Thursday, June 28

Was Naroden cheating?

KUCHING: Angry Ibans of Kampung Lebor about 20 minutes drive from Serian have another round of victory when they are allowed to collect oil palm fruits from their 3,000 acres of the native customary rights land which have been planted with oil palm.

In February this year, the 70 families of the village have won their civil suit against Tabung Haji when a High Court judge ordered that the 3,000 acres of the land be returned to the land owners as they have proved that the lands were their native customary rights land.

In spite of their victory, the Ibans are, however, not only disallowed to enter their own land, but were also prevented from harvesting the oil palm fruits.

They gave Tabung Haji until June 25, 2012 to hand over the land to them, failing which they would mount a blockade.

Starting on June 24, 2012 the natives mounted the blockade and would continue to do so until a decision was made.

On Tuesday afternoon, both parties were summoned to the Serian Police station accompanied by their respective lawyers.

During the discussions, both parties agreed that each party should be allowed to collect oil palm fruits from their own respective areas.

The Ibans can collect the fruits from the 3,000 acres which the Court had ordered to be returned to them.

According to lawyer See Chee How, who represented the natives, the two parties agreed to allow each other enter their own respective areas.

The Ibans are allowed to enter their own 3,000 acres and harvest the oil palm fruits, while Tabung Haji is allowed to harvest the oil palm fruits from their own areas.

As a result of this agreement, the Ibans agreed to dismantle the blockade.

See said that this is another victory for the Ibans.

Tracing the history of the case, Sigan anak Degon said that when their land was taken by Nirwana Muhibbah, a company owned by Assistant Minister Naroden Majais, the natives filed a civil suit against the company in 1998.

The case was heard in 2003, and the decision of the High Court was made on 23 Feb 2012. According to See, Tabung Haji is rather an innocent party as the original suit was against Nirwana Muhibbah, a company owned by Assistant Minister of Bumiputera Entrepreneur Naroden Majais.

When the suit was filed in 1997 against his company, Naroden was alleged to have sold the area to DD plantation. The DD plantation on realizing the problem with the natives sold the area to Tabung Haji.

According to the 2005 reports of the Land and Survey Department, Naroden has some 16,488 hectares of land, the bulk of these lands are native customary rights land.

These lands have been given to his companies namely Pelita Nirwana Muhibbah, Gedong Plantation, Hydroflow and Indranika Jaya.

Like in Gedong, Naroden’s companies in Simunjan are being sued by the Ibans for ‘stealing’ their NCR land.


Apai irau said...

Malaysia boleh.Sarawak boleh.Corruption,robbing the Dayaks of their NCR land and bribing the Dayaks during elections are allowed in this bolehland.Active in business for public servants like Noroden is also allowed in this bolehland.Leadership by example-from the top(Taib) to the grassroots,stealing somebody else land is allowed.

Apai Semalau said...

Elected by the rakyat and then licensed to rob and cheat the very people who voted him in. BN Sarawakian democracy at its best? A culture of greed and political power at all cost. The end justifies the mean. Hopefully this is a learning curve and wake up call for us natives. This is what we get if we sell our votes blindly to wolves in sheep's clothing!

Salak said...

This is the sad state of values and justice in Malaysia!

With all the resources that could work for him all Naroden could do was to cheat and steal! Had he done it properly those Dayaks would campaign for his party and him. Now people will spit at the mention of Naroden name, the big Jerk and his party or the BN!

But later all these abuses must need to be brought before justice. For the untiring efforts we must appreciate YB See's efforts.

Land is still Sarawak's greatest asset with incalculable numerous ways it can bring worth to Sarawakians, apart from what lies underneath it. It can prosper all citizens - enrich their lives and enlighten their minds and one day to look back and say, "Never Again".

We must affirm THIS in the fight for Change so all will have a place under Sarawak's sun according to his ability and potential.