (ill-gotten).Make hay when the sunshine.

Apai Semalau said...

We have no qualms about Jabu owning oil palm companies so long as they are legitimate. Did he in the process hijack any NCR land for pecuniary benefits? If not then, the other side of the coin is, he provided employment in his plantations. At least he deserves some credit here. He needs to do more to break the shackles of poverty prevalent in the dayak community and not just in Betong!
Robbing the state coffer is a norm (political culture) in Malaysia. Are there any more "clean" Ybs around?.........guess not!

Anonymous said...

Si Jaboo dengan Laboo nya...

Henry Anak Joseph said...

Honestly, I have given up criticizing or talking about this person, whose mentality I am not able to describe, on matters associated with his public duty. When the whole community of Dayak intellectuals is trying to assist in putting matters right, he never fails to come up with confrontational statements. When the Dayak intellectuals become confrontational he comes up idiotic statements. It's just like talking to a five year old kid, who keeps telling you that 10+10=2, even though you have explained and demonstrated to him that the total sum is 20.

Only a few days ago I had an oppotunity to speak to one staff member of Salcra, whose statement I cannot publish here to prove the truth of what saudara Banting have said herein above. Folks, now you know why this man, called Tan Sri Jabu, with tooth and nail defends his credibility and position in Salcra. I threw a genuine friendly challenge for an open debate. The rest is history which I shall say no more.

Yes, he may say everybody else but him, is unappreciative. This reminds me of Former president Ferdinand Marcos during the years of martial law in the Philippines. He condemned his rivals or arch rivals and genuine critics. His critics were either arrested or murdered. One of them was Benigno Aquino. But later after his downfall, records go to show he had plundered billions of dollars of the peoples' wealth.

Today very many of the members of the public believe that Jabu's critics are nothing more than nuisance and ungrateful individuals. Yes, I agree, they are real nuisance to Tan Sri Jabu while he is in power. But on the other hand, I feel very sad to see the Dayak continues to be systematically marginalized. And the saddest thing, it is our very own Dayak people who had acted as instruments of convenience in this marginalization process. I am prepared to be corrected if what I have said is unfounded.

I just like to end with these passing remarks: let us learn to analyse past very defensive political leaders in other countries when they are still in power; then observe the aftermath of their downfall. We will notice one thing in common: Billions of dollars of the country's wealth has been plundered and looted. Any resemblance to our backyard?

Anonymous said...

I am more sympathatic to the opposition but in this instance I harbour no hatred for these people to be given these lands. Why? You and I will not be able to have it. It will definitely be give to the Malays Melanau. Are we more happier that the resources be given to other races than your own? I would prefer it be given to our own race than others. Yes we will not benefits from it but at least the Iban in power have a share. Taib will never give it to us not even in his wildest dream.