Friday, November 5

Two interesting news items

Two interesting news items appeared in The Borneo Post and in the Star on 4 November (Thursday) which the readers of this blog may want to comment.

(1) Bayoi warns Opposition not to raise land issues

In The Borneo Post, Frederick Bayoi Manggie (BN-Kedup) yesterday issued a stern warning to those still raising land issues to fish for votes and support.

According to him, land was no more an issue and those who persist in raising the issue to incite hatred against the BN government face the risk “of being chases away from the kampongs”.

“I suggest that those who always use land as an issue to stir the people’s mind to hate and reject Barisan Nasional to stop it right away because once you use this issue of this nature, you will be chased away from that kampung,” Bayoi said when debating the 2011 state budget which was tabled by Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud on Monday.

He commended the initiative of the federal and state government to survey native customary rights (NCR) land which will start at the end of this year.

“All the owners of native customary land in the state have all these years been waiting and expecting the government to survey their land which is very precious and dear to them,” Bayoi said.

“It is hoped that there will be no or fewer land problems in the rural areas.”

Bayoi also appealed to the government to get rid of red tapes whenever villagers apply for their lands to be surveyed.

“Our people now have high expectation of BN to survey their native customary right land. Please kindly do not fail to meet this high expectation.

“If there are technical problems which may cause delays in surveying their land, please help them to rectify the problems in a very diplomatic manner so that the people will always be happy and have high confidence in our government to them.”

(2) Verify land with dept first

In the Star, Community leaders or “tuai rumah” found certifying transactions for native customary rights (NCR) land without verifying them with the Land and Survey Department will be taken to court.

Planning and Resource Management Assistant Minister Mohd Naroden Majais told the State Assembly yesterday that these community leaders would be charged under Section 210(e) of the Land Code which carries a fine or a jail term.

“The worst scenario is when these “tuai rumah” certify the wrong land which could belong to others, causing disputes and quarrels,” he said during question time.

He said for joint venture projects, landowners and investors should consult the department first to verify the status of a particular parcel of land to avoid running foul of the law.

“Investors would risk losing big,” Naroden warned.

“Furthermore, for any genuine NCR land, the investor must be either a native or have been deemed a native for the purpose of developing the land under the provision of the Land Code. Otherwise the agreement would not be proper".

Naroden said this was why the government encouraged NCR land to be developed under the new development concept in which the Land Custody Development Authority was entrusted as the managing agent. – The Broken Shield


apai irau said...

Interesting issues to discuss.Briefly,may we ask Bayoi the followings:,,if land matters are not an issue anymore,why are there more than 200 over cases in the high courts?Is Bayoi saying that its the rakyat who robbed the government of the NCR land or does our state government has NCR land like the natives.!!Bayoi,to be likened by Taib you dont have to lick his balls and to challenge the opposition you dont have to bluf the rakyat but got to have real balls.As for Norodeen's suggestion,it is solely intended to make life harder for the natives.Since when did Land and Survey Department recognise NCR land,? our survey department is government vis-a-vis,and even the easier way to prove our NCR land had been done away with through the amendment of the land ordinance,so Noroden suggestion is just another way how the government could manipulate the natives land.He is just another Penyamun,Penyangak,Perompak,Penipu,Pembohong,Evil.

Sri Belalang said...

Are Bayoi and Noroden advising or threatening the landowners and the village chiefs?

Apai Semalau said...

The moron to be chased away should be Bayoi! He needs to be reminded that he and his BN cronies are the cause of the present dayak land issue predicament. Why didn't BN thought of surveying the land in the first place instead of "land grabbing"? This so called new initiative on "surveying" is only a sweetener to "fish for votes" by BN. You can fool us once but you can't fool us twice Bayoi! Like always when did BN ever keep its promises? Just look at Lubok Antu district before the buy-election and now. Nothing have changed! We have been "tipu by BN" once again.
Don't we dayaks ever learn and are we that thick that we get taken for a ride every time?????

Tiyung Dayak said...

It’s mind boggling!

As I recall it, I’ve never come across any section nor clause in the Land Code 1958 where the kampong folks will be “lawfully evicted by force” from their kampong(s) for being an opposition!

I better check with the printed version (some other day), as my e-version “has been” shortened!

I think Bayoi is really enjoying in blackmailing us and the kampong folks; fine! No big deal lah...

But, does he aware that he already “violating” human rights (Articles 5 and 9)?

Bidayuh full said...

Bayoi is polishing balls and making fools of those already stupid Bidayuh in his constutuency!

Wake up stupid fools!

Ganeng said...

I love YB Bayoi for "speaking up" on behalf of his people...
But I love this guy more for issuing this statement:
“Pakatan Rakyat has a definite and clear policy on NCR lands and other lands. Should PR form the next state government, the NCR lands that have been grabbed by the government will be returned to their rightful owners,” he said.
May he be the next CM of Sarawak..