Saturday, March 10

MACC report lodged against Masing and Mong

(No wonder Masing and Mong regard themselves as towkays. Read the following story)

KUCHING:  After being exposed for writing letters to Heads of Department of Agriculture and Department of Welfare to cancel subsidies and welfare assistance to handicapped Frusis Lebi for supporting the Opposition, which caused an uproar in Sarawak, yet another scandal involved the assistant minister is being exposed by Sarawak Report.

This time it involved an alleged fraud land deal, where he allegedly asked for ‘kickback’ of RM70 million from the sale of 70,000 acres of land belonging to his own constituents.

The land at Kelingkang Range, Bukit Begunan, Sri Aman was to be developed into an oil palm plantation.

In a letter dated  June 18, 1997 allegedly written by Mong, he asked for RM1000 per acre from Megarume Sdn Bhd and after deduction of the up front to LCDA the balance would be divided 50% to him and 50% to one Kho Chee Pheng (broker).

“I also agree that any of the three companies, Noble Reserves Sdn Bhd, Noble Resources Sdn Bhd or Noble Rewards Sdn Bhd to be used for the joint venture with the investors. Together herewith I enclosed my personal and curriculum vitae and also three photocopies of our nominees identity cards, namely Bawang Ak Deru (IC NO.660424-13-5886), Leyta Kupa (IC NO.651120-5532) and Henry Yan Masing (IC NO.KP553094) for you to register into any of the three companies,” Mong was alleged to have written.

According to Sarawak Report, Bawang Ak Deru is Mong’s wife, while Leyta Kupa in the wife of Wilson Ugak and Henry Yan Masing is James Masing’s brother. All the three are directors of Noble Rewards Sdn Bhd.

Based on Sarawak Report, the women wing of Sarawak PKR this afternoon lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against Land Development Minister and President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak James Masing and Dagang for alleged misuse and abuse of power in a land deal.

Lodging the report on behalf of the wing was Nurhanim Mokshen who handed over some documents, letters and reports.

Nurhanim who is head of the wing called on MACC to investigate the allegation and to investigate the allegation and take necessary actions to clear the names of the minister and the assistant minister or to commence the process of cleaning up our public offices.

She was accompanied by a lawyer Simon Siah.

The MACC told them that the Commission was aware of the case and had been instructed to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, when contacted NCR land lawyer See Chee How confirmed that the area is already subject to court case brought against the partners and LCDA by the native landowners who had rejected first the logging and then the plantation of their land.

See, who is also the Batu Lintang assemblyman said that more than 50% of the landowners had rejected the plantation and many had also rejected the paltry RM1,000 per family that had been offered for the areas valuable timber by these politicians.

Nevertheless the project was pushed through by Masing and Dagang on the basis that the local people would benefit.

“It surely comes as little surprise that the native landowners are yet to receive any dividends from the enterprise after the first six years.

“This qualifies as fraud,” said See because Dagang and Masing had been trying to convince people they would be able to take a 30% share of the joint venture and share the profits in return for their land.

They tell the people ‘let the LCDA develop your land and you will get 30% of the joint venture and profit. However, the people were not told about this huge kickback. Under the joint venture that money should have been shared among the people, not paid to nominees of the very politicians who were talking them into the scheme,” See said.


Apai Semalau said...

The president Masing of PRS and his right hand man Mong the vice president cum youth leader both under investigation by the MACC?
Time to close shop. PRS members like blind sheep have been taken for a long ride. PRS members are now the laughing stock of the community. So, all along they were play acting when they declare they were developing the Bukit Bangunan land for the benefits of the owners! Instead they were reaping them off by helping themselves to the million$$$ "kickback"!!! An excellent example of towkay Iban leaders conning off fellow ibans for the greed of kickback $$$$. Looks like its going to be the mother of all scam in Sarawak. "Towkays reaping off their constituents".

Iban Lingga said...

What does it mean " The MACC told them that the commission was aware of the case and had been instructed to look into the matter." To my understanding, the MACC was instructed to ignore the case or the commission is investigating the case.

As the report had been lodged with MACC, the public would like the case to be investigated without fear or favour and leave no stone unturned.

Iban Kapit said...

Agree with Iban Lingga that MACC has to prove their consistency by their action to investigate every report big or small and complete the investigation as quickly as possible, to avoid the public accuse MACC of double standard.

Sarawak reports had also exposed Jabu was famous for having highly profited from land hand-outs in return for his political loyalty.

Kaban Frusis Lebi said...

This info should be dispersed in Masing & Mong's constituencies so that rakyat know what their so-called YBs are doing to the dayaks as a whole.
Copy this posting, paste in emails and share with our friends nationwide.
The rakyat have the right to know. Masing & Mong with their 'greedy motives' should be exposed wide in broad daylight.
This is the greatest PRS shame and scandal of this century. Hope this will contribute to the death and downfall of PRS.
PRS - Penipu Rakyat Sebansa

Apai irau said...

Noble Resources? The company should be re-named NOBLE PRIZE RESOURCES.Definitely sounds better and fit its objective to be among the top Iban company to swindle the Ibans of their land. Masing is a great ass licker.Frustrating of not becoming Deputy CM (after endlessly shouting in papers saying that his PRS is the second biggest party in Sarawak),he now called himself and his band of crooks as TAUKAY.It is unfortunate that we Ibans are still lagging far behind in terms of political maturity and are easily tempted with rm50 during election even though we know that these crooks are doing nothing for us,and worst still,become the robbers stealing land from none other than their own community.Truly sad.