Tuesday, June 12

Devoid of logic?

I have returned from Gawai Dayak celebrations during which I met a lot of relatives and friends. Besides enjoying ourselves during the Gawai, our focus of discussion was on native customary rights (NCR) land, the majority of which has now been ‘sold’ by the government through their agents like Temenggong, Penghulu and Tuai Rumah to big oil palm companies like Tabung Haji.

According to them, the affected landowners have filed their legal action against Tabung Haji, Temenggong and Tuai Rumah as well as against the Land and survey Department and the government.

All the NCR land even up to their ‘kaki tangga’ (door step) have been taken away leaving nothing for the Ibans to plant paddy, vegetables, pepper, cocoa and rubber.

Some of the Ibans have now been given rubber clones, pepper and oil palm to plant together with subsidies. This scheme is under the Ministry of Agriculture.

What is strange is that the majority of the Ibans, if not all, have no land left to plant all these crops as their land have been taken by Pelita-Tabung Haji Company.

What shall they do with the rubber clones and young oil palm trees and fertiliser?

Sell them for a short term benefit?

But that is not the point: The point is why giving them when you know they have no land to plant those crops.

Are these parts of the ‘election goodies’? Or are those from the Ministry of Agriculture plain stupid?


Apai Semalau said...

Quote "The point is why giving them when you know they have no land to plant those crops?".
Our towkay ass.minister of agriculture Yb.Mong is in an excellent position to answer this question right now if he is worth his salt. If an answer is not forth coming then we can all conclude he is one hell of a stupid arse "iban towkay" agriculture minister"!
Maybe Masing's PRS wants you all to eat the rubber clones, young oil palm and fertiliser?

Apai irau said...

If we know that it is devoid of logic then that is fine.What i am afraid of is when the election comes,all the non-logic become logic just because of 30 or 50 ringgit.We lost our land worthed thousands or millions,and get very angry when it is taken away from us ,BUT after receiving 50 ringgit from the BN candidates topped up with false promises,we become extremely happy and forget about our land and vote for the same candidate who sold our body and souls..In other words, we were and are still a cheap commodity in politics.That is why BN is making a fool of us,giving us rubber seedlings knowingly we have no land to plant them.