Monday, November 8

Another blunder by the Forest Department!

The following story confirms another blunder by the Forest Department, which has been ignoring the plight of the natives. It is only interested to make the cronies and families of ministers rich, richer richest, and the people poor, poorer and poorest. It happens in Sebangan and Sebuyau and everywhere. The Batang Rajang logjam is one of the aftermaths of indiscriminate logging.

Read the following story which appeared in The Borneo Post on November 6, 2010:

Revoke two timber licences – Malcolm

MALCOLM Mussem Lamoh (BN-Batang Ai) has appealed to the Forest Department to revoke two timber licences with immediate effect.

He said the licences issued had violated the native customary rights (NCR) over land in his constituency.

“The issuance of two timber licences on NCR land under Peranan Megamas Sdn Bhd and Mastika Jaya Plantation Sdn Bhd has affected SK Nanga Aup and six longhouses namely Danau, Ng. Kumpang, Bukong, Kandis, Kampung Paoh and Kampung Langgir.

“As those longhouses residents have been there for 13 generations, definitely some of their ‘temuda’, ‘pala umai’ and ‘tembawai’ may look like primary forests,”
he said when debating the Supply (2011) yesterday.

Mussem pointed out that not much timber could be extracted from these areas except for isolated ‘pulau galau’ within the licensed areas.

“The revenues that can be collected by the government would not be enough to compensate for the physical damage to their land and crops.

“Moreover, disturbance will be brought about to the river ecosystem and pollution that will seriously affect the gravity-fed water supply for those longhouses,”
he said.

He added that most of the affected land had been earmarked by the landowners for oil palm plantation with Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) and development of rubber estates with the Sarawak Farmers’ Organisation.

He also urged the department to be more prudent in issuing timber licences within NCR land where prior field verifications and consultations with the landowners should be done.

The Forest department must not solely rely on aerial photographs and outdated maps over the intended areas, he said.

“The special conditions attached to these types of licences should be properly explained to the affected communities and rigorously monitored by the relevant authorities to ensure the rights of the landowners would not be violated,” Mussem said.- The Broken Shield.


Banting said...

Slowly some Dayak YBs realise the mistakes made by the government agencies for issuing provisional leases to timber and plantation companies for logging concessions and oil palm plantation on NCR lands.

But there are some stupid YBs who threatened to chase away the natives from their villages if they raise NCR land issue. Damned stupid isn`t it?

The government agencies concerned ought not to have approved any application for provisional lease without visiting the area to get the true picture from the local people, causing companies to be unaware that they were logging and planting on customary land. Nevertheless, some companies purposely encroached into customary land. All of these contributed to a series of conflicts between the companies and the indigenous people.

apai irau said...

Yes Banting,not some but most of our Dayak YBs are damned stupid!In fact they are not really stupid,they are actually crooks and wanted to get rich at the expense of their own community.They realised what is happening around them but for greed and"taste" of power(as masing fond of saying) they don't care about the prblems besetting the community.For what Malcolm has uttered,inside the Dewan some more,credit shoulh be given to him.At least he has heart for the Dayaks,Iban in his area,not like Jabu,mawan and masing who had fooled the Iban around,tails in between legs when it come to issues affecting the Ibans.Poooraaah.

Anonymous said...

The utterances by this new YB may endanger his future in the BN. The TAIB will be deeply annoyed though there is sincerity in his statement.

Apai Semalau said...

Its a slow start but at the very least Yb. Malcolm is marching some steps forward to show concern for our community. He has spoken where other more senior dayak Ybs. dare not put their foot in. We admire and give him credit for putting the community spirit first. Above all else, he should seriously think about fulfilling the BN promises made during the by-election in Lubok Antu. Where are the roads, telecommunication infrastructures, electricity, piped water etc. that was promised?????? .

tuai bilik said...

My Annoymous on Nov 10th 2010 at 8.45 pm.

Why should Taib gets angry with YB`s BN who speaks the truth; who speaks for his community interest?

I think it is your own assumption and perception, do you?

Ganeng said...

Yes, do not be overjoyed as yet... YB Malcolm might have just stepped on someones foot, not that it hurts but then he might have to pay a hefty price for being outspoken.
Soon he might have to "correct' himself and toe the line..Hopefully am wrong.
Anyway, bravo to you YB Malcolm.

Anonymous said...

The Dayak YBs are not stupid people. Some pretend to be stupid and mute so that their rice bowls are secured. When talking to fellow Dayak communities, they look like someone humankind, but in front of Taib, they look like idiots

Yes.Dayak YBs need stand up and speak on issues of their race and constituencies...otherwise they are shit useless

Anonymous said...

Our ybs in bintulu should emulates this new yb...
Keep it up yb don't just hangat2 tahi ayam.