Thursday, June 21

Money should be spent on long term benefits

Chong Chieng Jen, MP for Bandar Kuching, said that the BN government is more concerned in buying votes in order to stay in power rather than in saving lives lost through road accidents.

He was commenting on the lack of funds to build a double carriageway of the Borneo Highway right from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu especially in certain parts which are accident-prone, but prefer to give away ‘BR1M’  amounting to RM3 billion.

Chong who is also the Kota Sentosa Assemblyman said that Prime Minister Najib is prepared to spend more than RM3 billion in ‘Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia’. Each family whose income does not exceed RM3000 has received RM500.

“Now, Najib may announce another BR1M before the general election. It means another RM3 billion is to be spent. He is prepared to spend such money to buy votes in order to stay in power rather than to build safe roads and hospitals to save lives.

“My question to Najib is: Is it so important to Najib than the lives of Sarawakians? The upgrading of the Borneo Highway can be postponed sine die, but buying votes for him is so important,” he said.

Chong said that giving BR1M of RM500 only brings short term benefits to the recipients. 


Apai Semalau said...

After 50 years of BN rule can somebody enlighten us on the number of families in Sarawak, the richest state, with incomes not exceeding RM3000? Just go visit and ask the inhabitants of any rumah panjai and you will be surprised by the statistics.The agenda is to keep them poorly so that comes each election these "peasants" will happily vote BN in return for the short term "BR1M" etc. The RM3 Billion would be better spent on piped water and electricity supply to these villages in Sarawak. Why is it that all kampungs ( with the exception of orang asli villages) in Malaya have these basic amenities and we don't? 1Malaysia or is it 1ketuanan Melayu? Aren't we dayaks bumiputras too or are we just window dressing? Shame on those blind followers dancing to the tune of 1Malaysia pipepiper.

Anonymous said...

More BRIM by UMNO will cause more inflaton. The whole purpose of giving money in cash which is intended to help alleviate the hardship of the people is defeated by inflation brought abut by it. Certainly it could make better sense to spend money in providing good pipe water system to people in the rural areas. People in areas like Bokah, Siluk, Simpang Bokah, Bitokan, Pasir Hilir, Pasir Tengah,Pasir Ulu,Kendaie, and all those living in villages along Lundu-Smatan Road are now without water. Pipes for connecting water by gravity from the nearby mountain to Kg. Pasir Hilir are now lying about on the road sides and not connected yet. The Jalan Biawak Road residents, for the majority of them, are now without water during this long dry spell. So instad of giving them R500. 00 a piece the money could be better spent on those immediately needed to be completed projects: providing water where people needed it most, for instance.

BN Govrnment is seen as bent on giving BRIM500. 00 just to shore up public support to BN in order to ensuring a resounding victory in the coming GE13: that is very bad. Public money should not be used to "buy" votes, never! Furthermore our nation's economy is not in very good shape, we are in big deficit right now; thanks to BN, and UMNO. Our resources should be sent wisely and in th end the people will support, not otherwise; and not by buying by BRIM500.