Sunday, September 5

The Sunday Star headline: Give us our due

Quoted by The Sunday Star, SUPP president George Chan said in Miri that the Chinese community cannot remain silent anymore about their unhappiness with issues that affect them.

They have to be more vocal and demanding and he hoped the government would give the people what is due to them and correct any unfairness.

Chan said he would convene a meeting with SUPP leaders to discuss their next course of action to fight for the rights of the Chinese and their position in the local political scene.

“We must not be afraid to speak our minds any more. We must correct any injustice and unfairness and not remain silent, if you feel that there are things that are not right and that the Chinese are not getting their due, join us SUPP and get things corrected.

“We must let the government know what we feel. I am sure the government will not deny what is due to the Chinese,”
he said.

Suddenly Chan and SUPP are very vocal. They have to otherwise they will be wiped out in the coming state election. The writing is already on the wall.

By the way, the way Chan said his piece, as if the government has not helped them. Look at its representation at the federal level, it has five MPs consisting of one full minister, two deputy ministers, and at the state level, it has two ministers, and five assistant ministers, a number of political secretary and mayors.

Many of its cronies have been given timber concessions and provisional leases to plant oil palm in Dayaks’ native customary rights land.

Sibu, Sarikei, Miri and certain parts of Kuching are “owned” by SUPP where its cronies are given huge government contracts.

The question here is: Is SUPP effective in looking after the interests of the Chinese? The answer is “yes” and “no”.

Yes, it has helped many of the elite Chinese businessmen, and during almost 30-year of Abdul Taib Mahmud’s chief ministership, some 2,000 Chinese have become billionaires, not millionaires, but billionaires, and hundreds of Chinese big companies have become rich overnight.

No, thousands of small Chinese contractors have closed shops as there are no businesses for them. Small and big businesses have been taken by SUPP’s cronies. These “small” men in the Chinese community are blaming SUPP for its failure to help them. Many Chinese are landless, and SUPP cannot help them. Judging by the mood on the ground, they are certain to teach SUPP a lesson in the coming election. SUPP leaders know about it. That is why SUPP leaders threaten to quit BN, hoping that BN under Najib at federal and under Taib at state levels will do something. They are now like a cry baby.

But do you think they will quit? But to me, quitting or no quitting SUPP is in a quandary. Quitting from BN like “mati apai” (like the death of a father) and staying put in BN like “mati indai” (like the death of a mother).

This is where the Dayaks can come in and play smart politics. Like the Chinese, the Dayaks should also make demands. For the past 44 years or so, the Dayaks have been neglected no roads, no electricity and no clean water to their longhouse. For the past 44 years, our cries have felt on deaf ears. Kapit for example has no road connection with other towns in Sarawak. Only now we have heard about the promise to build roads.

To win in Sarawak, BN will have to rely on the Dayaks. Do not be too na├»ve and be satisfied to receive only RM30.00 in exchange for your votes and suffer the next five years. Think of your children’s future. Think of your native customary rights land. And if Taib continues to ignore us, we also vote him out. The power is in our hands. – The Broken Shield.



Apai Semalau said...

To the Chinese, SUPP is long gone, irrelevant, and is buried six feet under for good! No amount of showmanship or "cinawood" shadow acting will convince any decent chinese to give their votes. Only the damned, dumb and ignorant shamless ones will carry its banners. Its motto "Saa'ti" should instead read "sudah mati".
Why are dayaks so "paloi" stupid to support and vote for a party that confessed to serving Chinese interests ONLY in this case? Don't they have dayak members too? This is reasons for us to replace all dayak SUPP Ybs. since their dayak heritage have been overlooked by their senior comrades. Dayaks must open their eyes to see how we have been used by SUPP??? No more votes for SUPP in dayak majority areas!

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that SUPP is fighting for the Chinese. This is clearly mentioned by George Chan, and yet Richard Riot, Francis Harden, Dr. Jerip Susil and Ranom Mina are throwing their support behind the Chinese party.Personally you get something, if any, but the Dayak people suffer. Where is your moral obligation? Should you also be weeded out in the state election like other SUPP YBs? Let the Dayaks in those seats decide.

Sri Belalang said...

Sekarang George Chan konon-konon mahu berjuang untuk orang Cina setelah ditolak oleh kaumnya sendiri.

Melainkan semua pemimpin yang lama dalam SUPP berundur untuk memberi peluang kepada generasi muda mengambil alih untuk menerajui parti tersebut, saya percaya SUPP akan ditolak lagi oleh kaum Cina dalam pilihan raya negeri Sarawak akan datang.

Bagi Alfred Jabu, tanyalah diri sendiri sama ada beliau telah betul-betul berjuang untuk masayrakatnya sendiri? Mengapa ramai Dayak di luar bandar masig meskin lagi. Mengapa ramai kaum Dayak di luar bandar masih tidak dibekalkan dengan api eletrik, air yang bersih, jalan raya dan sebagainya? Perkara semedikian membuktikan menteri kaum Dayak tidak boleh mengakui bahawa mereka telah berjuang untuk kaum mereka.

Bagi saya, sudah tiba masa nya mereka ini disingkirkan oleh kaum mereka sendiri.

Anonymous said...

SUPP must have known by now that the other BN especially PBB doesn,t care if SUPP quit or not becos they are still strong this was mentioned by Adenan Satem while the BN retreat at Santubong recently and echoed by Dr. Stephen Rundi a few weeks ago. So the ball is in SUPP feet now.
Dayak to demand too-? who,s Dayak leaders to demand if not those in Opposition, Jabu, Masing and Mawan-shit, Betong town land within 3 Km radius not to be renewed- the price for loyalty for Betong Chinamen and Longhouses folks there for being too loyal to BN all this while. Orang pengabis diau di Ulu Layar ngaga kediri Jalai, ni pemansang ti munyi ko Jabu madah ka orang luar, pangan aku ari Sabah tekenyit hati leboh nemuai ka Ulu Layar meda nadai Jalai Alun, Ai Paip, Api Letrik semadin meli kediri Generator,kati mgumbai menua Betong balat pemansang.

Anonymous said...

Not that the Dayaks are that stupid to be associating with SUPP or working with Chinese, it is more about gaining short term opportunity for financial benefit of self-interest. They know very well that Chinese will only provide support for Chinese community and business, and have no interest on any Dayak issues. However, as Dayaks become more educated and they will start asking relevant questions that are important to them and their Dayak communities when it comes to business opportunities. The Dayak and Chinese communities should not work against each other but work together with mutual respect and the betterment of the whole society before there is nothing left in Sarawak if Taib and his cronies keep raping the land and its resources.

Anonymous said...

Itu SUPP cakap, election sudah mao mali, itu titak butul, ini titak butul, sana sini cakap minta itu sokong, kasi muka 20 sen. Nanti sudah minang, itu layat tidak guna, layat itu buang sampah, titak magus. Itu SUPP olang main tipu ooo..! Dia olang manyak cakap pandai cakap, itu keleja dia olang tatak mikin.

Itu Maling banyak kali manjir, itu SUPP lolok mana ata mikin apa-apa. Manyak lugi ooo...!Sikalang itu SUPP mau cakap itu DAP titak mikin keleja. Dia olang SUPP lolok apa keleja?

Itu SUPP tatak isi punya manyak air saja.

Down SUPP said...

Mr Ghost Chan, your wolf cry to rally the chinese behind you comes too late. You are the main culprit and the chinese solely blame you for all the wrongs you done to them. You have led the chinese into the cow dung and today you ask for the chinese support. You must be dreaming under the coconut tree.
Time you take a walk at Tanjong beach with your Kelabit girlfriend and find a spot where you can drown yourself.
Your inaction for the Dudong Branch and your support for Dr Soon have brought much damage to the unity in Sibu. You are the main culprit in this saga.
Time and time again you refuse to budge and give way to Wong Soon Koh. He should take over and give new life to SUPP but instead you want to bring SUPP to your grave. Today, at this hour when SUPP is on the deathbed, you are screaming to the chinese for help. I say it's too late. The cinese community are all prepared to let SUPP die a violent death.
The last rite for SUPP have been said and the last nail for the coffin are ready to be hammer.
Idios Ghost Chan, You are history and you will live the rest of your life full of regrets, that you have done the chinese community immense damage, for you have written the darkest page in the history of SUPP.
The chinese will never forgive you for all the shame you have rain on them.
We, the chinese will fully support DAP to be our new leader and at least we have a choice. When DAP fail, then we will kick them out and find another party. This is democracy.

DengXiaoPing said...

The chinese want this...
1, all road must have a chinese name
2,all top chinese students who have 7A plus must be given Yayasan scholarship.
3,chinese must be given contracts to do local jobs, not cronies.
4,civil services must be open to all chinese.
5,a chinese must be appointed as DCM.
6, all chinese festivals must be given a public holiday to acknowledge the contributions the chinese gave to sarawak.
7,chinese schools must be aided by the state gov't and federal gov't.
8,every town and city in sarawak must have name a main road after chinese hero.

Meet this demands and we will see whether we want you or not, Ghost Chan.

Anonymous said...

SUPP is at terminal stage. It's a matter of time when they will be buried. After the next election, SUPP will not even matter to Taib, if he still survive, what more to say the Chinese. The most SUPP is able to garner is one or two seats. They might lose them all. SUPP ranting now is a case of too little too late. Sarawakians had been telling them but they were too arrogant to listen. SUPP loss is DAP gain.

Kaliu said...

George Chan says SUPP is still with BN and is friendly to PBB unless…. Malaysians in Sarawak want to know the answer, “UNLESS WHAT ?”

a) UNLESS the thief minister of Sarawak Taib Mahud would share 30% of his loot with George Chan?

b) UNLESS Taib steps down as the thief minister of Sarawak?

c) UNLESS Taib who does not want to step down but allow SUPP to contest in as many seats as they wish?

George Chan can talk to Najib and Taib until the cows come home but he is now regarded as nothing more than a small fish bone stuck in their throats. Moreover his action will ridicule his party and belittle his comrades and members in the party.

The fact remains that George Chan has also overstayed his welcome together with Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu and Sarawakians advise for George Chan is to resign from SUPP for being an incompetent and ineffective president of SUPP and resign as an ADUN for N63 Piasau for being a DCM with no ministerial power. George should then challenge Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu to step down as well as thief minister and deputy thief minister together with him.

Lee Hui said...

Sarawakians will not be hookwinked into supporting SUPP as an Opposition at state level but pro BN at federal level. This means SUPP elected ADUNs will have to be acting like they are attacking Taib and his wicked policies during DUN meeting and then hide behind the DUN toilets to shake hands with BN ADUN and perhaps collecting their contract papers and development funding in the toilets too.

Ganeng said...

I believe it is alright to support any party that fights for the interest of its community and not the interest of the privileged few like how we need their support for our own community. I believe we, Dayaks, must support political parties that fight for the interest of everyone. We all have to work together for the future of our children. Now that we do not trust BN we need to change the present government.

Rejang said...

Sarawakians should seriously consider to reduce the ethnic flavor in politics and abandon the BN style of politics. Old political parties like SUPP, UMNO, MCA and MIC still resort to identity politics as their main mobilization means. The people who are concerned about good governance are expecting a new breath in today politics. It's time for us to be more creative in addressing problems facing several groups in Sarawak to prevent the manipulation of some ethnic elites for their personal gains. Here are some examples I could think of like affirmative actions for longhouse dwellers, justice for NCR victims and so forth.

Anonymous said...

George Chan, it is time to fight for all the Sarawakians. You fight the injustice, corruptions, oppression...the bad and the ugly.
Please tell the people what you are fighting for the Chinese.