Friday, March 16

Why are we angry?

SIBU:  Why are we so angry when some people say that the Ibans eat worms, fried insects, and so on?

I was at the Central Market in Sibu recently when I saw an old lady selling worms which she collected from durian leaves. These worms feed on young durian leaves.

When I asked her the old lady said that these worms which she had poured hot water on them are selling like hot cakes in Sibu.

One plate costs RM5.00.

That morning alone she earned some RM100.00.

She said Ibans, Chinese and other natives like to eat these worms which they say are tastier than the sago works.

She asked me to taste one of the worms, but I politely turned down the offer.

She said that those worms could be fried just like you fry sago worms.

Anyone interested can purchase the worms from her at the Sibu Central market.


Apai irau said...

why not,after all it is also a gift from God.If we watch documentaries on exotic food,insects,worms,pupae not to mention snakes(of course the non-poisonuos types)are rich in protein.Even the westerners started to like it.

Alfred William James said...

Even today I still eat mammals, Birds,reptiles, leeches, worm and plants. I am an Iban, so the recent article published in the controversial magazine is fact.

Iban Pantu said...

Sorry out of topic. Reliable source said that GE 13 is to be held in April, 2012. Believe me. So be prepared, change(ubah) we must.