Sunday, November 14

A letter from an Orang Ulu

By Burak Sem
My Brothers & Sisters,

I am now on my 'time-off', back to my second home, Bintulu with my family for about two months. In fact, I am already recovered from 'jet-lag' two days ago, and nevertheless, not forgetting of the delays in my emails, which have have fallen behind for almost 9 days.

It's great to be home again, with the weather, foods, friends, relatives, culture and driving on the left side of the road. I am planning to go back to my kampung in Telang Usan in couple of days and hope to catch up with the situations and get myself to well prepared for the upcoming state election.

Disgustingly, the Sarawak political system, from other countries has been tagged to be corrupt, hopelessness, vague and primitive since 29 years under the Barisan National government. Political system in this state of Sarawak is obviously unhealthy and people's rights are abused single-handedly by 'one evil man'. Social justice seems to be a far away dream. And the observance of the law seems ruthless.

It is a sad fact that Sarawak, although it has abundance in natural resources, vast area of lands, mighty rivers that could have placed abreast amount the world's richest countries have remained cellar dweller as among the poorest.

The reason is another sad fact, political career in the country is a very lucrative business that engrossed a lot of "greedy-white devils" lead by the “Old-Goat Father Abdul Taib Mahmud” and they spend a fortune, pour and mobilized out his greed just to grab posts, then recover their expenses with gargantuan profits out of Dayak's coffers and money spinning deals once elected. The end result, true welfare of Sarawak and its people for real leaps of progress does not happen, instead, the deplorable wealth these politicians amassed in just a few years becomes a common scenario.

As long as these traditional politicians in Barisan National reigns in power. As long as corruption is permitted by the top leadership and the political dynasty system continue to dominate, this country will continue to be buried under the ground. A country in misery, a country without hope, a country without future.

Hopes only prevail when we all Sarawakian decide and chooses a new and trust worthy leaders who struggle for our causes and who understands where we are at, this country Sarawak will have hope.

In a democratic society like in America and European countries, governance is always at the hands of the people. But, the state Barisan National lead by “Old-Goat Father Abdul Taib Mahmud” do not want us to know this facts about democracy, but continue to manipulate our minds to think, 'without Barisan National' there will be no hope of developments', 'maintaining stability and prosperity in the country', 'opposition cannot bring development to the people',

The Barisan National lead by “Old-Goat Father Abdul Taib Mahmud” and their dirty policy is slowly, but surely changing our cultures towards supporting their greed, regardless of our strong cultural background. They change our land codes in order to support their family members, elites' business empire, they change our traditions, cultures and corrupting our mindsets, to give us no choice but continually supporting them.

So why do Sarawakian keep silent? The simple answer is we have been taught by Barisan National on 'education and fear' and 'education depending their lies'. Our entire system and way of life are based on producing a feudal society, where the “subjects” are ruled by the “overlords.”

The overlords are the politicians in power, start from those small "Mao Ze Tung" in the civil service, the timber tycoons who benefitted from the "award-negotiated timber licenses”, "family members on free-share contracts".

I don't think it is necessary to change the culture of Culture and Tradition of Sarawak, what is necessary is to change the system within (governance) itself. Unless we will not change our attitude, this country will remain to be at the hands of opportunists, politician with self vested interests and robbers. What is happening in Sarawak, in my own view and what is happening in the state is not just a result of corrupt system and of poor managed government.

Therefore, the change must start within us, especially our youth, younger generations. The youth is said to be the catalyst of change. It is said that the youth is the hope of changing and bringing an ideal system. But how exactly can the youth change the present system when he is surrounded by a corrupt system? How can we do it when not all can study and get themselves involved in worthy activities? How can we do his advocacies when his freedoms are suppressed? How can the youth fight the pain of a corrupt system and maintain his idealism for an ideal system?

Choose Trust worthy YB

Soon we will go to the polls and select our new representatives; we must choose our candidates/YB wisely. We urge all eligible voters to consider their choices carefully because this is a crucial election.

The new set of candidates who will be elected into DUN or Parliamentary will be the ones who will guide this state through the major healing on the damages had caused by the incumbent governance.

Thus, voters must carefully assess the competence and track record of those running for the YBs. And not only that, we must assess their characters, honesty and background check as well.

Those who will be placed in positions of power must not only have the skills to govern but also the character, God-fearing, moral fortitude to be responsible and responsive to the needs of the people.

We urge voters to look beyond the candidates, the party's policies, principles and scrutinize the candidates on what they actually have to offer and what the candidate have done in improving the lives of the people.

We are hopeful that we have learned from our mistakes during the last state-election by voting a 'impersonator', 'thief', 'robber' and 'conman' in as our representative in Telang Usan, and will be better prepared this time.

Remember the following Ten (10) Rules, of a Poor and Immoral Candidate (YB):

1. Do not vote for candidate who cheats and taking monies from his people's MRP and use God's name to cover his guilt;

2. Do not vote for candidate who have track-record, swindle the school funds during his days as ruiral SRK teacher, that made the candidate being suspended by the Education Dept for a priod of time before posted at Ubong Emang School in Long Lama;

3. Do not vote for candidate, who hijacked people's 'belian licenses' and re-issue it under the wife's name;

4. Do not vote for candidate who involved in selling of Rumah Orang Ulu Kuching, (together with Abu Bakar @ Tom Belarek), God knows, how the money being divided between them?;

5. Do not vote for candidate who swindled Rm4 million, already allocated for Long San, Long Semiyang and Long Beruang's micro (mini) dams (needless to mention other monies swindled within the last 8 years);

6. Do not vote for candidate who caused disunity among his own people, even at his own long house in Long Bedian, which result they are having 2 Tua Kampung, 3 chapels, etc.;

7. Do not vote for candidate who swindled away part of the money suppose to be for the prices of 'ngajat' competition performed by our poor OU during Baram Regatta. The fist price suppose to be RM3,000 but somebody along the line gave to the 1st winner RM2,000. The same goes to 2nd & 3rd prices, etc. Again, God knows, where are the balance amount of the prices?;

8. Do not vote for candidate who never prepared his speeches and always talk 'rubbish', and also bluntly-challenged the people in Ulu Baram to build mega hotels at Usun Apau, without knowing there are no road excess to the plateau;

9. Do not vote for candidate who encourage 'Baram dam', in order to benefit his own pocket and personal interest, personal investment. That may cause major destruction to the people of the whole of Baram. Including drowning people’s NCR, cultures, traditions (languages/dialects), cemeteries, ecology/environment, etc.; and

10. Do not vote for candidate who is timid, suffering from inferiority-complex and who is also good "ball-polisher", "suka memuji dan memuja" the senior ministers in order to gain personal favor, which results in humiliating and despising the people who are under his constituency.


This is not the time to be blinded by 'the voice of serpent of Eden about 'building Baram dam', before major roads will be build. We should be voting for the "best" candidate in lieu of political dictates. We must choose wisely and ensure that our interests — not the YB self interest. We must be reminded all the times that the incumbents, who are a bunch of conman, career opportunist, business politicians, got us into this total mess.

It is time to break the habit of the party line and open our eyes to what is best for this state. We need a government that wants to listen to the people. This is an election that could determine where our state of Sarawak will go in the near future.

Let's vote to ensure we can maintain our cherished Freedoms, Liberties and Rights. We pray, may GOD pours His Blessing upon us and guide us in the right path and show us His Lights and entrust us with His Wisdom.

The future of Sarawak is in our hand

DO NOT put our future in the hand of corrupt Barisan National YB, the “Old-Goat Father Abdul Taib Mahmud”, not YB Lihan Jok, Alfred Jabu or James Masing, because these names are no worse than "Nyihu-Aso-Menga Sihai" in Kayan, or in Kenyan "Cuk-Asu-Nganan Siyai", with similar meaning in BM "Harapkan-Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi".


This verse is dedicated to the PR candidate of Telang Usan;

Psalms 1: 1; Blessed is the man, who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.

This verse is dedicated to the incumbent BN candidate of Telang Usan (YB Lihan Jok);

Psalms 1:4; The ungodly are not so, But are like the chaff which the wind drives away. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.

To: Dennis Ngau, Baram PBB Youth Chief:

I am referring to your upcoming Seminar/Forum/Dialog or whatever your intention with our brothers/Pastors from SIB church in Miri, on November 15, 2010.

This verses is for you to reflect, look at yourself 'inside-out' before you bears false witness and sin against our brothers (SIB Pastors);

Proverb 25:18; "Like a club and a sword and a sharp arrow Is a man who bears false witness against his neighbour".

Colosians 3:9-10; "Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices, and have put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him".

Leviticus 19:12; "And you shall not swear falsely by My name, so as to profane the name of your God; I am the LORD".


Burak S. Sem


Anonymous said...

I just love this article, I hope more is coming from you. Should you go back to kampung please continue with your words of wisdom to our people. Our people have suffered enough, it's time we break free. These few days few of our fellows brothers has also posted some good articles, like the one on Brother Baru. Oh I pray our good Lord empower all our young men and women. Thank you brother, I definitely will forward your article to families & friends.

apai irau said...

Mr.Burak,i would definitely agree with you,and deep from our heart,we wish the other Dayaks to have the same feeling with us.In reality however,our Dayaks or Orang Ulu who are "tasting" the power or those that benefit from cronysme and the divide and rule pyramid would never remember the predicaments we are facing now.They would not fight for our rights but instead become accomplices to the corrupt Taib regime.Our leaders are hopeless,and we the rakyats are even more hopeless when it comes to 'teach' these YBs during election.That's why i said its only a 'wish' because come election time,we will succumb to the RM10 bribe and forget our sufferings.sigh.

tuai bilik said...

That was a letter from an Orang Ulu to voters in the North of Sarawak. Any letter from an Iban for the voters in Rejang Basin, Btg. Layar, Saribas and Batang Lupar?

My simple message to Iban in longhouses in Sarawak; say no to BN. Vote for Pakatan Rakyat`s candidate for change.

Anonymous said...

Am just wondering whether Datuk Idris Jala meets the candidate requirements as outlined herein.

High time to highlight the virtues of the prospective or aspiring candidates so that their track records and creditability could be assessed by the public.

Anonymous said...

look like u trowing the 1st stone... y dont you be our YB.? hopefully nothing about you in the future.

Apai Semalau said...

The good Lord wants the orang ulu to be wise and to discern between justice and the deeds of power hungry and corrupted men who sat and eat with the devil. May this be the second revival in which our orang ulu brethrens are ordained with the vision of a "just Sarawak state" free from Ybs. who are tainted with corrupt practices and prolific liars but instead rule by God fearing Ybs. To do this we need to unite and exercise our vote for the righteous.

Flying Dove said...

ah... somebody is feeling the heat, siapa yang terkena dia terasa lah. Our problem now is not "who is throwing the 1st stone or who is righteous enough". Do not be selfish to think of yourself only....think of the generation to come. To do that we have to severed the ties that held us under BONDAGE. Even if it is my brother in the BN, I know who I will vote......pikir2 lah sendiri. Look at the larger picture brothers and sisters. LETS NOT LOOSE OUR HERITAGE......Once the "BONDAGE" is broken, then later, we can all revamp back and there will be HEALING in the land.

Anonymous said...

Pek moi rule by disunite the DAYAKS and conquer. Blame your leaders, shame them everyday and everywhere. Time to Nyat Sayot and elect your own leader who has vision honesty and integrity. Remember you were the first Chief Minister and Dayaks are the majority in Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

To summed up this letter:
- "Vote for Wise Man, not Yes Man!"

To the PR candidate of Telang Usan:
- "Things that nearly killed you can only makes you stronger & wiser!"

To all blind deaf numbskull stupid BN goons:
- "To do nothing is to serve the tyrant?"

1 million Dayaks made fools & scared to this one sick old akih buban:
- "Common sense not so common?"

Anonymous said...

The folks in the towns n Kuching, Sibu & Miri know how to read your write-up. But they do not vote in Telang Usan. How many voters there can truly read or even surf the net to know what you have written? Intention is good. Practical effect is as good as nil.Is this not a sad fact?

Anonymous said...

Sarawak, in fact the whole of Malaysia, needs God-fearing leaders who dare not serve self-interests. Most disturbing of all is the fair land of Sarawak has been deceitfully plundered by the corrupts with the help of seemingly godly men. May all the true wise and God-fearing men (and women)arise!!!

Mata Kuching said...

The Orang Ulu will make a history difference by kicking out BN in the northern region. The Ibans are not turning back either when they realised that after 47 years of BN empty promises and enslavement, they remain among the poorest Malaysians. The Ibans will kicked out BN in the central eastern regions. As for SUPP , the useless and unwanted party that claimed to represent the Chinese, it will be wiped off completely in the coming state election.

Together we must be united in our faith and only have fear for God and trust in his protection against the destructive forces of UMNO controlled BN .

We shall regain our true independence from UMNO controlled BN. God bless all the oppressed in Sarawak.

Mata Kuching said...

Najib: AHB scheme enables Bumis to equitably share country's wealth ?

It is another of Najib's Ponzi scheme. Why AHB? What is it that AHB can achieve that PNB, a long established government investment arm, cannot succeed?

The UMNO controlled BN government is going bankrupt and is bent on "borrowing" Bumiputra as an excuse to raise fund under the pretext of a caring government which wants to uplift the economic and living standards of the Bumiputras.

There is no free lunch. Every form of inducement to win Bumiputra votes only enrich BN warlords and notably UMNO warlords.

Advise all Bumiputras to stay away from Najib's Ponzi Scheme.