Monday, February 7

Dayak leaders are ‘blind, deaf and dumb’

(The story was first published in Free Malaysia Today)

KUCHING: The current Dayak elected representatives have eaten “taju remaung” (forbidden fruit) so much so that they are suffering from “blind, deaf and dumb” syndromes when issues involving the Dayak community are raised, said Dr. John Brian, a well-known Dayak Baru blogger.

“For example, they are just blind, deaf and dumb on native customary rights (NCR) landsthat are forcibly taken away from the native owners and given to the cronies and companies linked to the powers that be.

“They don’t hear their cries of help,”
Brian told residents of longhouse at Nanga Bidat, Julau.

“We have never heard them talking and protecting about hundreds of thousands of Dayak land that have been submerged by Bakun and Batang Ai dams,” he said.

“They have never protested when the government changed the Land code so that it is easier for the government to take away NCR land. Have they?” he asked.

He said: “What I heard of (Deputy Chief Minister) Alfred Jabu talkingis about developing your land by Sarawak Land Custody and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra). He asks you to give your land to Salcra to develop so that you can become millionaires.

“Don’t trust Jabu, because I have not seen anyone from his own Layar constituency becoming a millionaire for taking part in Salcra. They have been with Salcra for more than 20 to 30 years.

“If the Dayaks in Betong defend only on Salcra for a living, they would be classified as hardcore poor when their monthly dividends are between RM200 and RM300 per month,”
he said.

“Fortunately, they have other sources of income to rely on,” he explained.

Brian, who has been very vocal lately in Meluan, is expected to contest the seat on a Pakatan Rakyat ticket. The incumbent rep is Wong Judat of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party.

The Dayak leaders should think of ways how to improve the people’s health, economic well-being and their livelihood by setting up clinics, rubber and cocoa factories, introduce small holdings for oil palm, pepper and rubber rather than distributing minor rural development projects worth from RM3, 000 to RM5, 000, he said.

Such projects need not involve elected representatives to distribute, he said, pointing out that these projects are not development per se.

He noticed that the majority of longhouses in the constituency lack treated water supply and 24-hour electricity as compared to some of villages in the coastal areas.

“Go to the coastal villages in SCORE. Even farm houses are given electricity,” he said, pointing out that development is not equally distributed in the state.

As a result of lack of economic activities in the State, many of the Dayaks have left for Peninsular Malaysia and overseas to seek employment, he said.

On education, Brian said: “Chinese, Malays and Indians have their own respective universities, but where is a Dayak university? And where is an Iban school?”

“None, but why our Dayak leaders are not asking for them, this is because theyhave eaten the ‘forbidden fruit’ fed by their political masters. They have become blind, deaf and dumb,” he stressed.

Brian said: “You have been voting for Barisan Nasional for 46 years,and what you get in return are only threats. They warn you that if you vote for the opposition, then your children cannot go to schools, because these schools are owned by the Barisan Nasional.

“You will not be given development projects if you go against government.

“How come you are against government? Have you rebelled against government? Have you taken armed like communist terrorist against the government? Of course it is a big NO.

“So you are not against government. What you are against is a Barisan Nasional government.

“However, if you still like them, then you vote for them during election times, and if you don’t like them, vote them out. Don’t be afraid to vote for Pakatan Rakyat for a change in the coming election,” he said.

“Why should you be afraid of the BN leaders?All these are mere scare tactics to frighten all of you,” he said, adding that the BN leaders are scared that the next government could be the Pakatan Rakyat government.

“Give Pakatan Rakyat comprising Parti Keadilan, DAP, PAS and Sarawak National Party a chance to prove their capability to form the next government,” he added.


Jilted PKR said...

Where are you Mr. Leslley Kalom? And you Antu Beduru?

Audie should also expose how PKR works with the Ketuanan Baharudin.

Thank you Audie61 for the following updates in your blog;

1. Senior Sng with his band of brothers meeting Anwar in Kuching at the Grand Continental for Breakfast while Junior Sng partyless but a true blue BN assemblyman meets up with PM at the Marriot in Miri sweating it out and needing to carefully pick his words to stay relevant for the BN. What did he Whisper..??

2. Tedewins resignation from PRS seems to have affected many who are at odds with some leaders in the BN coalition. Our insider source tweet to us,”Bro. It seems the next to follow Tedewin will be Peter Gani from SPDP. He is also a Supreme Council member and is considering joining SNAP. Looks like the Dynamo theory is gaining momentum”

Peter Gani is part of the team of 5 YBs and 3 Supreme Council who were very unhappy with President Mawan who according to them has turned back on the original party status quo. Mawan has steadfastly stood by his decision and many poiltical analysts has only words of praise and truly feels Mawan is a leader to be reckoned with a far sighted vision which augurs well for SPDP and BN.


Banting said...

" Don`t politicise land policy. Report to the police if the government has snatched your land. Snatching is same as stealing '., Jabu said.

However, SUHAKAM said the natives in Lundu had made many police reports about land intrusions but not only has there been no action taken but those who made the reports were interrogated like criminals."

Jabu even claimed that bloggers were unappreciative of him and Salcra.

Awang Tengah on the other hand said, " Don`t be intimidated by gangsters out to grab your land." Who are these gangsters? To me that is inmaterial, the fact is there are `robbers` to rob Dayaks of their NCR land.

Taib advised landowners to resolve land issue through consultation and not to take dispute to court.

From the statements made by the three senior state ministers, it seems to me that there is `land crisis` in Sarawak arising from numberous of amendments to the Sarawak Land Code in the past. Pathetic, Dayak ministers and Dayak DUNs did not object to the amendments which have been used by the government to grab land from the landowners.

Anonymous said...

The Dayak leaders are NOT blind, deaf or dumb. But the Dayak voters are.

Mata Kuching said...

This is another propaganda and bad spin by PBB and BN Sarawak targeting PKR and SNAP leaderships and Pakatan. Before we read on , may I ask who is PKR Sarawak Insider? I can assure you he is not Dominique Ng but just another newly recruited cyber trooper from PBB.

here it goes…PKR Sarawak Insider

PKR Sarawak has declared war on SNAP, even though both are opposition parties and both want to see the end of Barisan Nasional rule in Sarawak.

The Blog, Antu Beduru, managed by Baru Bian’s boys, published two articles called SNAP – Get real or get lost and SNAP – The stubborn Dayak whore.

Baru Bian’s boys are worried that PKR Sarawak may get left behind once SNAP reemerges as a dominant opposition force in Sarawak.

The recent breakfast meeting between Anwar Ibrahim and S’ng Chee Hua also rattled Baru Bian’s boys who see their boss about to be sidelined.

According to the talk in Kuching, the S’ng clan will soon emerge as the PKR powerbroker in Sarawak who will decide the line-up and candidates for the coming state elections expected in the next couple of months.

S’ng is also said to be the financier of Radio Free Sarawak, which operates out of London.

Note: Even the idiotic Karim Hamzah was lately praising SNAP for its past glories and symphatised with the party for being used by Zaid Ibrahim and Jeffrey Kitingan. Where was Karim the last decade when SNAP was out in the cold and abandoned by Taib?

I suggest PBB try another spin and do better than this one.

Anonymous said...


news update

Anonymous said...

Banting, of course Jabu doesn't want to politicise the land issue cos thousands hectares of NCR land has been robbed and given to Jabu's son, daughters and cronies. Kemaia Numpang tauka apai Numpang kala berimba di menua Tg Bjat, di Limbang di Bau alai tanah dia tau pulai diempu sida sebilik? Mensia jai baka iya tu patut diberi empa baya mangah...

Ganeng said...

Yes I agree with Mata Kuching. Why is Abdul Karim Hamzah suddenly so sympathetic with SNAP, a party which is going against BN. This proves that SNAP is not a threat to BN but PR is. I am learning to read between the lines...DUH.

Apai Semalau said...

Dayak leaders are not"blind, deaf and dumb"! Just plain simply they would rather sacrifice their own relatives and breed for the sake of RM$$$$. A band of state sunction thugs bleeding the state dry.

Banting said...

Mr. Anonymous 7th Feb.@7.44pm,

Lak ke bala Jabu bumai ba Tg. Bijat, lama udah bujang senang nadai ngayah ke orang.

Bujang Senang nemu orang datai enggau orang ngibun menua.

Anonymous said...

You are right.BN agent are infiltrating into SNAP and PKR. But if the Dayaks voters are smarter and more knowledgeable, and we shatter Sarawak's record as a fixed deposit, UMNO would be damned worried.

Who is Antu Beduru actually? Beware of this antu!

Joker said...

Friends, is there such things called "Postal" Waibees in Sarawak Politics??????????

How about these secondment"formula"

PBB+SUPP = 1 > JR + (W1+W2+W3)
PBB+PRS =4 >(N)SL + MM + ((P)NB+ MK
PBB+SPDP= (5 > ho NO RAbLES)
BN+PKR= 14 SCH + 1 Pilaghost)= (15)

Total postal Waibees inhand = 25 Political advances

Banting said...

Mr. Anonymous,

I quote, ' BN agent is infiltrating into SNAP and PKR. "

Could an agent is an ex-police Inspector? Then SNAP and PKR should be careful not to divulge their strategies. Be on watch on this planted agent!

Honestly, I don`t know who is Antu Beduru. Just forget about him, after all he is just `ghost` who can create nonsense and scare children. We have Jesus with us always, amen.

Anonymous said...

Antu Beduru is Baru Bian's puppet-Vernon Kedit.

apai irau said...

Hidup SNAp..SNAP need not have to shout as to whether or not it is still under PR umbrella or otherwise,the most important thing is to work and cooperate with the other opposition parties in Sarawak.However,to work together with Parti Kita is absolutely absurd,it is a mosquito in Semenanjung and Zaid is just an over ambitious guy who will rock the boat if he is not made the captain.Dr.Jeffry Kitingan is also well-known guy for his over politicking,and like Zaid,just could not toe to party line.It is therefore imperative for SNAP to find a concesus with Keadilan by putting up their respective candidates base on winning chances,or else let Taib have a big laugh again.

SK Subramaniam said...

All it takes is a few prominent leaders in SNAP to come clean on all the accusations hurled against the leadership.

It is an open secret that a political broker by the name of John Soh is hatching an agenda for some invisible hands to split PR4 into PK3.

If SNAP is sincere in fighting for the cause of PR it should only concentrate in contesting not more than 8 seats. With the cooperation and strong support of the other PR partners SNAP might win between 3 to 4 seats or lost all if it insisted for unknown reason and selfish agenda to contest in 28 seats.

Some individuals might walk away with a few hundred thousand ringgits( and don't expect even a million ringgit) after the election when SNAP refused to cooperate and knowledge its limitation but the party will be buried forever. But I am not sorry for the party but the Dayaks will be enslaved by the wicked and corrupted regime of Taib Mahmud for another decade if not longer.

Anonymous said...

Vernon Ketit@Antu Beduru also admin of Baru Bian for CM Facebook group...

Bidayuh Headmaster said...

Egypt protests topple Mubarak after 18 days !

The thief minister of Sarawak must return back to the rightful owners all NCR lands ,Malay Reserved Land and any lands his administration has acquired under the pretext of utilising for public purpose but later alienated to his families and cronies . Return all state lands and forest reserved to the state and its people as well. Do not wait for the people to take to the streets to force you to do the honourable thing.

Baru Bian supporter said...

Mr. SK Subramaniam Sir,

The 1987 Election results where PBDS won 15 seats and PERMAS 5 is a good strategy for Pakatan Rakyat to emulate and adopt in the coming election.

The receipe for their (MAJU GROUP) success then was MUTUAL RESPECT amongst partners. PBDS (Dayak Majority areas),PERMAS (Mixed as well as the Malay-Melanau majority areas) and DAP (chinese areas).

MUTUAL RESPECTS for the coming state election herein refers to:-

PKR and PAS to Concentrate on the Malay-Melanau seats,

DAP to concerntrate on the Chinese Majority seats and

SNAP to concentrate on the Dayak Majority seats.

So far, there is no sign of encroachment into the DAP Chinese Majority areas BUT the SNAP Dayak areas seems full of partner's (except DAP)interference.

Let's hope that the BN 007 Daniel Craig is not listed in the assignment.

Bidayuh Headmaster said...

Sebangan and Sebuyau Iban will lead Sarawakians to protest against Taib Mahmud and demand for all NCR lands and the people’s land (State land) to be returned to the owners and the state and for Taib to step down. Let us all stand up and be counted. We must show our full force against this dictator and mafia.

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