Wednesday, November 17

Left-wing retirees worrisome

By Churchill Edward

The Borneo Post carried a story entitled “Left-wing retirees worrisome” dated 17 November 2010:

KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) youth Chief Mong Dagang said that there are government retirees who have turned into political left-wingers.

Mong said he was very sure of this as far as his state constituency of Bukit Begunan was concerned. Speaking over the phone yesterday, he said the retirees could be frustrated lot, thus had become easily influenced by negative elements.

He said he was saddened by this because as retirees they were expected to make positive contributions to their respective communities.

Mong said these left-wingers were not easy to quantify even in his constituency.

“We cannot deny that they are among us, but we do not know how many. As far as my constituency is concerned, I know there are some,” he said.

“They should be helping to improve the quality of life in their respective areas after being civil servants from 20 to 30 years. They should be supporting the government of the day instead of inciting people to go against it,” Mong said.

He said his only advice to them was to remember that as retirees they were supposed to be role models and thus should behave accordingly.

“They must return to the way it should be. Help the community by helping the government put positive input into society. They must not poison the minds of the people,” he said.

On the apparent frustration of the retirees with the government, he said: “Of course no government in the world is perfect. Our government is no exception. It has its shortcomings and there are bound to be miscommunication. But it is not dead.”

Having said that, Mong said most of the retirees were gentlemen and some had gone on to become community leaders and respected people.

Mong said the left-wing politics of some of these retirees was a disappointment to the government.
The Broken Shield: The Reader’s Digest Oxford defines “left-wing” as “the radical or socialist section of a political party.”

In the 1960s, that is, during the height of communist insurgency in the State, many members of Sarawak United People’s Party were labeled as “left-wing elements” and were arrested. Some escaped into the jungle to carry out armed struggle and terrorist activities against the state.

If you are retirees, is it fair to label you as such?The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

This Mong Dagang is a stupid fool. Does he think that every one should be like him, a BN stooge and Taib's chief ball sucker? He cannot just brand people left-wing just because they are fed up with the corrupt BN. Does he really know what left-wing mean or is he just making a dumb ass statement to get himself mentioned by Borneo Post? This guy has the mentality of a sick chicken.

Anonymous said...

This YB Bukit Begunan are full of shit, the retirees like me who is older than him felt insulted when I read his comment. Is he a clean YB, who sold the NCR Land in Sg. Tenggang area Akrab Tetangga through LCDA (court case is going on) next hearing on 23/11/10 - 3/12/10 @ Kuching High Court do we just remain silent and let the robbers took our land. I challenge him to swap seat with YB Snowdan in the coming state election if he got 2 balls.

Apai Semalau said...

This PRS youth chief is just one of the many blind rats following the pipe piper to their grave or rather next election. He can call retirees names but the reality is, they are able to discern injustice that are meted on the dayaks in the name of rural developments. BN cronies gets to eat the cakes and cream off the commissions while those in the rural areas get to eat the crumbs! By being a "ball polisher", this PRS youth chief or "Right winger" stooge has more negative influence on our dayak youths and not the retirees. Did he not turn his back and close both eyes to the dayak communities whenever the BN government of which he is an accomplice graps NCR lands? His permanent retirement is thus long Bukit bangunan.

apai irau said...

He is Mr.Omong Kosong and Mr.Trading at the same time.Talk cock and trading our NCR land in his area.He was working in bank before DS Daniel Tajem recruited him,as such he only knows how to count money,but not our uncountable predicaments.He just dosen't understand what is democracy,freedom of association and speech and most importantly,conscience.He just dosen't understand that government of the day is just a stakeholder handling and paying government servants salary,BUT these money came from the rakyat at large through taxes,etc.Mong and Taib do not print this money,its given by the rakyat and as such the servants of the rakyats can always side whichever political divide they wish.Mong's contributions,among others,is for the disappearance of vast NCR land and these retirees are trying to take them back,so whats wrong with thatMr.Omong kosong trading?

Anonymous said...

I am one of those retirees...
You Mong Dagang, do you got a brain and eyes to understand and see how much our rural communities being suffered due to the injustice acts committed by your BN's corrupted regime.
Mong...don't you see the logjam, dry Rejang river...and many others do you know how much our people being suffered by this?
Talk of "no government being perfect"...but do you condone orruption(Sarawak money being siphoned overseas) or are you also saying that raping your wife, daughters, sisters is ok and normal since raping happend other places?
Very sickening mentality, no wonder Sarawak and Dayaks in particular will never progress(not even a fraction of a success achieved by Singapore) due to such a devilish moron like you as our leaders.
Better for you to leave leading the dayak as we are heading towards doom by you Mong Dagang.

Anonymous said...

But BN UMNO made the deal with the Komunis Simanggang and share the surrender money together, become rich beyond almost all of the Iban Rangers that fought the Komunis even in their wildest dream.

Left Wing and Right Wing? Komunis or Rangers?

It is either become rich or die trying lah.

Anonymous said...

But why do you keep voting for him?

Anonymous said...

This little stupid boy Munk thinks that the left wing is bad and the right wing is good. The way he talks he is not even a part of any wing. He is the ass hole!

Mata Kuching said...

“Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve.” –Benjamin Franklin

A BN idiot like Mong should stand up and be counted when his political master has deprived the rural communities of development and violated their rights, instead of insulting the intelligence of the Dayaks and accusing the retirees of being a left wing element.

Such brainless and arrogant politician and so-called representative of the rakyat must be voted out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow Teachers

Now we know we are 25,000 disenchanted & angry ex-teachers- This is a powerful untapped intellectual force. You can still serve our country.

Since you are retired you can form little discussions groups to work for change. You are in a privileged position to help your oppressed fellow ulu folks. You can write, use the computer and influence many people. You have free time. You can travel to the ulu and spread the word for change. Individuals or groups can fan out into the far out areas to bring the message. U can act as volunteer teachers for so many underprivileged ulu children. U can still contribute so much to change our oppressed society.

Have you read the legend of Johnny Appleseed the nurseryman? He spent his life travelling through a large part of America planting apple trees. He patiently spread his orchards around the country. He made himself useful to his fellow beings. This is a real story. Hopefully you can be inspired to do just a little bit at a time and that will be a big contribution in the end. That will be your achievement in life helping to free your fellow men.

What is a “left-winger” – someone who does not like the Gomen anti-people policies. Good Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists with morality and decent beliefs can oppose bad gomen policies- so they are now “left-wingers”. And there are also there are thousands of disenchanted ulu people who are left wingers!

ALL left wingers must unite and do something positive – like organise themselves to work to throw out the corrupt politicians! WE SHALL OVERCOME!

Anonymous said...

This Mong Monkey fella is the TRAITOR to it communities who sold our land for free to Taib and his cronies. What he get in return? Toothpick size of curse monies. He indeed sold his dignity and soul for the bloody money. Curse on you for the next four generation.He shoud be castrate as form of punismnet for his sins.