Wednesday, March 28

More for Jabu, Fadillah Yusof and Billy Abit

KUCHING: Sarawak Youth Keadilan has lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency (MACC) against Sarawak’s Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang and Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation and PBB Youth chief Fadillah Yusof and MP for Hulu Rajang Billy Abit Joo for allegedly enriching themselves at the expense of the people.

Led by its youth chief Ahmad Najib, the PKR youth urged the MACC to carry out an immediate investigation against the three public figures following allegations made by Sarawak Report.

“The allegations are very serious, and the MACC must conduct an immediate investigation,” Ahamd said.

According to Ahamd, the MACC might contact him in the next few days for his statement to be taken.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Report alleged that Jabu, Fadillah and Billy have extravagant wealth which contrasts so painfully with the poverty of their constituents.

“It is indeed remarkable that so much of the plunder that has been carried out by BN YBs has been against their own people in their own constituencies.

“It seems a BN YB likes nothing better than to champion the ‘development’ of their constituency, through land grabs, logging and plantations, so that they can exploit their political influence to steal as much of the profit as possible.

“What BN YBs never do is work to make sure that a fair share of those profits goes back to their own native communities, who have lost their lands and their living to the so-called ‘development’.

 “These BN YBs think that they can keep the communities obedient, as long as they pay small salaries and kickbacks to the local longhouse chiefs, threaten with penalties and job losses if they allow their people to vote against BN.

“This was the point of Wargana Consortium, which Awang Tengah alleged was owned by the people of Bakun, but which turns out to be owned by MP Billy Abit Joo and his business cronies, along with one share each for local headmen,” said Sarawak Report.

Likewise Jabu has amassed a vast series of plantations, which he has put into the hands of his family, much of which is native customary land, allegedly snatched from his local people in his local region of Betong.

The Report listed a number of companies allegedly owned by Jabu and his family members which include Durafarm, KACC construction which contracts worth more than RM500,000, Durayield, Sarako (timber company), Jarenang Sdn Bhd (which was awarded 36,000 hectares of timber), Obyu Holdings, Utahol (plantation), Herba Aromatics (plantation),  Tintingmas (construction) Sdn Bhd, Javel engineering.

Fadillah’s family members have also some shares in those companies.

 “Has anyone explained to these greedy BN YBs that it is a highly corrupt conflict of interest for elected MPs to be involved in any way in companies that are receiving state contracts and lands that have been taken from their own constituencies?” asked Sarawak Report.

Likewise,  Billy Abit Joo has not just contented himself with massive timber concessions and stealing control of his local people’s ‘cooperative’, Wargana Consortium he too has set up a company, Sarabrand Sdn Bhd to take on more state contracts, despite the corrupted conflict of interest this represents.

Sarabrand Sdn Bhd has received a goodly amount of contracts worth RM35 million handed out by the state under the guise of ‘bringing development to the people’.

“No wonder Billy Abit Joo says he wants to hang on as the MP for the Bakun area.  He must surely have his eye on all those future possible contracts, that will, of course, be branded as ‘helping his people benefit’ from the dam,” said Sarawak Report.


Banting said...

We have a few of alleged corruption cases involving a state minister and civil servants filed with MACC few years ago, but until now we have not heard the results of the investigation. I can still remember what the former MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Ahmad Said Hamdan said that the maximum time frame for the Commission to investigate any case was one year. But how about the following outstanding cases:-

(i) State MACC director Puan Samsiah Abu Bakar said they were investigating District Officers and Residents who had been found to have either pocketed the money themselves or had abetted their crony contractors in bidding for projects. This was following the disclosure that up to 60 per cent of funds for some projects in Sarawak had been directed elsewhere.

(ii)Some individuals had lodged reports with MACC against a state minister about the immense wealth amassed by the said minister and his family based on articles on websites.

In this respect, can we take the current MACC`s Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Abu Kassim`s words " If no investigation is carried out on any report, even against ministers, I am willing to step down."

We hope the MACC Chief Commissioner walks the talk to brush aside the public perception of double standards and being pro-BN Government.

FairviewBetong said...

Dear all.

No comment.

As of now i believe is just a hear say and until proven guilty i am still not convinced that YAB Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Hogansiau is corrupt or power abuser as this blog suggested.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

today i wanted to buy my kid a nicer lunch as a small treat so i have to scrimp a little and spend less on my own lunch.this is what we have to do daily -trying not to spend too much cos we have not got much to spend
and what do these bastards contribute to us a s Sarawakians - arrogance greed and hypocrisy towards us,curses on them and their offspring


Apai irau said...

We can lodge thousands of reports with MACC.But trust me,once you left the MACC office they will place your reports nicely at the end of their table.Our public institutions like MACC ,police and even the judiciary are supposed to be neutral while performing their duties without fear or favour. But have we seen these institutions act in such manner in Malaysia?No way. Even the heads of these institutions are corrupts.The rakyats are restless with the AG Gani Patail,the previous MACC head Kasim and the preceding IGP Musa Hassan,but what has the government done to them?Nothing.The government is even scared to set up a RCI to find out the truth.The same thing goes for our Sarawak heros here like Jabu.Our system is corrupt to the core whereby the functions of these institutions are usurped by fear,favouritism,discrimination,corruption and victimization etc.

Apai Semalau said...

Who amongst them BN Ybs. dayaks or otherwise can claim they didn't have a share in the plundering of the state coffer or illegal acquisition of NCR lands through cronyism? Its a scam! Ybs. robbing their own constituents for self enrichment.Unfortunately, the BN dayak Ybs get picked on because they pocketed more than they can chew! Records in the Companies registry don't tell lies.Like the UMNO wanita head their excuse will be " its my wives/brothers/sons/daughters business and has nothing to do with me".
About time we dayaks change their "herd mentality" and stop following the lakia towkays!

Anonymous said...

The macc,police and other government institutions that are supposed to protect the people are useless where these BN leeches are concerned.They only bully those who are weak the common folk.Look those riding around in the patrol cars, the government numbered luxury cars, those traffic police who scream at road users to let their masters through and you all still think they can do their jobs?Each time I see them on the road actually I go phtuiii at them.Leeches and parasites or worse and still people especially some Sarawakians still respect them ?Stupid stupid naive idiots!We are being bled dry and the country raped and we still have them as leaders??

Sad sack

Anonymous said...

Under our state of law, to frame a charge of crime is not that easy as we perceived and thought. We need concrete evidence of power abusing.
Moreover to extricate an evidence is not like questioning some witnesses like " look here, if u are not going to tell me the truth, iam going to throw u down the window".
Look at the suffering the MACC has gone through over Teoh's case? Anyone came to support MACC for that? Wha i know, they got condemned. What if it involved big bosses as Masing said.
Just talking is sweet.