Thursday, September 30

Naroden the biggest taker of NCR land

KUCHING: Naroden bin Majais, assistant minister of planning and resource management, who denied that the government has never taken native customary rights land from the people, has now been identified as the biggest taker of native customary right land leased by the government in Simunjan.

“Naroden is a blatant liar to say that the government has never taken NCR land from the people, because he himself through eight companies is the biggest taker of NCR land,” said Nicholas Mujah, Secretary General of Sarawak Dayak Iban Association.

He was reacting to remarks by Naroden that the government has never taken NCR land from the people.

Mujah said: “In fact Naroden himself is among Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s cronies who have been given large areas of NCR land in and around Gedong and Simunjan for the planting oil palm.

“He is the one colluding with the companies,” he said, pointing out that according to the 2005 Report of Land and Survey Department, Naroden had shares in eight companies operating in Simunjan and Gedong areas.

Many of the people who become victims of this land grabbing are Ibans and Malays, some of them not only are his supporters, but also his relatives, he said.

Naroden is the state assemblyman for Simunjan.

According to the 2005 Reports of the Land and Survey Department, a total of 16,486 hectares of land, the bulk of it is NCR land has been given to the assistant minister’s companies, namely:

#1) Pelita Nirwana Muhibbah S/B given lease to develop 4,555 hectares of land at Tanjong Midin, Serian;

#2) Gedong Plantation S/B given lease to develop 3,770 hectares at Lot 2981, Batang Karang, Gedong;

#3) Gedong Plantation S/B given lease to develop 3480 hectares at Lot 2980, Gedong;

#4) Hydroflow S/B was given 2182 hectares at Lot 1226 at Batang Sadong;

#5) Hydroflow S/B was given 593 hectares at Lot 1227 at Lubuk Teba, Gedong;

#6) Indranika Jaya S/B was given 189 hectares at Lot 1228 at Tanjung Embang, Simunjan; and

#7) Indranika S/B was given 1717 hectares at Tanjung Sap, Simunjan.

Mujah said that some of the Malays in Gedong, some of them are his relatives are suing Melor Gemilang for taking away their land. Naroden is alleged to have shares in the company.

“These are what you know, but there are more companies you do not know,”
said Mujah, who is also a member of the steering committee of Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (Malaysian network of indigenous people).

He cited an example of Orang Asli where their lands have been taken by the previous government of Selangor; but after a Pakatan government took over, the government revoked the case of Sagong Tasi against Government and returned the land to the owners.

“I stand to be challenged in court to prove my point that Naroden has some shares in these companies,” Mujah said, and urged the assistant minister to revoke all the pending NCR land cases in the court in order to save people’s time, money and worry.

Mujah said that Naroden was reported to be the richest man in Simunjan because of the oil palm so much so that he is locally known as the “king of oil palm in Simunjan.”

“How can he tell lie when there are more than 200 court cases whereby the natives are suing the government for taking away their land?"

All these cases are still pending in court, he said.

Commenting on the same issue, Baru Bian, a prominent NCR lawyer said a thief will never admit he is a thief nor a robber will admit he is a robber.

“The 200 cases in court is a proof that the government has been issuing provisional lease and logging licences and other licences covering NCR land.

“Naroden is known to be associated with many companies with provisional leases for oil palm plantations and he is believed to be a nominee for Chief Minister, so I don’t expect him to admit that the government is taking away NCR land,”
he said.


Banting said...

If a man feels guilty he is all out to defend himself. He begins to release all his guilt feelings, because its wonderful being totally from guilt feelings.

Leo Moggie said survey and delineation of NCL would definitely provide certainty of ownership to the natives, but Naroden Majais was quick to say that giving titles to all NCL owners were not possible.How about RM20 million given by the federal government to do the perimeter survey on NCL?

Noraden and Jabu shared the views, where the later dared opposition to lodge police report if government had `snatched` people`s land. However SUHAKAM revealed that intrusions into NCR land were getting serious and those who made police reports on land intrusions were interrogated like criminals. Where is the justice?

If NCR lands were legally acquired, why the landowners sued the government of which about 200 cases are still pending in court?

apai irau said...

Ni sida Jabu,Mawan ,Masing enggau 'tuai' Iban bukai enda bejako deh.? Bisu? Bengal? Enda,tang sida iya enda tau bejako ka bansa diri enti ka idup enggau Taib.Enti tuai sida iya Penyamun,sida ke nitih ke iya pan penyamun meh.Steady orang layar,orang pakan,orang baleh,orang saratok,orang bukit saban-kering ka tuai penyamun ba kawasan diri.

Anonymous said...

Wait and see if si-pendek Noroden will respone to the above allegations if he is silent then he is a real land grabber and hief of Simunjan.

BN Penulong Dayaks said...

I believe that NONE of our Dayak Politicans (Individuals, Pol Sec, Ordinary YB, Assistant Ministers & Ministers) is involved with Land grabbing from fellow dayaks.


Anonymous said...

I suggest BN Penolong Dayaks to sue Mr. Mujah in Court and see who is daring or not. Mr. BN Penolong Dayaks, you are the one to initiate the first move cos you say Mr. Mujah lied. It is not for Mr. Mujah to do so. If you believe he lied, than you have to prove otherwise. To prove Mr. Mujah otherwise, you ask the Court to compel him to talk that he lied la. Simple right. Do first talk later, than baru you can call yourself BN Penolong DAyaks.
But i think, the blog clearly spelt out the names of those land grabbers. Why are you still not satisfied.
Mr. BN Penolong DAyaks, i think you are also a grabber of NCR land and thus you should change your anonymous name to BN Penipu Dayaks.

Anonymous said...

To BN penulung Dayak
Sorry to see the dayak leaders become victims of the government. Our leaders merely watcing others grabbing dayak lands. What a pity.
Why let others sucked your people

Anonymous said...

To BN Penulong Dayaks,
Jabu's son Rentap's company Utahol Sdn Bhd taking away 6,900 hectares of Iban land in Medamit, Limbang; Ever Herald sdn bhd under Henry Jabtun's name taking away 2,873 hectares of Iban land at Btg. Layar Betong and 2,127 hectares of Iban land at Tg. Bijat and YB Robert Lawson Chuat,s Durafarm sdn bhd given 3,665.1 hecatres of Iban land at Betong and 1,581.8 hectares of Iban at Tg. Bijat.

Their names sspeak for themselves.

apai irau said...

To Mr.BN Penulong Dayaks.Your challenge to Mr.Mujah is absurd.Look,first the Iban YBs,pol sects,etc would not use their own names to steal and rob these NCR land,even primary school pupils can think of this,why cant you?Secondly,by being dumb silent on the issue mean our Iban YBs are also accomplices to the robbery otherwise we would not have heard of the problem for years.If these YBs could not talk,represent and protect their community,dont call yourselves Yang Berhormat,Yang Bastard would be more appropriate.To BN Penulong Dayaks,once more,feed yourself at the expense of your fellow people.All the best.

Stephen Dass AKA Merekah Fajar said...

Where are our Leaders in all these?

Don't tell us they just let if off that easy, it is like "taking a candy from a baby."

Where can we place the trust if our Leaders can't take the lead?

Let us reject these 'businessmen cum politicians, they are no good for our communities.

BN Penulong Dayaks said...

To accuse Tan Sri Jabu, his son Rentap, YB Rober L Chuat and Dato Henry Jantum of grabbing Dayak Lands is not a fair statement. Have you ever heard of the word DEVELOPMENT???

Anyway, if its only them then to generalise the politicians as land grabbers is still unacceptable.

I have not heard of others (Datuk Douglas Uggah and other Dayak PBB's), Datuk Dr. James Masing and his PRS boys as well as Datuk Sri William Mawan and his boys being mentioned by Mujah. Why??? because Mujah cannot prove that they are involved.

Another level down the line - i.e. Political Secretaries. Mujah cannot prove that Richard Tawan Sidu, Ugak Kumbong and etc etc were also land grabbers. Why??? because they were NOT LAND GRABBERS.

Now i call on Mr. Nicholas Mujah to reveal details IN THIS BLOG another time his accussation.

To you guys (respondents) who supported the notion by Mr. Mujah. STOP THE WILD ALLEGATION in this blog UNLESS you have prove.

BN untuk Kemajuan semua DAYAKS. IDUP BN

Ganeng said...

BN Penulong Dayak...please take Mr Mujah to court...if you dare! He has made the allegation so now the ball is in your court, thats if you dare lah.. I like your confidence when you say that "NONE" of our Dayak Politicans (Individuals, Pol Sec, Ordinary YB, Assistant Ministers & Ministers) is involved with Land grabbing from fellow dayaks.

BN Penulong Dayaks said...

I wish to respond (reluctantly of course) to "mr. Ganeng" over his (low level mentality of the highest order) suggestion that i take his Mr. Mujah to court.

My humble respond is: JUST REVEAL IN THIS BLOG their names and area given to them or through their proxy (if any) I REPEAT IF ANY.


And if the Dayaks still do not understand the meaning of LAND DEVELOPMENT, check wikipedia for the word. Maybe there is too much pekasam toxing your body system that you cannot visualize the benefit of Land Development ESPECIALLY to the dayak community.

Or can i term you as Anti Development????


apai irau said...

Mr.BN Penulong Dayak must be very mad because we stir the water when all the crocs are enjoying their meal underneath..Mr.BN Terong Dayak must be very angry when people talk about daylight robbery,yet does not have the guts to take the matter to court.Mr.BN Terong Masam Dayak must be a thief who accused others of making allegation,yet he proven nothing..

BN Penulong dayaks said...

Mr. Ganeng and Apai Irau please be focused. My request is for your Mr. Mujah to reveal the names and areas of dayak politicans involved. Nothing more nothing less.

Should i bring your Mr. Mujsh to court still my prayer is for him to reveal the names and areas involved. Since this (The Broken Shield ) blog provides free space for such purpose, why go to court??

Can we conclude that you all and Mr. Mujah do not have the evident??? Then stop the nonsense!!!!

Thank you.

BN untuk kemajuan semua dayak. Idup BN

Merekah Fajar said...

"You can fool the people sometimes but not all the time" ...

Some wise man said that ages ago. As a matter of fact, it's quite true.

Others try to make others realise their mistakes and some others will do the cover up so the 'shit' smell won't stink as much as it should.

No matter how we try to hide the smell, somehow it still manage to find its way to our nostrils.

That's the way how I see it now.

Kuat Harimau said...

aahh. keyboard heroes :) sweet.

use a proper channel instead. do u thnk dat yb or his pa will have time to read rants thru blogs?