Saturday, September 25

Baginda: Demolish also Dayak ministers’ longhouses

A Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader, Baginda Anak Minda has accused the state government of destroying fruit trees, rubber trees and cash crops as well as longhouses situated in so-called state land.

Baginda said a number of longhouses and farm houses in Miri and Bintulu divisions that have no titles have been demolished.

All lands whether they NCR land with no titles are state land. This has been made very clear by Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, second minister of planning and resource management, said Baginda at Rumah Rangong, Ulu Niah.

Baginda was accompanying Azmin Ali, vice president of Parti Keadilan Rakyat to the longhouses. About 400 people were present.

Baginda called on Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud who is also the first minister of planning and resource management not only to demolish longhouses belonging to the poor people; he should also give instructions to Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, second minister of planning and resource management to destroy longhouses belonging to James Masing, Ng. Majau, Kapit, William Mawan Ikom in Pakan, Stephen Rundi in Sebauh, Bintulu and other Iban YBs.

“Their longhouses are also built on land having no title and are therefore state land and they are also illegal squatters. Why are Taib Mahmud and Awang Tengah only destroying longhouses belonging to people like Nyawin and Nor anak Nyawai? They are poor people,” Baginda said.

“Don’t ask poor people to climb nibong and ask rich people to climb pinang,” Baginda said, trying to stress the meaning in English.

There are more than 6,000 longhouses which are built on land the government claims to be state land.

And any time the government wants the land all these longhouses have to be demolished.

Check whether your longhouse is built on land that has title or not, otherwise your longhouse can be the next to be demolished. – The Broken Shield.


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with the proposal that the ministers longhouses are to be demolished and await what are their responses. If they are not antogised then they are only holding on to their beloved rice bowls.

Banting said...

On top of that, Azmin Ali had told a gathering at Rumah Rangong in Ulu Niah that PKR promised to the people of Sarawak that their land would be returned to them if Pakatan Rakyat governs the state. In reply, Norden Majais said there was no question of returning NCR land to the people as the present government never took any land from the natives.

It seems to me that Norden Majais tried to defend himself when all the people of Sarawak know he owns thousands of hectares of oil palm plantation in Simunjan. How he acquired so huge areas of NCR land in Simunjan?

May be Norden Majais forgets there are about 200 NCR land claims still pending in high court and some have been disposed of in which the court ruled that the landowners have exclusive possession of their land and that the companies issued lease by the government had illegally encroached to the land.

Is illegal encroached to NCR land not tantamount to `theft`?

When the landowners filed the cases in court claiming that they have acquired, created and inherited native customary rights over land, is it nonsense or just for fun, Encik Norden Majais?

When the landowners know that the government does not help them to solve the problem involving NCR land, they turn to court to seek justice.

To me and the people of Sarawak, what Azmin Ali has said makes sense when he said that the land would be returned to them if Pakatan Rakyat governs the state. How? PR will make amendment to the land code. Is it impossible or nonsense, Encik Norden?

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for BN then your longhouse will always be there.

Dayak Traitors said...

Dayak ministers do not live in longhouses no more BUT Dayak ministers' Mistressess do lives in longhouses some more!!!!

Dulu dulu Menteri dayak ambil tanah pompuan Dayak yang sebesar kurrang lebbih 2 inchi. Sekarang YB dan Menteri Dayak ambil tanah dayak beriru ribu ekar. Jual tanah itu dan jadi instant million air.

Kee Parr Rats

Anonymous said...

Baginda,you are dead on right, all these Dayaks ministers ,or are they still Dayaks ,I wonder ,agreed that all their longhouses should be demolished as well.
When they were Dayaks?....they shouted,they demanded,they,they were heroes of bangsa,negri dan agama.After they were elected,and given all the perks,power and authorities they were no longer Dayaks.They hid their in between their two legs.. or were it four legs,....I just wonder.

Sri Belalang said...

By virtue of what Awang Tengah said land unsurveyed or without title belongs to government,thus most Dayak including ministers are `anak setinggan` (sons of squatters) because the longhouses where our grandfathers/fathers are living now have no land titles.

So Jabu, Mawan, Masing, Unggah, Manyin and all Dayak YBs, do not angry when people are telling you that you are the sons of squatters.

Until when Dayaks are no more `anak setinggan`? I do not know.

I am one of them, Sri Belalang anak Setinggan. But for you who are expecting sons, you can give the name of your sons, such as Alfred Squatters, James Squatters, William Squatters, Douglas Squatters or Michael Squatters.

Anonymous said...

Naroden Majais?

is this fella a Melanau or Malay? He has been runing his mouth watery ,talking abour NCR lands. Just wonder how he acquired huge acres of NCR lands?

apai irau said...

The word DAYAK was almost taken out of the Interpretation Ordinance at the behest of Jabu,Joseph Entulu said he's not a Dayak.Of course Awang Tanah's job made easier when the Dayaks themselves forgot they are Dayaks.

Apai Semalau said...

Our dayak ministers are just a bunch of useless stupid morons! They had agreed with Awang Tengah to allow the government the right to evict those dwellings on state lands which apparently includes the longhouses of their forefathers. Their ancestors must be rolling in their graves for having descendants with "apai saloi" mentality who agreed to do away with their NCR lands and demolition of their longhouses.
Dayak leaders with above average IQ is surely a very, very rare commodity.

Anonymous said...

I read with concerned an article by cobbold in his blog (re:PKR P202
election 2010)in which he tried to run both Ibi Uding and Jimmy Donald down.

I begin to wonder whether he is a genuine PKR member or simply a BN agent????

Perhaps cobbold should learn to accept the fact that the results of the previous elections (where he garnered very few votes as compared to Ibi Uding and Ex YB Jimmy Donald) speaks volumes for his popularity in the area.

Anyway, Cobbold was never serious with elections or was it the funds (donations) during the elections that he has been after???

bugau nyaki punan tanah said...

Rebellion is brewing in the Engkilili branch of the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

Its chairman, Toh Heng San, has warned of “severe consequences” if the party nominates maverick Johnichal Rayong to contest the Engkilili seat in the coming state election.

He said the consequences would include his resignation from the party.

He was responding to an announcement by SUPP president George Chan that the party’s central working committee (CWC) had accepted Rayong and would nominate him for Engkilili. Chan’s statement, reported today in a local daily, confirmed speculation that had been circulating for two years and causing unease among branch members.

“There will be chaos and back-stabbing in Barisan Nasional,” Toh said.

“The party has gone against the Barisan agreement not to accept any independent who contested against a BN candidate. If SUPP is against this agreement, and if BN endorses it, then the party will create a precedent.

“In the coming state election, there will be many people contesting as independent candidates against Barisan, and upon their victories they will return to Barisan.”

In the last election, Rayong contested on a Sarawak National Party (SNP) ticket and beat SUPP candidate Jonathan Krai by 426 votes.

He soon left SNP and became a member of the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), but state Barisan Nasional leaders strongly objected to SPDP’s decision to accept him. He then became a BN-friendly independent assemblyman.

Toh, a former assemblyman for Engkilili, said he would quit SUPP if the party confirmed Rayong for the Engkilili candidacy.

“It’s not important how many people will join me in quitting the party,” he added.

He accused the CWC of abusing its power and going against a decision of the SUPP’s delegates’ conference and central leadership.

“The CWC should revoke its decision,” he said.

Toh said that SUPP, in accepting Rayong, had fallen into the trap of a “certain leader” of another BN component party.

Although he did not name the leader, observers familiar with the bickering in Sarawak BN speculated that he was referring to Alfred Jabu anak Numpang, deputy president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu.

He said this leader had always tried to undermine SUPP’s influence in Engkilili.

Rayong is married to a relative of Jabu’s.





3. PRS (SL, MK & ML, NB)


Anonymous said...

Another hero by the name of Ramsay Jitam pass away. He is a fighter who fights for the natives. RIP.