Wednesday, March 7

Who is the boss - the politician or the voter?

KUCHING: Who are the towkays (bosses) - the Politicians or the People?

This is the question being asked by politicians and rakyat from both the Opposition and Barisan Nasional.

President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak James Masing said that the politicians are the bosses and advised voters to ‘follow a rule of life – jangan lawan towkay’.

“In any organisation, including political parties, we cannot go against our boss. That is the golden rule in life which we must observe,” Masing said in defence of his Vice-President Mong Dagang who is also the Assistant Minister of Agriculture (Research and Marketing).

Dagang had written a letter to the Assistant Director of Agriculture ordering him to cease all subsidies and welfare allowance to Frusis Lebi who is deformed in both hands and legs because he was a strong supporter of the Opposition.

Since last October Lebi did not receive the subsidies and the welfare allowance.

But Sarawak DAP Secretary Chong Chieng Jen said that what Masing said that ‘jangan lawan towkay’ (don’t challenge the boss) is totally unacceptable.

“Ministers are public servants of the rakyat. Every five years the ministers have to submit their resumes for re-appointment or re-election by the people.

“In many occasions especially during the election times we can hear that some of BN leaders say that the rakyat are the boss. But the BN leaders are only paying lip service.

“In their mind they treat themselves as the boss and the people as their servants.

“This is a clear example of the mentality of the BN senior politician and senior minister. No wonder the rural people have been neglected,” said Chong who is the Kota Sentosa Assemblyman.

He added: “This is the typical mentality that results in the neglect by the BN of the rural people’s needs and development.

“Not only Mong has to apologise, Masing should also apologise especially to the voters in his (Baleh) constituency.

“Masing’s remark is also contrarily to 1Malaysia slogan where ‘rakyat first, performance now’.

“To Masing, the ministers come first because the minsters are the boss. That is his interpretation and his mentality.

“Nevertheless, whatever he said we still continue to press this matter in parliament. I think this is a clear breach of the constitution and I will challenge Najib (Prime Minister) what he has to say when his BN party leader has openly said that ministers are 'towkays' and the people are the servants, and the servants must obey the towkays,” said Chong who is the Bandar Kuching Member of Parliament.

Commenting on the same issue, Sarawak PKR Vice-Chairman See Chee How said the arrogance manifested by Masing calls for the severest political censure condemnation.

“With the exposure of the misdeed by his party Vice-President and state Assistant minister Mong Dagang, one would have expected Masing, as a Senior State Minister, to mollify the damages that have been inflicted on image of the BN government.

“Instead, the Senior State Minister amplified the contemptuous act by challenging the most fundamental ideals of a democracy that a government is ‘of the people, by the people and for the people".

“His callous remark that the people should not go against the government because the government is boss (“towkay”) reflects terribly on the BN leadership of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister.

“It is obvious that the reign since independence has made him egoistic and arrogant,” said See, who is the Batu Lintang assemblyman.

“Masing should be taught that the relationship between the government and the people is like the ship and the water.

“The water can keep you afloat, it can also sink you,” he pointed out.


Apai irau said...

Mong Dagang and Masing's acts or words clearly show the standard of the Iban politicians from the BN.That is why i used to comment that Iban politicians from BN are good at victimizing their own community and has no balls to fight for their community's interests.Of course Masing said'jangan lawan taukay' as he himself has been doing that to Taib to become President of a Party and Senior ministership.But Masing still needs to remember, anybody can change his taukay if that taukay is a blood sucker.It is very sad indeed to see what the Dayak especially the Iban politicians are doing these days.They are just interested in accumulating wealth and continuosly lying to their community.They become accomplices to land grabbing,etc.As for Mong,his political maturity is at its lowest.Even if that fellow supports the opposition,that is his democratic right but Mong could not deprive his right to something he is entitled to after all he pays taxes like Mong.Mong may pay personal income tax but this fellow also pay tax through sales tax,etc.So Mong or Masing,please stop treating the Ibans like monkeys.

DG said...

I hate to be blunt to say Masing is not a smart politician to say that they are the towkays. What a joke and shame on him! No wonder all these while they have been fooling and cheating the poor rural Dayaks by portraying themselves as towkays and love all the pomp and grandeur of their rural visits. Now maybe most rural folks do not know that they are the real towkays and not the ministers or even Taib or Masing because of the way they have been treated by the government or the ruling party all these while. And they (the poor folks) are always fed with the government propagandas of how “loving and caring” BN are to the people via their mainstream medias. Let's us all especially those who detest these corrupt leaders spread the news that the real towkays are the people themselves and the ministers are their coolies. Do it by voting out the bad guys who are parasites and scum of the society.

Apai Semalau said...

Thats the most repulsive and disgusting statement made by the PRS senior minister! Thats one of the reasons why we the dayaks are always marginalised. The mentality of those we elected as dayak leaders are now showing their real colours. They are treating their constituents with contempt. These bullshit "towkays" needs to be taught a damned good lesson. The "white buaya" maybe their towkay but don't count us in! Lest we forget, Mong was elected as Bukit Bangunan Yb in 1996 but that election was duly declared null and void for excessive vote buying in 1977 by the high court. How low can one get? This ass minister is just power hungry.

pelacur politikus said...

Sida Mong sida Masing tok taukay pia? Kumbai aku orang politik ngering ke bansa meh nya ngelama tok.Enda meh aku nemu sida wakil rakyat PRS tok ngangap diri taukay selama tok. Auk,enti Masing taukay,bala Iban ke ngundi ia nya tentu KULI lah ? Bakanya politik Masing tok neh,udah nyadi YB Menteri,rakyat di anggap kuli lalu ia nyadi taukay ? Kasih meh kita di baleh dia,enti Masing enggai nyual beras ngagai kita,lapar meh kita dia kih?Saru amat aku ngelama tok,kumbai aku Masing di diri ke rakyat lalu bekerja ke rakyat;nemu nya enti udah menang lalu nyadi taukay.Parai kitai.Antu jelu merintah dunya.

shoe polisher said...

My message to voters in Bukit Bengunan-give all your votes to Mong in next election.The bigger his majority,the BETTER he will be.Excellent Yb,very caring .

Banting said...

Dare PRS elected representatives go to their constituencies and tell the voters that they are their servants and they(voters) have to abide and follow their orders? It seems that Masing does not admire the people power which makes him a minister. Did he realise that BN governments were collapsed in Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Perak because of people power?

While most BN ministers were endeavouring to forgive the hostiles voters who did not support them during the last election, but they were trying to help them in order to win their hearts and mind, Mong Dagang on the other hand is habouring grudge toward them. His action against his own constituent, Frusis Lebi recently speaks for his inhuman and unethical approach, thus reflecting his immaturity in politics.

May be we have to guide Mong that Malaysia is a democratic country all classes of people share in the government by choosing representatives. The holding of Elections is to put into practise the tenets of democracy with every citizens having the constitutional rights to vote for the candidate either from BN or Opposition parties of his choice. He must be permitted to do so without fear or hinderance or coercion in any form.

Bear in mind, an opposition supporter is also a taxpayer, as such he has democratic rights to get government welfare assistance, what more to say if he is a disabled and hardcore poor.

While the Prime Minister intensifies efforts to eradicate poverty and remains committed to providing welfare assistance for the disabled, senior citizens and single mothers, there is a junior Assistant Minister who is defying PM initiative plan.

YB Mong, hopefully you are regret of your action and most of all do not try to identify(witch hunt) the voters who voted against you and to penalise them, including me.

Iban Undop said...

That is the culture of PRS under leadership of Masing, not to care and support their voters.
What has PRS contributed to the Dayak since the formation of PRS? NOTHING...!!
Where is Masing, Mong and PRS YBs when NCR lands are encroached illegally by Timber and Oil Palm companies?
They are too coward, too chicken, too dumb to defend their voters.
In reality, the datukship for Masing and Mong and the credibility of PRS means NOTHING and carry no power at all.
PRS is only GOOD in talking but NOT delivering.
Where is Masing, Mong, Joseph Entulu, Mauh, Doris & PRS YBs when Jabu/PBB planted his own cronies (Nyallau & Masir) inside PRS party?
Don't tell us that PRS cannot answer that simple question. Or PRS are plain stupid, cowering like dog with tail between it's leg, barking at the tree.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I can think of on why Masing and whatshis name say all these things is that they know the native voters are too scaredor ignorant and naive to do anything about it.Go ask those in the longhouses and kampungs... these leeches have grown so arrogant that they will dare steal right front of their people and brag about it.That is the result of voting them in election after election.
So pathetic and obtuse we Sarawakians.


Apai irau said...

In addition to my earlier comment,i wish to say this.Today's issue (9th March) of Borneo Post quoted Masing of the followings ,among other things, about the 2 letters written by Mong Dagang;(1)Mong has no authority to request for land therefore Mong has done nothing wrong.(2)ignorance of procedures is not a crime,and (3) land application was rejected,so what is the issue.These words of Masing reflects how low his intelligence is,eventhough he may have phd.Such justifications are nonsensical and smack of hugh arrogance.As to no.1, the fact that Mong DID APPLY FOR LAND,knowing well he cannot do so,is a crime by itself ,regardless of whether the application was approved or otherwise.As regard to no.2,ignorance is the worst answer to expect from a minister.Mong is a minister so don't tell people he dosen't know this simple limitation.As to no.3 ,its the worst thing to say ,especially by so-called senior minister.The fact is,Mong has exceeded his power BY MAKING THE APPLICATION. To Masing and the other Iban leaders,PLEASE STOP DOING THINGS THAT MAKE THE IBANS BECOME THE LAUGHING STOCKS OF OTHER RACES>.IF YOU DARE TO FOOL YOUR OWN RACE,OTHER RACES WOULD NOT ONLY LAUGH AT THE ORDINARY IBANS,BUT AT YOU TOO.

Anonymous said...

Amat munyi ko Masing anang ngelaban towkay, Election 2006 2 iko manok Sabong ia diganti manok bukai, parlimmen - 2008 2 iko manok ia diganti seminggu bedau bepilih, retinya 4 iko manok ukai manok tambat ia tang laban ti enda tau ngelaban towkey barang ko orang meh asal periok diri berasap. Mong sapa enda nemu akih tu,ingat insiden suba ba BDC bala ia bc nikau rumah orang enggau pasu bunga/batu batu nama kebuah kini??

Anak Irau said...

Well said Apai Irau, Masing is covering Mong's filty smelly shit with him own hand.
That is typical of Masing and PRS as a whole. PRS is not for the dayak but for themselves only. PRS is just a poorly orchestrated gimmick party to blind the rakyat with their personal agenda. Warning to PRS, the rakyat will bring you down with support of your former ally.